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iD Square LUXURY VINYL TILES Stimulate ambiances and gain easy access to the underfloor

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EDITO In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, the workplace of today is constantly shifting and with new technologies and policies arising, employees have the freedom to choose where and how they work. Companies will continue to promote their workspaces and need to engage their employees by providing spaces for better creativity and effective collaboration. Creating vibrant offices and providing flexibility is becoming critical for attracting the best and brightest people. And the Workplace segment is not the only one adapting to major trends. The Hospitality industry is undergoing...

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FLEXIBLE WORKSPACE By 2020, Generation Y or `Millennials’ and Generation Z will comprise more than half of the workforce. They are digital natives, collaborative, adept at multitasking and their attitudes and expectations will have a major impact on the work environment as they are striving for greater autonomy and flexibility. They expect a genuinely agile work ecosystem, with good internet access, where they can work from basically anywhere - co-working spaces, hotel lobbies, unassigned seating areas, individual work spaces or unconventional work spaces ranging from corridors to nooks or...

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Collaborative Workspace MINIMAL WOOD DARK GREY

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COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE Initially, shared office spaces were typically related to start-ups. This trend has majorly spread over the years to break into almost every organization seeking to stimulate open collective thinking, innovation, and fresh perspectives thus going beyond the cubicle! From wide open-plan offices that are modular and easily adaptable, to fragmented open concepts where areas are clearly delineated, open spaces naturally allow employees to interact frequently with each other and make the workspace more agile. Our design team has sought to inject bright and modern...

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Caring workspace WARM GOLD

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CARING WORKSPACE Today’s forward-thinking companies, which advocate employee-centric culture, strive to foster workplace wellbeing and to encourage work-life balance. This trend is on the rise and it should continue its momentum. In an effort to achieve high levels of employee-wellbeing, healthy materials are used by workplace designers to create dynamic work environments for both focused work and restorative activities to make employees feel at home and comfortable. Human-centered design and innovative furniture such as adjustable workstations or standing desks positively contribute to...

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HOSPITALITY The hospitality industry is ever-changing and with enhanced technology entering the market the global scene is changing faster than ever before. Players become more innovative to provide exceptional experiences hoping to go beyond their guests’ high expectations. Online and iPad check-ins are inducing the front reception areas mutation. Thus, more front desks will be replaced with sit-down digital concierge services and other public areas will shift from business-like spaces to warm and inviting areas. Hotels are also going big on the smart room concept to transform the hotel...

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Fusion: a beautiful balance of iD Square and carpet tiles iD SQUARE VINTAGE ZINC DESERT AIRMASTER

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MIX WITH CARPET FOR CAPTIVATING INTERIRORS iD Square flooring and DESSO carpet tile products are simply the perfect fit. The designs and products of Tarkett Fusion have been carefully selected to not only match aesthetically, but also from a functional perspective. The slight difference in height between Fusion Desso Carpet tiles and iD Square (maximum 2,5mm*) allows for a seamless transition with no strips needed. Creativity is at the heart of good design along with the desire to make a mark. With our Fusion concept, we combine iD Square with DESSO carpet tiles, to create stunning and...

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DESSO Resonance 1701, 8932, 9503 / Rock 9511 - iD SQUARE Patine Dark Anthracite 24564046 / Vintage Zinc Dark Grey 24565000 / Vintage Zinc Metalic 24564002 MIX WITH CARPET FLEXIBLE WORKSPACE DESSO Resonance 8932 - iD SQUARE Patine Dark Anthracite 24564046

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DESSO Desert AirMaster® 9970 / Fields 7231 / Linon 2015 / Iconic 2906 / Traverse 6214 - iD SQUARE Englisk Oak Dark Grege 24576304 / Englisk Oak Beige 24576305 MIX WITH CARPET COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE DESSO Harvest 2915 - iD SQUARE English OAK Beige 24576305

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DESSO Salt 7061 / Rock 7065 / Fields 9515 - iD SQUARE Patine Grey 24564002 MIX WITH CARPET CARING WORKSPACE DESSO Salt 7061/ Rock 7065 - iD SQUARE Patine Grey 24564002

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DESSO Harvest 2915 / Iconic 9097 / Traverse 4437 / Traverse 4405 - iD SQUARE English Oak Warm Gold 24576302 / English Oak Grege 24576301 MIX WITH CARPET HOSPITALITY DESSO Traverse 4437 - iD SQUARE English OAK Grege 24576301

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At Tarkett, we believe that together, we can make a positive impact on people and the planet. We strive to make high quality, sustainable flooring to help you create healthier and people-friendly spaces. Doing Good. Together. We listen to our customers’ needs and collaborate with all our stakeholders to design products that deliver optimal performance, promote healthy living and respect natural resources. We’re driving collaboration We recycle waste from our production, transforming it into new, high quality products. In this way, we can contribute to safeguarding the world’s natural...

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DESIGNED TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY BRINGING YOU THE ULTIMATE ACOUSTIC COMFORT Product construction BETTER ACOUSTIC COMFORT Office acoustics contribute to performance and wellbeing in the workplace. iD Square dampens noise level in rooms and reduces sound transmission between floors to 15 dB thus contributing to employees comfort and improving their effectiveness. iD Square is also ideal for commercial projects including hospitality. Easy to install and just as easy to remove without damaging the substrate. You can have access effortlessly to the technical subfloor and benefit from a very...

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