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In-Floor Cooling Solutions In-Floor Cooling Solutions Airflow Management Solutions for Raised Floor Data Centers

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Virtual Aisle Containment In-floor Cooling Airflow Panels and Controls Virtual containment uses a set of solutions to deliver the right amount of air when it’s needed directly to the equipment. This is accomplished using directional airflow panels, control devices and doors at the end of the aisle to nearly eliminate bypass air, providing containment without the need for a roof. Directional Airflow Panels DirectAire 68% Open area directional airflow panel. DirectAire Al 60% Open area aluminum directional airflow panel. DirectPerf Available in 25% and 32% open area and provides directional...

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Physical Aisle Containment In-floor Cooling Airflow Panels and Controls Containing the airflow of an entire aisle has been shown to improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing bypass airflow. Many legacy airflow panels supply air in a vertical plume requiring the use of physical containment systems to reduce bypass airflow and improve capacity and efficiency. Vertical Airflow Panels GrateAire High volume airflow panels with high rolling loads for contained aisles Perforated Panel Standard airflow panels for contained aisles Airflow Controls Opposed Blade Damper Offers manual...

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DirectAire ® Strong, Efficient, High Capacity Airflow Panels Cool over 19kW with 2594 CFM @ .10” H2O Cool over 18kW with 2451 CFM @ .10” H2O DirectAire & DirectAire X2 Panels Ideal for creating a virtual containment system the steel DirectAire panel directs the airflow toward the server rack to significantly reduce bypass air. DirectAire is designed to evenly distribute airflow across the full height of a standard 42U rack. DirectAire X2 is designed to divide the airflow evenly in two directions to provide even distribution to racks on both sides of a cold aisle. The DirectAire Al is an all...

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DirectPerfs Cool the Same Load as Vertical Plume Panels with Half the Airflow In uncontained spaces DirectPerf 32% provides nearly the same cooling capacity as a standard 56% open area grate using about half the airflow. Directional Perf 25% directs the airflow toward the server rack to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass air. Panel Features • Same kW cooling capacity as GrateAire • 32% open area delivers 1,121CFM @ .1” H2O when installed without a damper. • Directional air flow achieves a 88% capture index. • Cools up to 8kW per rack. • Can save over 40% in annual fan...

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Effectively Cool Variable Loads Automated Controls are Critical to Manage Airflow using Virtual Aisle Containment Data centers rack loads frequently change on a minute-by-minute basis due to inconsistent processing demands and equipment upgrades. This load variability has been driven by the improved efficiency of IT hardware over time, increasing the difference between idle power consumption, and 100% utilization. This fact, coupled with the growing use of cloud computing, makes manual tuning of the airflow at the panel level impossible. The solution has been to provide sufficient air to...

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SmartAire MZ Automatic Airflow Controls for Virtual Aisle Containment Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 1 Sidewall connections for temp probes, Ethernet, power, and auxiliary SmartAire® MZ The new SmartAire MZ automatic variable-air-volume damper offers the most granular airflow control available in the data center. The unit adjusts cooling independently to 4 separate zones to allow for variable loads and partially deployed areas within a rack. The damper automatically opens and closes to adjust the amount of airflow and ensure the proper inlet temperature is maintained. During equipment changes...

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SmartAire MZ Easy to Use Interface for Set Point and Zone Control Blue LED Digital Display User Interface to change set point Power Button Info button shuffles the display temperature sensor readings and current damper positions Select the mode of operation (quad, dual, single, Aux-C, Aux-P or Aux-T) Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature selector LED’s to indicate which zones are active Zone on/off buttons The SmartAire MZ offers multiple zone control for partially or segmented racks. In addition the SNMP and TCP/IP allows for two way communication so you will always be aware of the status of any...

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Opposed Blade Damper Manual Airflow Controls Some data center’s experience very little load variability however, the typical data center environment is not comprised of a single rack density level. In fact, it would be near impossible to find two racks which consume exactly the same amount of energy in a large data center. This load diversity results in differing airflow requirements per rack. Efficient cooling requires that the airflow delivered to each rack be matched to that rack’s demand. Each rack in the data center is a constantly changing entity, each add, move or change modifies the...

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Multi-zone Opposed Blade Damper Manual Zone Control for Diverse and Partially Loaded Racks Multi-zone Opposed Blade Damper Tate’s multi-zone opposed blade damper enables the airflow delivery to be balanced based on the specific load in a 14U section of the rack. The damper can be individually adjusted for three zones within the rack (top, middle and bottom) without removing the airflow panel. The Multi-zone ensures fast and accurate balancing to a fixed IT load and is the recommended manual damper for virtual containment Key Features • Reduces cooling energy usage. • For use with full or...

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