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Exclusively for Tate Access Floors

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PosiTile® Carpet The Ideal Solution for Access Floors. • Reduces Move Time No Additional Attic Stock Eliminates Waste Due to Churn Access Floors provide maximum office flexibility. Access floors provide quick and easy access to your service distribution systems giving you maximum flexibility to change your workplace as your organization and technology changes. Don’t cover up that flexibility. Preserve the flexibility of the access floor with PosiTile®. Unlike carpet tiles that don’t have the same module size as access floors (such as 18", 24", and 36" sizes), each PosiTile® carpet has a...

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The Problem: Conventional Carpet Tile Step 1: Remove four 18"x18" carpet tiles to expose one panel... Step 2: Remove four cut carpet tiles from around service box... Step 3: Move solid and service panels to desired location... Step 4: Position access floor panels and move un-cut carpet tiles to solid panel location... Step 5: Move cut carpet tiles to new service box location... Step 6: Cut carpet tiles do not fit at new location, need new carpet tiles... Since conventional carpet tiles do not have a one-to-one fit with the access floor panels, moving a service box to a new location requires...

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Step 1: Remove one PosiTile® carpet to Step 3: Switch the service panel with the solid panel... 10 Minutes Zero Waste! PosiTile®. One-to-one Simplicity... PosiTile®, service box and access floor are moved as one unit. The panel and the one-to-one PosiTile® can simply be swapped with another floor panel easily. No other tiles need be handled. Step 4: Move completed! Process is faster, and generates no waste.

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Compare the Difference... Calculate the total cost of PosiTile® vs. Conventional carpet tile and see how the savings add up! Conventional Carpet Tile Quantity of Carpet Required (yd2) Carpet Cost Summary Base Carpet Cost (Workstation Area x Carpet Cost) Additional Attic Stock Material (see Worksheet A) Total cost over period Labor Cost due to Churn (see Worksheet B) Conventional Carpet Tile Additional Attic Stock - Worksheet A Total cost of attic stock required due to carpet waste generated by simple service box moves. A B Churn Rate (%) C Period (years) D Total number of churns over period...

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Tate Access Floors, Inc. Corporate Headquarters: 7510 Montevideo Road, Jessup, MD 20794 Tate Hotline: 1-800-231-7788 Tel: 410-799-4200 Fax: 410-799-4207 Production Facilities: 7510 Montevideo Road, Jessup, MD 20794 52 Springvale Road, Red Lion, PA 17356 International Sales & Support Office: 169 Jalan Jurong Kechil #7-011, Sherwood Singapore 598669 Tel: 65-6468-1332 Fax: 65-6468-6681 Tate Access Floors, Inc. components are proudly made in the U.S.A. Tate ASP Access Floors, Inc. Canadian Office & Production Facilities: 880 Equestrian Court,...

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