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ISIFISS GR ISIFISS BN,GR, BN ADHESIVE for thermal cladding panels ISIFISS GR, BN is a special adhesive and skim coat, white or grey, featuring superior adhesion and elasticity, formulated with special hydraulic binders, selected pure aggregates of maximum grain size 0.5 mm, and additives. Combining high elasticity and bonding power, the product is especially suitable for installing and skimming a variety of insulation panels including polystyrene, cork, mineralized wood, rock wool, calcium silicate, etc. ISIFISS GR, BN is compliant to D.M. 10/05/2004 and the ETAG 004 European guidelines. Comes in: 25 kg. bags FIELD OF APPLICATION ISIFISS GR, BN is designed especially for fixing panels used for thermal insulation (polystyrene, rock wool, cork, mineralized wood, calcium silicate etc.) and for skimming the panels once in place. Skim coat applied in conjunction with glass fibre scrim. ISIFISS GR, BN can be finished with TASSULLO COLOURED FINISHES (mineral compounds containing silicates, siloxanes, ready mixed or in powder), TASSULLO skim coats Extraraso calce, Extraraso Bianco, Extraraso Bianco Fino, paint, etc. MIXTURE PREPARATION ISIFISS GR, BN is mixed with water, and water only, at a rate of 6 litres to one bag. The mix can be prepared by hand, or using a drill with mixer attachment at low speed, or in a plastering machine. Avoid mixing times longer than 3 minutes. APPLICATION Use as an adhesive: Apply ISIFISS GR, BN the panel and the substrate, using a quantity sufficient to ensure a firm bond and render the system stable (3-5 kg/m2). Ideally, the adhesive can be either spread over the entire surface of the panel, or dabbed at points around the periphery, and at 4 or 5 points nearer the middle. Use as smoothing/top-coat finish: Apply a first coat of ISIFISS GR, BN, lay the glass fibre scrim, then apply a further coat over the scrim to produce as smooth and even a surface as possible, ready to take the selected finish. WARNINGS Unstable substrates: avoid applying product to substrates that are unstable, dirty, or not firmly anchored to the masonry. The substrate should be stabilized by applying TASSULLO TLTX Primer, or if insufficiently firm, removed altogether. Wet surfaces: do not apply ISIFISS GR, BN to substrates impregnated with water, or where water could come into contact with the material during the first week following application. Protection against freezing: Do not apply ISIFISS GR, BN at temperatures below 5 °C, and protect the product from frost during the first 48-72 hours following application; the use of antifreeze additives is not recommended, as these can adversely affect the workability of the mix. High temperatures/absorbent surfaces: when working in high temperatures or with particularly absorbent plaster substrates, take every precaution possible to ensure the product does not dry out too quickly. Shelf life: 12 months (in the original packaging, unopened and under cover in a dry place). TASSULLO MATERIALI s.p.a. via Nazionale, 157 38010 Tassullo (TN) Tel: 0463/662100 Fax: 0463/662138 - Use of this product implies that the customer has verified its suitableness for the particular use it is to be employed for, and assumes all responsibility deriving from said use. The data reported here has been obtained by laboratory measurements. TASSULLO MATERIALI s.p.a. reserves the right at any moment and without prior notice to make any changes in the technical data.

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ISIFISS GR ISIFISS BN,GR, BN ADHESIVE TECHNICAL DATA for thermal cladding panels Granulometry (UNI EN 1015-1) Water additino Yield (m3 of fresh mix / tonne of powder) Coverage Adhesion to Concrete (ref. ETAG 004) Adhesion to EPS (ref. ETAG 004) Adhesion to thermal insulation panels Modulus of elasticity (E) Vapour diffusion resistance (UNI 9233) Workability pH from 0 to 0.5 mm 0.24 l/Kg (approx. 6 litres /bag) approx. 0,8 m3 / ton 2 As adhesive approx. 3 - 5 Kg/m As skim coat approx. 2 - 3 Kg/m2 2 > 0,25 N/mm > 0,08 N/mm2 > tensile strength of standard panels: polystyrene, cork, rock wool,...

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