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MIXTO PAVI/R BINDER for fast drying screeds MIXTOPAVI/R is a specific hydraulic binder used in conjunction with graded aggregate and water for the preparation and laying of controlled shrinkage, fastdrying screeds. MIXTOPAVI/R is designed for civil building applications. Screeds prepared with this product provide optimum mechanical strength, elasticity and controlled shrinkage, walk-on hardness 12/24 h after laying, and a surface dry enough after 5/7 days to take floor coverings: tiles, natural stone, wood, fitted carpet... MIXTOPAVI/R responds to UNI EN 413-1 and is classifiable as masonry cement MC22,5X under this same standard. MIXTOPAVI/R complies with Ministerial Decree 10/05/2004. FIELD OF APPLICATION MIXTOPAVI/R is used in conjunction with fine graded aggregate of maximum grain size 4/5 mm for the preparation of quick-setting and fast-drying screeds at least 4 cm thick. Compared to traditional sand and cement screeds, MIXTOPAVI/R significantly reduces the drying time required for substrates prior to the application of floor coverings. MIXTOPAVI/R is compatible with underfloor heating systems, with the use of fibres, electrically welded steel mesh galvanized steel and stainless steel as embedded reinforcement, and can be laid over lightweight subfloor and thermal insulating screeds such as TASSULLO PAVI/1. PREPARING THE MIX MIXTOPAVI/R must be mixed only with clean building sand containing no organic matter, of grain size suitable for screeding (up to 4/5 mm), and water, blended in the recommended proportions. The mix should be prepared by hand or in a mixer and delivered to the floor slab by a pneumatic pumping system. Avoid lengthy mixing times and make certain that the mix has the consistency of damp earth. DRYING RATE sand and cement screed MIXTOPAVI/R time (days) time (days) Indicative development of mechanical resistance to compression provided by screeds prepared with different densities of MIXTOPAVI/R TASSULLO MATERIALI S.p.A. via Nazionale, 157 38010 Tassullo (TN) Tel: 0463/662100 Fax: 0463/662138 www.tassullo.it - areatecnica@tassullo.it Indicative comparison of drying rate for civil building screeds prepared with MIXTOPAVI/R, MIXTOPAVI and conventional Portland cement, applied at the same density (250 kg/m3) Selection of the product implies that the user has verified its suitability for the envisaged application and accepts the responsibilities associated with its use. Published data reflects the results of laboratory measurements. The right is reserved by TASSULLO MATERIALI S.p.A. to make such amendments to technical data as are deemed appropriate, at any time and without notice.

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BINDER for fast drying screeds APPLICATION MIXTOPAVI/R is ready for use, without any addition of solid or liquid components other than sand and gauging water (fibres can be added where appropriate). MIXTOPAVI/R is used for the preparation of screeds to a consistency of damp earth and laid, floating or otherwise, employing the usual methods employed for traditional cement screeds. WARNINGS Substrate preparation: screeds prepared with MIXTOPAVI must be applied to substrates that are clean, dry and free of dust, loose matter, oil, grease or salts, and unaffected by rising damp. Unstable...

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