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LINOVILLE Get Close to Lino

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Linoville, is a visual expression of the qualities of linoleum that pull you into the world of linoleum and bring you closer to the product. With our enlarged collection 2 of designs, our improved xf™ surface treatment and acoustic options, come and discover linoleum like you have never seen before. Linoville… Get close to Lino!

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Nature p.4 LINOVILLE. Closer to Colour p.5 p.6 Grands classiques p.8 Style p.9 Etrusco p.10 LINOVILLE. Closer to Efficiency 2 xf™ Improved surface treatment TECHNICAL DATA RANGE OVERVIEW SURFACE FINISHING & ACCESSORIES p.17

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Nature! THE NATURAL CHOICE FOR PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT Natural, versatile and sustainable. Combining tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, Tarkett’s linoleum offers a fresh approach to the flooring needs of today and lifestyles of tomorrow. We apply the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in the design and manufacture of our products. This ensures that waste produced can be reused either as raw materials for more linoleum or reused as nutrients in other products and that manufacturing processes preserve the environment as far as possible. We call it Circular Closed Looped...

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Colour! Drawing on Tarkett’s on-going trends analysis and colour expertise, we have created a rich collection of linoleum designs to meet the ambitions of any architectural project. OPEN TO A WORLD OF COLOUR Our ranges have been developed through consultation with architects across the world at every design phase. It has enabled Tarkett to perfect the right combination of colour, balance and structure for each design concept. HUMAN INSIDE Creating social cohesion for a stimulating environment that improves focus and concentration. environment that plays with graphic and...

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Colour! VENETO a collection of strong and subtle marbled designs in soft or intense pattern variations for a timeless effect. Our Veneto range includes: « 20 Grands Classiques*» a selection of 20 timeless colours among the 72 Veneto, that are guaranteed to be in production until 2033. All colours are available in 7 different specifications and with Tarkett’s 2 multicolour welding rods xf™ (more details on p.8). Ivory Silk The real nature of linoleum by Linoville: Our 100% linen linoleum, made without pigment, is the most authentic colour made by Nature. 400 Taupe dark...

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Comfort! Customize your acoustic for comfort and well-being 2 LINOLEUM SILENCIO xf™ - 18dB To reduce impact and ambient noise and enhance underfoot comfort and well2 being, Tarkett’s Silencio xf™ offers an acoustic linoleum solution with sound reduction of 18dB. With a total thickness of 3.8mm, it’s made in a two-layer construction of 2.5mm linoleum with a 1.3mm pre-bonded foam underlay. Available in all design options. 2 LINOLEUM ACOUSTIC CORK xf™ AND ESSENZA - 15dB The natural acoustic option, easy to install and to live with, is offered on demand in the following...

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Colour! GRANDS CLASSIQUES* a selection of 20 timeless colours that we guarantee in production until 2033. 2 Silencio xf™ 18 dB 2 Acoustic Cork xf™ & Essenza 15 dB Multicolour welding rods Zinc Cork Horizon Neutral 2 2,5mm xf™ R10 slip resistant rating GRANDS CLASSIQUES* 20 colours are available in 7 different levels of traffic 2 resistance with xf™ surface treatment, and can be matched with our new range of multicolour welding rods for a perfect finish. This includes Sicuro R10 anti-slip and Essenza non-permanent surface finish. Grand Classiques designs are also...

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STYLE a design range where the natural patterned beauty of linoleum meets modern style. 2 SILENCIO xf™, 2 ACOUSTIC CORK xf™ & ESSENZA and ELAFONO. It’s a subtle mix between contemporary colours and light marbled surfaces. Colours encompass cool and warm greys, shades of beige and brown, classic black and white, with vivid accent colours in red, green, yellow, orange and blue. We offer SILENCIO xf™ and 2 ELAFONO acoustic options with greater sound and thermal insulation available across all Tarkett linoleum colour designs. Plus ACOUSTIC CORK xf™ & 2 ESSENZA accross Veneto & Style EMME colour...

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Colour! ETRUSCO a comtemporary linoleum range featuring fourteen deep and radiant colours. We offer acoustic options with greater sound and thermal insulation available across all Tarkett linoleum colour designs. *Eternal Classics 2 Thanks to its deep colours and plain design, Etrusco xf™ can be combined easily with any other type of pattern or used alone, for great design effects.

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Efficiency! A HARD-WEARING SOLUTION OVER ITS LIFETIME For 150 years, linoleum flooring has been appreciated for its natural beauty, comfort, durability and versatility in most interior environments. Tarkett was an early innovator 2 in surface treatments – adding xf™ technology to its linoleum to improve resistance and simplify maintenance for significant cost savings in daily cleaning and care. 2 Now, Tarkett is introducing xf™ - its second generation surface treatment - increasing resistance for even longer durability and reducing maintenance for a highly...

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LINOVILLE. Closer to Efficiency! 2 In addition to optimal durability and wear and tear resistance, Tarkett’s new xf™ surface treatment ensures an outstanding performance against soiling, staining to improve hygiene and simplify cleaning and maintenance. And we set out to prove it. INHIBITING BACTERIAL GROWTH Flooring contributes to ensuring hygienic environments in public buildings – from schools to hospitals where stain resistance to medical chemicals is mandatory for flooring materials. 2 Linoleum xf™, with its sealed smooth surface, inbuilt resistance and naturally bactericidal...

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CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: NO POLISH, NO WAX NEEDED Modern day-room cleaning aims to reduce wet cleaning procedures and replace them with drier cleaning techniques. For example, the use of centrally laundered pre-impregnated mops and the wide application of appropriate machines. This makes work more effective and easier for the cleaning staff, and minimizes environmental impact. Less cleaning chemicals and less fresh water are used. 1 Initial site cleaning 2 Daily and regular cleaning After installation initial site clean is required: vacuum, sweep or damp mop the area to remove building...

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