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Safetred Safety Floors Safetred Safety floorings product brochure - English - 3819350805 - 05/08 - Publishing Altavia Paris RCS 323 790 956 FLOORCOVERINGS WITH ENHANCED SLIP RESISTANCE Safetred Dimension Safetred Dimension Wood Safetred Spectrum Safetred Universal Safetred Universal Plus Safetred Aqua om > Vinyl safety floorings, with a choice of R10, R11 and wetroom ranges > Sustainable slip performance throughout product life > Safety Clean Polyurethane (PUR) surface protection for improved stain resistance and easy maintenance > Product backing made from recycled flooring for reduced environmental impact

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Safety floors from Tarkett for areas where enhanced slip resistance properties are required Why safety floorings? Some areas might be quite sensitive to slippery surfaces and the danger of falling. The floor material installed can of course be one cause, or the cleaning agents, but also the presence of liquid or other contaminants on its surface: water, drink, grease, oils… However, most slip and fall injuries are preventable. And the installation of floor coverings with enhanced slip resistance properties will help you reduce these risks. For safer underfoot commercial areas Tarkett Safety...

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Areas of use > Classrooms & laboratories > Hospitals > Retirement & care homes > Food preparation areas > Restaurants & dining areas > Wet room areas (Safetred Aqua) Modern design Design has not been forfeited at the cost of performance. The Safetred collection is available in a large pallet of colours and designs to suit any environment. Discover the fresh plain colours of Safetred Universal or the vibrant colours enhanced with decorative granules in Spectrum. Or let yourself be drawn to the 3D decorative flake effect of Safetred Dimension or the warmth and timeless effect of Dimension...

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Safetred Dimension Don’t compromise between design and slip resistance Developed for use in public areas where a modern design and safety underfoot are a requirement. Tough and durable, Safetred Dimension is available in an attractive 3 dimensional pattern incorporating multi coloured and pearlescent chips to provide a stunning appearance. The inclusion of aluminium oxide granules provides outstanding slip resistance. Available in 16 different colours, Safetred Dimension can be used individually or in a combination of colours. Safetred Dimension has excellent slip resistance both wet and...

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Safetred Dimension Wood A natural wood effect design, with the added benefit of slip resistant properties. Residential care and nursing homes want to provide an ambience that is homely but are aware that their clients are not always steady on their feet. Safetred Dimension Wood provides the answer, with a natural wood effect design with the benefit of an easy to maintain, slip resistant surface. Safetred Dimension Wood is also ideal for housing, hospitals, schools and retail environments. Developed for commercial areas where design and safety are important. Available in 6 natural wood...

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Dark beech Light beech

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Safetred Spectrum A vibrant colour palette to suit any environment Safetred Spectrum is a heavy traffic vinyl flooring ideal for applications where both slip resistance, attractive design and ease of maintenance are key considerations. Available in 20 vibrant colours, enhanced by complementary coloured chips and silicon carbide particles, Safetred Spectrum provides an attractive Features and benefits > Traditional safety flooring enhanced with decorative chips: Design and safety combined > Superb performance in wet and dry conditions: Provides R10 slip resistance > Safety Clean Polyurethane...

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Safetred Universal/Universal Plus Safety first! Safetred Universal is a tough durable safety flooring for Safetred Universal Plus for more demanding areas use in any heavy duty application where safety underfoot Busy commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and is a priority, including ramps and wheel chair areas. workshops can require a higher level of slip resistance. The selection of 16 fresh shades will complement any The answer is Safetred Universal Plus, available interior colour scheme. in 9 popular colours, with the added benefit of an R11 slip resistant rating. Features and...

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3820 : Safetred Universal 3822 : Safetred Universal Plus 11

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Safetred Aqua For barefoot comfort The non abrasive surface of Safetred Aqua provides added comfort in barefoot areas especially showers. The unique construction makes it highly flexible and perfect for coving and installing into drains and falls. Complementing the Aquarelle Wall HFS collection, there is a choice of 12 colours to suit any interior. Features and benefits > Superb performance in wet areas: Provides R11 slip resistance > Safety Clean PUR reinforcement: Improved stain resistance, ease of maintenance and reduced cleaning costs > Improved flexibility: easy to install in falls and...

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Safetred Aqua Manufactured by: Tarkett Ltd ME17 2QX Lenham Maidstone, Kent UNITED KINGDOM EN 13845 Safetred According to European Classification EN 685 Safetred Safety Floorings DESCRIPTION Slip resistant heavy duty floorcoverings with Safety Clean PUR reinforcement, in sheet format. Product standard: EN 13845. Technical data Safetred Dimension/ Dimension Wood Safetred Spectrum Safetred Universal Plus Safetred Universal Safetred Aqua EN 685 domestic commercial industrial EN 13845 Total thickness Total weight Safety Clean PUR Reinforcement Static indentation Castor chair Dimensional...

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Quasar Venus Orion Draco Jupiter Mercury Constellation Moon Comet Zodiac Solar Nebula Pegasus Pulsar Neutron Triton Newton Brunel Bessemer Darwin Baird Whittle Fleming Jenner Stephenson Rutherford Arkwright Fahrenheit Napier Edison Cavendish Lumiere Wallaby Fox Cheetah Tapir Gazelle Koala Vole Elk Marmoset Otter Antelope Lynx Safetred Dimension Safetred Universal Plus Jupiter Mercury Constellation Moon Nebula Pegasus Neutron Silver Shale Battleship Ecru Sepia Russet Verdi Gris Emerald Olive Riviera Cobalt Denim Sky Violet Cranberry Saffron Mandarin Vermillion Pistachio Onyx Light Oak Light...

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