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M a i n t e n a n c e , S a f e t y a n d G u i d e l i n e s Office Environments Clean Rooms Equipment/Telecom Steel Understructure PosiLock™ Head Occupant Adjustable Diffuser Modular Wiring PosiTile® Carpet Tile ConCore® Access Floor Panel York FlexSys™ VAV Terminal PVD Servicenter™ Owner’s Manual T A T E B U I L D I N G T E C H N O L O G Y P L A T F O R M ®

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Owner’s Manual - 2

Table of Contents I. Care and Use of the Tate Access Floor System Moving Precautions 1 Adjustments fo Floor system 2 Removal and Reinstallation 2 Special Precautions 2 II. Floor Coverings PosiTile® 3 Conductive and Static Dissipative 3 Standard High Pressure Laminate 4 III. Panel Cutting Procedures Rectangular Cutouts, External & Internal 5 Round Cutouts 5 Installing 6 Safety Requirements 6 IV. Electrical Guidelines Floor Static Control, Computer Rooms 7 Grounding, Bonding & Electro- Static Discharge Control 7 V. Test Standards Static Load 8 Dynamic Loads 8

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Owner’s Manual - 3

Equipment Moving Precautions The access floor must be protected from overloads and circumstances that exceed its specifications. Movement of heavy loads and equipment may require protection of the floor system through the use of plywood or other suitable load-distributing materials. •The All Steel panel is a hollow steel panel designed primarily for static loads. Please consult your Tate representative before heavy loads are exerted on the floor.* • The ConCore® panel, similar in design to the All Steel panel, is filled with a structural cementitious material. It has excellent static and...

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Owner’s Manual - 4

Suction Cup Lifter for use on bare panels and panels with a hard surface floor covering. Claw Lifter for use on panels with cut pile carpet laminated to the panel. Velcro Lifter for use on panels with level loop carpet laminated to the panel. Care and Use of the Tate Access Floor System Special Precautions 1. The use of screwdrivers, pliers or other objects to pry or lift panels should be prohibited. 2. Do not disturb the level adjustment of the support pedestals and position of the stringers while floor panels are out of the floor system. 3. When panels with factory-laminated carpet are...

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Owner’s Manual - 5

Installation When installing carpet tiles, the access floor surface should be free of dirt, debris and excessive dust. Remove plastic plugs from panels’ surface before installing PosiTile® carpet tile. Perimeter Tiles Carpet tiles can be easily cut to fit perimeter locations and areas around columns. If positioning buttons are eliminated when tile is cut, adhere carpet with a releasable adhesive or double faced tape. PosiTile® Floor Coverings DO: 1. Keep floor clean by damp-mopping with a neutral cleaner. 2. Protect from tracked in sand and chemicals by providing mats at entrances. 3....

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Owner’s Manual - 6

DO: 1. Keep floor clean by damp-mopping with a mild multipurpose ammoniated floor cleaner. 2. Protect from tracked in sand and chemicals by providing mats at entrances. 3. Rotate panels between high- and low-traffic areas. 4. Use a non-flammable organic solvent on soiled spots. DO NOT: 1. Use wax seal—it is not necessary. 2. Flood with liquid, or use anything other than a damp mop. Large amounts of water can weaken adhesive and cause delamination. 3. Use strong abrasives or scrapers to remove stains. Damp Mopping for Standard High Pressure Laminate Floor Tile When light soiling is...

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Owner’s Manual - 7

Rectangular Cutouts, External & Internal Panels with cutouts extending to the edge of the panel can be cut with a handsaw. Cutouts inside the perimeter of the panel can be cut with a heavy-duty handheld reciprocating saw. A cutout should be at least 3 inches from the panel edge to maintain a reasonable degree of structural integrity. Use bi-metal saw blades with approximately 14 teeth per inch. (Cutout sizes for Tate accessories are shown in figure 15). For a rectangular inside cutout: I. Lay the cutout on the panel (see Figure 16). 2. Drill pilot holes in two opposite corners. Be sure the...

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Owner’s Manual - 8

Safety Requirements for Panel Cutting When using a hand-held heavy duty (industrial) reciprocating saw, follow the guidelines below: a) Use a bench or worktable to cut the panels, i.e. a B&D Workmate bench with clamps. b) Work in a well-lighted area c) Be sure tools are properly grounded and dry. d) Use the correct saw blade (14 to 20 teeth per inch metal cutting blade). e) Be sure the entry hole is large enough to start the saw blade without binding. f) Use common sense to avoid personal injury g) Always use safety equipment including: - Ear protection - Safety glasses and full face shield...

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Owner’s Manual - 9

Floor Static Control for Computer Rooms Standard HPL coverings are classified as antistatic coverings and provide the necessary static protection for most computer rooms. According to industry standards, to ensure a proper balance between insulation and conductivity in anti-static floor coverings, the electrical resistance range of the floor covering should range from 150,000 to 20 billion ohms. Standard high-pressure laminates offered by Tate adhere to these guidelines.* Static buildup and discharge can be minimized by • providing a conductive path to ground from a metallic raised floor...

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Owner’s Manual - 10

There are no industry standards for access floor loading performance. However,The Ceilings & Interiors Systems Construction Association (CISCA) has published Recommended Test Procedures for Access Floors for concentrated, ultimate, rolling, stringer, pedestal axial and pedestal overturning moment loads. Tate utilizes CISCA guidelines in the development of all test procedures. Concentrated These loads are applied on a small area of the panel surface,i.e. from a deskleg or computer frame. The concentrated load is applied on a 1"x1" indentor, and deflection is measured at the top surface under...

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Owner’s Manual - 11

Tate® Building Technology Platform®, ConCore®, PosiLock® and PosiTile® are registered trademarks of Tate Access Floors, Inc. PVD Servicenter™ is a trademark of Tate Access Floors, Inc.© 2001 Tate Access Floors, Inc. Corporate Headquarters Tate Access Floors, Inc. 7510 Montevideo Road Jessup, MD 20794 Tel: 410-799-4200 Fax: 410-799-4207 Production Facilities Tate Access Floors, Inc. 7510 Montevideo Road Jessup, MD 20794 Tate Access Floors, Inc. 52 Springvale Road Red Lion, PA 17356 All Steel Panel ConCore® Panel Floating Floors® Panel PosiTile® Panel 9

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