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iQ Collection - 1

HOMOGENEOUS COMPACT VINYL SIMPLY THE BEST SOLUTION! iQ collection brochure - 3242350105 – 10/11 – Conception :

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16 Simply the best solution 4 Protable after 3 years Just water Welding rods & NCS codes Technical information Tarkett, With worldwide expertise and a broad product por tfol io, Tarkett is the solutions provider for commercial sectors across the board. Our offer is based on diverse but complementary ranges that provide integrated solutions that answer the needs of customers and end-users alike. Whatever the project - commercial, residential or sports, new build or renovation – Tarkett has the widest choice of solutions for building professionals with better performance and lifetime returns....

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iQ Collection - 3

The best ooring solution As our customers’ requirements change so do our products and with the iQ range we have developed undoubtedly the best ooring on the market. The comprehensive iQ offer has a solution for every area with exible, hard wearing designs that can be seamlessly mixed with specialist surfaces including acoustic, safety and static control ooring. With over 300 million sqm installed, thousands of customers worldwide have already discovered the outstanding quality and functional, sensorial and ecological benets that iQ brings to any project. FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS The iQ range...

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iQ Collection - 4

Simply the best solution iQ STANDS FOR “INTELLIGENT QUALITY ” AND REFLECTS TARKETT’S COMMITMENT TO PROVIDING AN INTELLIGENT RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER NEEDS iQ is the original high performance flooring solution – which is simply the best solution on the homogeneous vinyl market. With the largest range of colours and designs on the market, there’s an iQ format and style for every requirement. It is the easiest to install, but the outstanding nish guarantees satisfaction from a job well done – and since an iQ oor looks new forever with simple dry buffing, that satisfaction will last a lifetime. It...

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iQ Collection - 5

New Forever The widest range • Unique self regenerating properties • Keeps its original appearance • Lifelong quality and performance • Multi solution concept • Colour coordinated solutions for all specic needs and areas • Multi-colour welding rods Just water • Simpler, more environmentally responsible cleaning and maintenance • From the leader in sustainable ooring • For the inventor of fully exible homogeneous ooring • 60 years of innovation in vinyl ooring 5 Protable after 3 years • Best life cycle costs on the market • Payback within three years from lower maintenance and cleaning costs...

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iQ Collection - 6

•Unique self regenerating properties • Keeps its original appearance Ke • Lifelong quality & performance Lif WHY? Today, tomorrow and forever, an iQ ooring always looks good. Extremely resistant to daily wear, the iQ range benets from unique self-regenerating properties – simple dry-buffing is enough to restore not only the original appearance, but also the quality and performance – just like the day it was installed. As a result, an iQ ooring really is new forever.

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iQ Collection - 7

OVER 25 YEARS OLD AND STILL LOOKS LIKE NEW It’s hard to believe that the oor in this picture is 27 years old. Magnied pictures show the minute scratches left by years of heavy daily use that are invisible to the naked eye. It’s proof that the iQ range is extremely resistant to daily wear and that the unique self regenerating properties, and simple dry buffing really can keep your ooring looking as good as new - forever. Blekinge Läns Landstings Hospital in Karlskrona hospital in Sweden – iQ Optima ooring installed in 1984 and still in use nowadays

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iQ Collection - 8

The Original • From the leader in sustainable ooring t • From the inventor of fully exible Fro homogeneous ooring • 60 years of innovation in vinyl ooring WHY? As the leader in sustainable ooring, Tarkett has developed a unique formula and production process designed specically to provide more environmentally friendly and healthier products. All our iQ products have VOC emissions below quanitifable level and are phthalate free* for safer healthier , indoor environments. And when our ooring is nally removed it is 100% recyclable. * From September 2011 all our production has been phthalate...

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iQ Collection - 9

THE FIRST VINYL FLOORING LINE AT THE RONNEBY PLANT Willi Senn, an engineer, came to Ronneby in 1950 to build the rst vinyl line. In this picture from dated 1951 he can be seen on the left, driving the production line. Tarkett made the first homogeneous vinyl oor covering in 1947. 300 MILLION SQM INSTALLED IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE The iQ range is a genuine multi-purpose solution. It offers the best choice of design and colours, plus specialist surfaces that provide the ideal response to the requirements of different areas. That’s why customers in over 100 countries worldwide have...

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iQ Collection - 10

Protable after 3 years •Best life cycle costs on the market • Pay back within three years from lowest maintenance & cleaning costs WHY? Reduced use of water and minimal use of cleaning agents, ensure that iQ ooring has the best life cycle costs on the market. With no wax or polish required, easier maintenance with less manpower and dry buffing increasing the product lifespan, an iQ ooring will be protable after 3 years.

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iQ Collection - 11

HOSPITAL DISTRICT OF HELSINKI AND UUSIMAA, LÄNSI-UUSIMAA HOSPITAL, RAASEPORI, FINLAND Tarkett has developed an internal Lifecycle Cost software that can effectively model the lifetime of a given oor. It clearly demonstrates the enormous savings you can make over its lifetimes, by installing an iQ ooring rather than one that has simply been PUR treated. 11 Reference Year of installation Product installed Nb of sqm installed Where this product is installed Payback Accumulated savings over 24 years (1986-2010) compared to Standard Plus (Entry level PUR product) Länsi-Uusimaa Hospital in...

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iQ Collection - 12

• Easier and more exible installation for professionals • Best solution for a perfect installation to be proud of WHY? Because iQ ooring is exible when installing as well as hardwearing, it’s more comfortable to manipulate for installation and easier to cove. Add optimized welding properties and multi-colour welding rods for a perfect nish and no gloss change, and it’s easy to achieve the perfect nish without wasting time, ooring or products.

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