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GRASSELLO AERIAL BINDER TASSULLO lime PUTTY is an aerial lime paste obtained by the slaking of live lime, matured in a tank for over a month. TASSULLO lime PUTTY conforms to UNE EN 459-1 regulations regarding the “Definition, specification and conformity criteria” for building lime, is classified as CL-80 S, and possesses the CE conformity marking in accordance with applicable law (Ref. ON Austrian Standards Institute). Comes in: in 25 kg. “Big Bags”, containers or pallets FIELD OF APPLICATION TASSULLO lime PUTTY can be used as an additive for TASSULLO natural hydraulic lime or to hydraulic limes or cement in general for making finishes or bastard mortar on site. The adding of TASSULLO lime PUTTY to a hydraulic mortar provides an increase in workability and plasticity. MIXTURE PREPARATION TASSULLO lime PUTTY can be used after mixing with inerts and/or additives to create finishes, stuccos, decorations, or can be mixed with lime or cement-based mortars to increase workability and plasticity. It is compatible with the adding of pigments or coloured earth in order to obtain desired colour tones. APPLICATION If TASSULLO lime PUTTY is to be used a finish, apply the product mixed with inerts, filler and/or suitable additives by means of a metallic spatula, and finish with a sponge trowel. WARNINGS Surface preparation: in the case TASSULLO lime PUTTY is used for making finishing products on excessively-dry base-coat plasters, it is recommended to wet with water first before applying the finish. Application on waterresistant plasters must be made after applying TA01/TA02 as an adhesion promoter. On existing plasters, smooth preliminarily with TASSULLO TA01, TB01, TB00, and apply the putty-based finish after approximately 24 hours. Wet surfaces: do not use on surfaces impregnated with water or where the possibility exists that the material may come into contact with running or stagnant water in the first week after applying. Protection from freezing: in cold weather, it is a good idea to apply products made with TASSULLO lime PUTTY during the warmest hours of the day, making sure that the temperature is never, in any event, lower than 5 °C. Take all necessary precautions to protect the product from freezing for the first 48/72 hours after applying. Low temperatures and high humidity slow the drying process. Application on high-absorbency surfaces: on high-absorbency surfaces and in the case of high temperatures in general, it is good practice to adopt all suitable measures for avoiding too-rapid water loss on the applied material. Adding of the product to natural hydraulic lime or cement-based mortars increases their workability and plasticity but decreases their compression strength and causes an increased water-soluble salt content in proportion to the amount of product added. TASSULLO MATERIALI S.r.l. via Nazionale 157, 38010 Tassullo (TN) Tel: 0463/662100 Fax: 0463/662138 - Use of this product implies that the customer has verified its suitableness for the particular use it is to be employed for, and assumes all responsibility deriving from said use. The data reported here has been obtained by laboratory measurements. TASSULLO MATERIALI S.r.l. reserves the right at any moment and without prior notice to make any changes in the tec

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Specific apparent weight (dry mortar) Fire reaction class TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TASSULLO lime PUTTY conforms to UNI EN 459-1 regulations obtained with live time slaked in a tank after at least one month of maturation, with granulometry of less than 0.1 mm. for at least 95% of the product, specific dry weight of1250 Kg/m3, suitable for making white or pigmented finishes, with or without the addition of inerts, suitable for the creation of two-coat? stabilisers or added to mortars made with natural hydraulic, artificial or cement binders to improve their...

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