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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 1

TATA STEEL Advance® sections CE marked structural sections

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 2

A copy of the full interactive blue book for Advance® sections is available for download from This essential tool for steel designers presents section properties and member capacities in tabular form to BS 5950-1 and BS EN 1993-1-1 and includes: • Effective properties (Compression, Bending, Axial and Bending), • Reduced plastic modulus, • Detailing and fire parameters, • Axial compression, • Bending moment, • Combined axial and bending, i Properties of A dvance ■ UKB. Hid J ri^n,-^ . fKi' Serf/on flnoflsrti« A(fran«^ UKBP If you have not already done so, you...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 3

Tata Steel Page 4 Advance® section range Page 5 Certification of our processes Page 6 Specifying Advance® sections to BS 5950 Page 7 CE marking of structural steel products Page 10 The benefits of steel construction Page 12 Index of tables Page 15 Advance® UK Beams Page 16 Advance® UK Columns Page 20 Advance® UK Bearing Piles Page 22 Advance® UK Parallel Flange Channels Page 24 Shallow Floor Beams Asymmetric Slimflor® Beams (ASB) Page 26 Slimflor® Beams (SFB) Page 28 Split from Advance® UK Beams Page 34 Split from Advance® UK Columns Page 38 Advance® UK Beams Page 40 Advance®UK Columns Page...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 4

Tata Steel Tata Steel is a top ten global steel maker with an annual crude steel capacity of over 28 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) and the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer with operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in over 50 countries. In addition to manufacturing, processing and distributing steel products, the company provides related services in design, technology and consultancy. Tata Steel was founded in India in 1907 and has always believed that the principle of mutual benefit - between countries, corporations, customers, employees and...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 5

Advance® section range Our Advance® section range has been developed to reflect current structural design practice and make it easier to specify Tata Steel CE marked structural sections compliant with the EU Directive on Construction Products. What’s new? Since the Advance range of sections was introduced in 2007, designers have gradually moved away from lower steel grades to take advantage of the reduced weight of structural framing materials afforded by the use of higher grades of steel. Our rolling programme reflects that migration and we recommend that you contact your steel supplier to...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 6

Tata Steel UK Limited Scunthorpe, Teessideh Dalzell, Clydcbridgc &. Tata Steel UK Limited has an approved Quality Management System according to the Construction Products Directive S9/106/EEC with respect to Steel Products conforming to Annex ZA of EN 10025-1:2004 Manufacture ofHot-Rolled Structural Steel Products for use in Building Construction and Civil ECCflllAeanof Qu&Jily System Approved by Lloyds Hepsttr Verifrcasinii (WKAII of *r FwAsry Product™ Cm tal by ■ Nmfled kdy Vnrrt Uncatnifm* Seurithofpt, TMHade. Motherwell, trnmlngham. Port Talbot, ftotherttarn, Sftinning^flvp. Workington...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 7

Specifying Advance® sections to BS 5950 The simplified naming protocol adopted for Advance® sections covering both section designation and material specification makes it easier to specify steel sections which are fully compliant with CE marking. Steel specification Steel sections used in the UK should comply with EN10025. Non alloy structural steels are manufactured in accordance with Part 2 and thermo-mechanically rolled weldable fine grain structural steels in accordance with Part 4. The tables here show the typical UK grades and properties for structural sections to EN10025:Parts 2 and...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 8

Factor Kfor type of detail, stress level and strain conditions Type of detail or location factored loads Plain steel Drilled holes or reamed holes Punched holes (un-reamed) Welded, generally Welded across ends of cover plates Welded connections to unstiffened flanges, see 6.7.5, and tubular nodal joints Limiting thickness (fi) for different grades and sub-grades Steel grade Maximum thickness fi (mm) when K="\ according to minimum service temperature rmi The possibility of brittle fracture increases at lower temperatures, with higher stresses, with stress concentrations, with thicker steel...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 9

In most circumstances, it is appropriate to make simple assumptions about the state of stress and the sorts of details expected in a structure, and base the choice of sub-grade on these simple assumptions. • Generally, it would be expected that the stress due to factored loads would be more that 0.3 Ynom (the nominal material yield strength). The tensile stress may arise from member bending. • In most structures, components will be welded. • Most steelwork is not subject to high strain rates. Thus in most circumstances, it would be appropriate to take K = 1. The structural designer can then...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 10

CE marking of structural steel products Components to be permanently incorporated into construction projects must be shown to comply with the EU Directive on Construction Products (CPD 89/106/EEC). The CPD is enforced in the UK through the Construction Products Regulations (CPR). Compliance with the CPD can be demonstrated in two ways. A product can be CE marked by the manufacturer if it meets a set of Essential Characteristics given in the product’s harmonised standard or the relevant authorities can declare that a product complies with the regulations on a case by case basis using...

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Advance sections - BS5950 Version - 11

TATA STEEL UK LI WTiD NonH Llntftinm-ra. DHifl I&P. INSPECTION CERTIFICATE Tiflr.-. ^mam qnEifld ia JflCI SCO I The following example is a Tata Steel certificate for structural steel sections which not only provides the chemical analysis and mechanical properties for the material identified in items 4 and 8 but also includes theCE markto demonstrate that the product complies with CPD. The relevant parts of the 1. The name and address of the supplier/ 2. Identification of the Inspection certificate certificate complies with the requirements manufacturers test certificate showing actual...

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