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General Contractor’s Guide for Constructing & Sealing Access Floor Air Plenums Access Floors to the Power of Acces s Floors

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2 Education and accountability are key to constructing an access floor air plenum. “ ”

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GC’s Guide for Constructing & Sealing Access Floor Air Plenums Plenum Integrity is one of the most important aspects of designing, constructing and maintaining an underfloor air delivery (UFAD) system. It is vital that the entire design and construction team does their part to ensure the underfloor plenum is sealed properly. As the general contractor you have the responsibility of ensuring all the subcontractors are informed of, and perform to the sealing requirements as described in the specifications and details provided by the architect. To ensure the UFAD system operates as intended...

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General Contractor’s Guide - 4

3. Plenum Mockup and Testing: You will need to coordinate and schedule all successful bidders to take part in building an on-site access floor plenum mockup in accordance with the design specifications and construction details for inspection and air leakage testing. The mockup should be representative of all scenarios present in the final structure including, but not limited to: at least one sheetrock wall with sealed joints below the access floor, sealed access floor perimeters, a sealed plenum divider, floor covering (and cove base if required), air diffusers, power/voice distribution...

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Electrical System Voice/Data System (Communications) Access Floor 5 Location of Seal OK Remediation Required Conduit through plenum walls. Open ends of conduits in the plenum space. Location of Seal OK Remediation Required Cable penetrations through the plenum walls with cable sleeves. Caps on empty conduits or cable sleeves. Location of Seal OK Remediation Required ZONE PARTITIONING Plenum dividers. Air highways. Penetrations through plenum dividers. ABUTMENTS Perimeter seam without wall base. Through wall without wall base. Perimeter seam with wall base. Through wall with wall base....

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