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IDROTASS WATERPROOFING Dual component waterproofing leveling IDRO-TASS is a dual component product in special hydraulic binders and selected aggregates with maximum granulometry of 0.6 mm combined with special additives in water dispersion, suitable to create leveling that is waterproof, and that has high deformability and priming capacity. IDRO-TASS is in keeping with UNI EN 14891 and UNI EN 1504-9 (Products and Systems for the Protection and Restoration of Concrete Structures – General Principles for the Use of Products and Systems) and the minimal conditions of EN 1504-2 (Products and Systems for the Protection and Restoration of Concrete Structures – Systems for the Protection of Concrete Surfaces ) for what concerns coatings (C), referred to PI, MC, RC, IR principles. Peculiarities: - mineral and flexible product (Crack-Bridging Ability) - in keeping with D.M. 10/05/2004 - subject to FPC control - disposable or recyclable as inert FIELD OF APPLICATION IDRO-TASS is used as protective and waterproofing leveling product for surfaces, tanks, or vertical (waterproofing of retaining walls) and horizontal (waterproofing prior to tile installation) concrete slabs; it is applied on sand and cement floor screeds, blocks or hydraulic binder based plasters that nust be protected from the absorptions of water or from water infiltrations. IDRO-TASS builds a waterproofing leveling, resistant to vapour, carbon dioxide or other gasses, a layer resistant to salts that extends the life of the treated surface. PREPARATION OF THE MIX Please mix the powder component IDRO-TASS Sack (24 Kg sack) with the liquid component IDRO-TASS Can (8 liter can) through a drill at a low number of rotations until the product is completely homogeneous. Please do not mix for a time longer than three minutes. APPLICATION IDRO-TASS must be applied to clean surfaces using a metal spatula and in layers with a thickness of approx. 2 mm each. Any subsequent coat must be applied after the first application is cured (approx 12-24 hours). It is advisable to use reinforcing meshes in fiberglass with a weight greater than 150 g/m2 at the presence of surfaces that show cracks caused by hydraulic shrinkage or that are subject to thermal deformation or static settling. AVVERTENZE Bearing preparation: prepare the bearing for the application by taking dust, salt, inconsistent parts, etc. away and by evaluating the needed consistence and cohesion. Protection from frost: do not apply at a temperature lower than 5 degrees C and protect the product from freeze for the first 48/72 hours after the application. It is not recommended the use of antifreeze additives: they may ruin the workability of the product. High temperatures/highly absorbent bearings: in case of high temperatures or of a bearing having a high water absorption please adopt all the precautions in order to avoid the quick-drying of the product. Wet bearing: do not apply on wet bearings in order to avoid low adherence phenomena. Please avoid the contact with water for the first 24/48 hours after the application. Any operation that follows the application of IDRO-TASS can be done after 24/48 hours. Storage: 12 months in original intact package and in indoor, dry place. TASSULLO MATERIALI S.p.A. via Nazionale, 157 38010 Tassullo (TN) - ITALY Tel: 0039-0463/662100 Fax: 0039-0463/662138 - The use of the product implies the check of its suitability for the foreseen use and the acceptance of the responsibilities deriving from the use itself. The written data derive from laboratory measurements. TASSULLO MATERIALI S.p.A. riserve the right to change the technical data in any moment and without notice

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DATA AND CHARACTERISTICS Environmental compatibility Nature of the powder component: inorganic Nature of the liquid component: organic Content of natural inerts: about 60% Content of recycled materials: none Disposal: dumping ground as inert material (not dangerous) VOC: TVOC < 15 mg/m3 (GEV Emicode EC1 classification) IDROTASS helps to obtain the LEED credits for the following areas Delivery IDRO-TASS Sack (powder) 24 Kg sacks IDRO-TASS Can (liquid) 8 liter cans Physical state_ Mixture ratio_ Specific weight powder pH_ Fire class Physical state Mixture ratio Specific weight pH flammability...

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TECHNICAL DATA Mixed product: base and advanced performances _Plastic mortar about 1600 Kg/m3 about 4 - 5 Kg/m2 (two layers) about 1,2 Kg powder / (mm x m2) _> 10,5 _about 500 MPa _> 1,9 MPa _> 1,5 MPa _> 2 MPa _> 1,5 MPa _> 1,2 MPa _Class C2T no seepage after 7 days at 15 bar no seepage after 3 days at 5 bar _1,25 mm _0,88 mm no seepage after 3 days at 2,5 bar compatible after 28 days Physical state_ Yield (mixed product)__ Yield (Kg powder product / m2) ~ Elastic modulus_ Adhesion after immersion in water (UNI EN 14891:2007)_ Adhesion after effect of...

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