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ProtectWALL - 1

< 100 µg /m3 Better Indoor Air Quality *Tvoc at 28 dayS Innovative high‑performance protection The wall covering solution coordinated with Tarkett flooring HETEROGENEOUS VINYL

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ProtectWALL - 2

A unique and innovative wall covering solution A range that meets major requirements A safe and hygienic solution Installation possibilities Stylish and coordinated with Tarkett floorcoverings Colours selected for serenity or vivid atmosphere Accessories for a perfect finish The perfect match of high performance and stylish design Technical specifications In the demanding healthcare and education sectors, walls are as important as flooring in maintaining long lasting protection and appearance. Trolleys and chairs, chemicals and paints, marker pens and adhesive tape - impact, scratches and...

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ProtectWALL - 3

ProtectWALL extends the benefits of Tarkett’s expertise in extreme protection, from floors to walls. With outstanding mechanical resistance, ProtectWALL is a unique high-performance wall covering solution that provides protection where it’s needed - that’s anywhere at risk of damage from impact, scratches, abrasion or stains. In addition to two levels of thickness, ProtectWALL also comes in a special contamination control version (2CR) designed specifically to meet the exacting requirements for clean rooms. A performance guarantee from international research laboratories Tests by...

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ProtectWALL - 4

A range that meets major requirements A safe and hygienic solution The ideal solution for areas that need everyday protection levels such as patient rooms in healthcare and general use in education. ProtectWALL 1.5 offers excellent impact resistance and is easy to clean and maintain. The ideal solution for areas that require a high level of impact resistance, such as corridors in healthcare, ProtectWALL 2 offers heavy duty impact resistance and is easy to clean and maintain. The ideal solution for laboratories and clean rooms in healthcare, reduces the level of environmental polluents,...

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ProtectWALL - 5

Stylish and coordinated with Tarkett floorcoverings Installation possibilities A wide range of possibilities ProtectWALL can be installed in a variety of ways depending on aesthetic criteria as well as technical requirements for impact resistance. Any height or shape you want Floorcraft offer Thanks to Floorcraft - Tarkett's on demand design service - the range of installation options includes personalised wall designs. One colour matched design solution for different AREAS in hospitals and schools For areas in hospitals including: hospitality (patient room and wetroom) traffic (corridors,...

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ProtectWALL - 6

Tarkett has taken a new look at design to provide a more functional and ergonomic product that reflects real life requirements. HUMAN INSIDE Create a softer, more soothing interior with traditional patterns and natural materials, such as wood, stone and fabric. With the ProtectWall range you can experiment with customization, or try the enormous range of mix and match possibilities across our latest wall and floor covering ranges. Colours selected for serenity or a vivid atmosphere INTERACTIVE SPACE Our collections are based on in-depth research into the user experience. From this, we’ve...

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ProtectWALL - 7

Provides a perfect finish and protects the edge of the wall covering. Accessories for a perfect finish Self-adhesive 32 mm high x 4.5 mm 5,2 mm (ext.) x 3 mm (int.) (ext.) x 2.5 mm x x 28 mm x 2500 mm long 2500 mm long (int.) 2662 6001 Silver 26619001 white 2662 6002 Stainless steel 26619002 beige 26619003 brown Delivery: 26619004 light grey one box of 10 pcs = 25 lm 26619005 silver 2662 1001 Silver 2662 1002 Stainless steel Delivery: one box of 10 pcs = 25 lm fLEXIBLE pvc cap 6 mm (ext.) x 2.5 mm (int.) x 25 mm x 25 m 26620001 Caramel 26620002 Dark grey 26620003 Light grey 26620004 White...

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ProtectWALL - 8

Step by step installation Installation instructions Carefully follow all specifications and instructions. Contact your Tarkett representative if you are unsure about any part of the installation. Make sure that you have the latest details - improvements lead to frequent changes to product information. Use the same batch number for each continuous surface. Store the rolls upright. Cut the sheets to the required size before installation. The cut sheets should be kept at a minimum ambient temperature of 15°c for at least 24h before installation. The substrate (wall) must be flat, level, clean,...

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ProtectWALL - 9

Junction with the floor covering Coving should be a minimum 10 cm high and is made by hot welding the floor and wall coverings. We recommend the use of Tarkett cove formers. Where there is no coving, we recommend the use of a set on skirting such as KS61. Installation instructions Use an acrylic adhesive emulsion recommended by Tarkett. Use the recommended trowel (TKB A4 or A1 acc. the situation) to apply about 150-250 g/m2. Always follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions and observe the adhesive drying and working times. Position the sheets tightly edge to edge. As soon as the wall...

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ProtectWALL - 10

Determination of seam strength Hardness Shore A Stain resistance Chemical resistance Contamination control Hygiene technical specifications Protectwall 1,5 Protectwall 2 Protectwall 2CR (Clean Room) Compact, flexible, calandered, multilayer protection wall covering. In sheet form. Product standard: EN 15102 A performance guarantee from international research laboratories — Does not c to infectio Tisse: 10 Graphic Li The above information is subject to modification for the benefit of further impr Tarkett’s instructions regarding installation, cleaning and mainten 31 % TARKETT BALANCED CHOICE...

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ProtectWALL - 11

I WESTERN EUROPE: Austria: Tarkett Holding GmbH, Niederlassung Wien – Tel. +43 1 47 88 062 I Belgium: Tarkett France Belux – Tel. +32 16 35 98 80 I Denmark: Tarkett A/S – Tel. +45 43 90 60 11 I Finland: Tarkett Oy – Tel. +358 9 5406 5870 I France: Tarkett SAS – Tel. +33 1 41 20 42 49 I Germany: Tarkett Holding GmbH, Bereich Objekt – Tel. +49 62 33 810 I Greece: Tarkett Monoprosopi Ltd – Tel. +30 210 6745 340 I Italy: Tarkett S.p.A. – Tel. +39 0744 7551 I Luxembourg: Tarkett GDL SA – Tel. +352 949 211 8804 I Netherlands: Tarkett Holding GmbH, Vestiging Nederland – Tel. +31 76 57 80 760 I...

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