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MASSETTO GROUT MASSETTO is a ready-to-use grout made with hydraulic binders and selected inerts which is ideal for making standard screeds for both interiors and exteriors. MASSETTO conforms to UNI EN 13813 regulations regarding “Screeds and screed materials – properties and requirements”, is designated EN 13813 CTC25-F5 and possesses the CE marking in conformance with applicable law. MASSETTO conforms to D.M. 10/05/2004. Comes in: 30 kg. bags and loose from silos equipped with a screw-feed mixer. FIELD OF APPLICATION MASSETTO is a grout used for the laying of standard screeds with thicknesses varying between 4 and 12 cm. MASSETTO can be applied on normal floors with or without thermal insulation, or on TASSULLO PAVI/1-type light filling screeds. Once completely cured and dried, any type of flooring can be laid on top of MASSETTO: ceramic or stone tiles, wood, stone, carpeting, plastic covering, etc. MASSETTO is suitable for use in cases of floor-heating systems and is compatible with the laying of electricallywelded reinforcement meshes. Using MASSETTO allows for the reduction of down time in working processes, for fast laying time, for the smooth management of on-site work spaces and for consistent mixtures whose physical properties remain constant throughout the entire application process. MIXTURE PREPARATION MASSETTO is to be mixed only and exclusively with water in the ratio of approximately 3 litres per 30 kg. bag in order to obtain a mixture which has the consistency of moist earth. Mixing with water may be done by hand, by means of a concrete mixer, screw feeder, or by means of a machine that provides for the subsequent pumping-into-place of the mixture. APPLICATION MASSETTO is to be laid without being in contact with exterior walls, and is to be smoothed-out and leveled by means of a straight edge and trowel per the traditional application procedures used for traditional grouts, sand and cement for standard screeds. It is recommended to remove dust and unstable bits from the floor before applying. Laying a sheet of polyethylene (minimum thickness 0.2 mm.) or an analogous vapour barrier between the floor (with or without thermal insulation) and MASSETTO is recommended. Lack of a vapour barrier may lead to fluctuations in humidity affecting the standard screed, and a resulting slower drying time. Moreover, proper ventilation of the area after the laying is recommended to avoid stagnant damp and slower drying times. TASSULLO MATERIALI S.r.l. via Nazionale, 157 38010 Tassullo (TN) Tel: 0463/662100 Fax: 0463/662138 - Use of this product implies that the customer has verified its suitableness for the particular use it is to be employed for, and assumes all responsibility deriving from said use. The data reported here has been obtained by laboratory measurements. TASSULLO MATERIALI S.r.l. reserves the right at any moment and without prior notice to make any changes in the technical da

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MASSETTO GROUT TECHNICAL DATA Preparation of the surface: apply MASSETTO on dry, clean surfaces, free of dust, uneven areas, etc. Water for the mixture: respect the amounts of added water recommended. Do not add more water to the mixture, once prepared, for the purposes of restoring workability lost between the mixing and application phases if more than two hours have passed between the two phases. Drying times: higher doses of water may prolong drying times and make the laying of the product more difficult. Drying times are heavily influenced by environmental conditions of heat and...

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