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HOMOGENEOUS FLOORCOVERING > New level of design appearance > Extraordinary depth in pattern > iQ Unique Surface Restoration system > iQ PUR - Easy low cost maintenance > Market's best Life Cycle Cost

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iQ Megalit - 2

iQ Megalit A rising standard in ooring appearance Contrasts in balance As a major innovator in the ooring industry we are proud to present iQ Megalit, a totally new look in homogeneous vinyl ooring based on unique technology. The extraordinary pattern depth with mother-of-pearl effect and contrasting parts in balance give iQ Megalit the liveliness of a natural material and a strong personality that everyone wants to be around. Our patent pending manufacturing process and unique technical advances give properties such as improved resistance to scratches, abrasion and stains, along with...

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iQ Megalit - 3

Evolution by Tarkett The secret behind iQ Megalit’s new and extraordinary pattern image involves mainly sizes and shapes. Until today, vinyl ooring has been made with granules that are all very similar. But for iQ Megalit, we use large akes with different shapes and sizes. The pattern’s striking depth and variation result from the high proportion of transparent material in the mix. We are proud to present this unique patent pending manufacturing process as a Tarkett innovation. For over 50 years, we have been developing new homoge- iQ Megalit has been created within the framework of...

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iQ Megalit - 5

iQ Megalit is regenerating the whole idea of vinyl ooring design The new design image of iQ Megalit rests on solid and traditional values, but it has the most exciting and charming look seen in a very long time. The colours are friendly and offer many opportunities for creative combinations. Divided into three families, they represent a broad spectrum of colour interpretations. Colours in 3 families > Natural - colours with a calming suggestion of movement, born in the warm sensuality of earth and ochre > Urban - relaxing colours inspired by the sophistication and elegance of slate and...

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iQ Megalit - 6

The sensual elevation of purity as a source of well-being. Urban The challenging elegance in combining the raw and the sophisticated. Contemporary The unexpected harmonies of new sensations that add excitement to everyday life.

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iQ Megalit - 8

iQ Megalit is an iQ ooring from Tarkett The iQ concept “The best ooring solution on the market – for both performance and economy.” These oorings are called iQ – intelligent quality – and they are one of the smartest choices you can make when buying ooring. Not only for quality, performance and design, but also for the best life cycle cost on the market. iQ Megalit is also the rst homogeneous ooring ever in the highest wear group, class T. • High-quality raw materials • 3rd generation iQ PUR reinforcement for superior cleaning characteristics • No polish. No wax. Forever! • Outstanding...

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The iQ Megalit colour range

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Manufactured by: Tarkett AB SE-372 81 Ronneby SWEDEN According to European Classication EN 685 Megalit iQ Megalit is a homogeneous high-quality vinyl ooring with extreme durability and low maintenance properties. iQ Megalit is one of our iQ oorings – intelligent quality – which means it is one of the market’s smartest choices when buying ooring. iQ Megalit is the rst homogeneous ooring in the highest wear group (Class T, EN 660). Manufactured of high-quality raw materials in a well balanced composition, and reinforced with our 3rd generation iQ PUR, iQ Megalit has outstanding maintenance...

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iQ Megalit - 12

INTELLIGENT FLOORING SOLUTIONS STYLE & DESIGN SUSTAINABILITY & ENVIRONMENT people in many ways. This holistic view is based on our ing high demands in every aspect of ooring function. ve guiding principles, all combined and optimised for Because for us, ooring is not just a material on the our customers. We call it Intelligent Flooring Solutions. oor, it is a total experience, and we know that it affects The Tarkett Group Sales Ofces Production Sites TARKETT SALES CO MPANIES > Australia: Tarkett Australia Pty Ltd – Tel. +61 2 96 34 73 73 > Austria: Tarkett Holding GmbH, Niederlassung Wien –...

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