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Granit HOMO GENEO US FLOO RCOVERING FLOORING SUCCESS • Timeless design in fresh colours • 60 million sqm installed worldwide • iQ Unique Surface Restoration • No wax, no polish forever • Market’s best Life Cycle Cost

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IQ Granit - 3

40 years of ooring success When you look back at 40 years of ooring success, iQ Granit is one of the best-proven ooring materials on the market. Thousands of architects have experienced iQ Granit’s opportunities for creating harmonious commercial interiors. Tens of thousands of cleaning staff know that the claims for unique cleaning properties are true. Thousands of managers with budget responsibilities have been more than pleased by the low maintenance costs, and hence the superior life cycle cost. And millions of users are proof of the superb wear qualities of this homogeneous ooring. As...

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from Tarkett "Intelligent quality, with Unique Surface Resto- ration, for top performance in every aspect of flooring function." There are hundreds of floorcoverings, all looking very similar. So, what is so special about iQ floorings from They offer top performance in every aspect of flooring function. We give you the best durability, the best design, the easiest cleaning and maintenance, and the best life cycle cost. And all with a concern forsustainability and the environment. We call it intelligent quality, and we see our iQ floorcoverings as the most intelligent choice you can make...

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IQ Granit - 5

A complete color coordinated range to answer all your needs iQ Granit Acoustic A common complaint from end-users concerns noise pollution from adjacent premises. Better sound comfort is a frequent requirement. Bad ooring conditions can also lead to strain on people’s bodies. Today, a good indoor environment includes sound comfort and walking comfort. iQ Granit Acoustic is a special oorcovering for extra comfort and good impact sound values. It increases comfort underfoot and greatly reduces sound transmission, making it the perfect choice for school corridors, retirement facilities or other...

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IQ Granit - 7

The iQ Granit colour family * available in iQ Granit Acoustic

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IQ Granit - 8

According to European Classication EN 685 According to European Classication EN 685 iQ Granit – iQ Granit Acoustic DESCRIPTION iQ Granit 2.0 mm and iQ Granit Acoustic are low-maintenance homogeneous vinyl oorcoverings that offer a wide range of colourways to suit all types of interior design. They are reinforced with iQ PUR, which means no wax, no polish is needed, leading the way to extreme longevity and outstanding performance plus the market’s best life cycle cost. iQ Granit is suitable for use in most commercial areas. The range of 31 colours includes two multi-coloured designs for...

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