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Linoleum 100% NATURAL FLOORING Lino, designed Designed by Nature by nature

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A RECIPE FROM NATURE FOR ENHANCED WELLBEING Tarkett's Lino is made from natural ingredients in Narni, Italy, with the same original recipe since 1898, enabling Tarkett's team to gain a real know-how and to have an intimate understanding of every natural ingredient to adapt manufacturing to the variations of each year’s crop. We constantly innovate in production processes, develop colours and new striking designs and improve our flooring technical characteristics for specific uses such as acoustic comfort in Education or Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control. Tarkett's Lino combines...

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HERITAGE A traditional flooring made in Italy One of Italy’s smallest regions, Umbria lies directly in the centre of Italy. Tarkett’s linoleum plant began its production in Narni, Italy, at the end of 19th century, when European countries commonly used linoleum for flooring and wall-coverings. By the 1920s, there were around 100 sites making linoleum. In the early 1990s, Tarkett began to invest in the modernization of the entire production system. Today, Narni is accredited ISO 9001 and holds important environmental certifications including ISO 14001, ISO/TS 14067, ISO 50001, ISO 45001...

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DOING GOOD. TOGETHER. Designing for life At Tarkett, we strive to support both our professional clients and consumers in creating healthy, beautiful and sustainable living spaces. Working with industry partners, we’re bringing our best thinking and efforts toward making a positive impact on people and the planet. The natural choice for people and the environment Tarkett's Lino is made from the same original recipe since 1898 and yet it continues to be a modern, versatile and sustainable flooring, made of natural and renewable ingredients such as linseed oil, pine rosin, wood and cork flour...

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DOING GOOD. TOGETHER. Designing for life You care about the comfort and well-being of users? We create flooring designed for improved indoor air quality that respects people’s health and wellbeing. Tarkett's Lino enhances people’s everyday sensorial experience, through colours and patterns, as well as through acoustic or underfoot comfort. All of which offer key advantages for schools, universities and hospitals. ■ Research on how to best use colour and design to enhance aesthetics and ergonomy for stimulating, productive or restful environments.   atural bactericidal qualities. N  ...

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PATTERNS AND DESIGNS Natural, versatile and sustainable, combining tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, Tarkett’s Lino offers a fresh approach to the flooring needs of today and lifestyles of tomorrow. Open to a world of colour Drawing on on-going trends analysis and colour expertise, our ranges have been developed through consultation with architects across the world at every design phase. It has enabled Tarkett to perfect the right combination of colour, balance and structure for each design concept, meeting the ambitions of any architectural project. To anticipate how needs will...

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Linoleum - 7

PATTERNS AND DESIGNS Veneto Style Emme and Style Elle A collection of strong and subtle marbled designs in soft or intense pattern variations for a timeless effect. All shades of the colour spectrum in a combination of neutral and contemporary accents. A design range where the natural patterned beauty of linoleum meets modern style. It’s a subtle mix between contemporary colours and light marbled surfaces. The only linoleum Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certified. The only linoleum approved for use on walls and featuring Bs2-d0 fire certification, LinoWall opens up a world of co-ordinated design...

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Linoleum - 8

Style Emme Blue Nile 048 Linoleum Flooring Our fresh, distinctive linoleum collection blends design and colour to create contemporary looks that are right on-trend, with the accessories you need for a perfect nish. The range consists of the Veneto, Style Elle, Style Emme and Etrusco designs, to which we’ve added two newcomers, Trentino - a subtle pattern whose two contrasting tones give the design depth - and Originale - Cradle to Cradle™ Gold level certification. And we don’t stop at oor- level. Our new wall-approved LinoWall is another rst, it offers co-ordinated interiors from the ground...

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Linoleum - 9

Style Emme Style Elle Style Emme Style Elle Apple Green

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Linoleum - 10

Style Emme Style Emme Jaipur Pink

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Linoleum - 11

Veneto Sand Style Emme Style Emme Style Emme Style Emme Style Elle Style Emme Taupe Dark Style Emme Style Elle Style Emme Style Elle Style Elle Style Elle

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Style Emme Style Elle Grey Pepper

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LinoWall Mohair LinoWall Poplin LinoWall comes with our exclusive xf2™ surface treatment and is Cradle to Cradle™ certified. All references are available in 2m width rolls and in 1m width on demand. Originale reflects the desire for a pure, authentic look that’s closer to nature. Almost 100% natural in its composition and Cradle to Cradle™ Gold-certified, this is our most sustainable, naturefriendly linoleum flooring to date. In addition to the existing Veneto 100% linen colour, the range includes two designs, Minerale and Vegetale, both made using natural pigments derived from renewable...

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Linoleum - 14

A hard-wearing solution over its lifetime NEW improved xf 2 ™ WELDING RODS xf2™ increases resistance for even longer durability and for a reduced maintenance, leading to a highly cost-effective flooring. ■   icro-reinforced polyurethane UV treatment M Flooring contributes to ensuring hygienic environments in public buildings – from schools to hospitals where stain resistance to medical chemicals is mandatory for flooring materials. Independent testing by third party prove that Tarkett's Lino has naturally bactericidal properties against the most common bacteria such as E-coli and MRSA....

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Linoleum - 15

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE xf²™ cleaning and maintenance: no polish, no wax* Modern day-room cleaning aims to reduce wet cleaning procedures and replace them with drier cleaning techniques, like the use of centrally laundered pre-impregnated mops and the wide application of appropriate machines. This makes work more effective and easier for the cleaning staff, and minimizes environmental impact. Less cleaning chemicals and less fresh water are used. Initial site cleaning Periodic cleaning After installation, initial site cleaning is required: vacuum, sweep or damp mop the area to remove...

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