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iD Revolution NON-PVC MODULAR RESILIENT TILES The revolution starts under your feet

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CONTENTS THE FIRST C2C CERTIFIED™ GOLD MODULAR RESILIENT FLOORING THE FIRST CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED™ GOLD MODULAR RESILIENT FLOORING MADE WITH NON-PVC MATERIALS WHAT IS C2C GOLD CERTIFICATION ? 4 iD Revolution is a major innovation in modular resilient flooring. Using innovative recycled and abundant raw materials in its conception, iD Revolution is the result of Tarkett’s proven expertise in materials and experience of developing sustainable, innovative solutions. iD Revolution was developed to respond to our customers’ non-PVC requirements. iD Revolution is the first CRADLE TO CRADLE...

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WHAT IS C2C GOLD CERTIFICATION? In the circular economy, there is no waste, only nutrients. The Cradle to Cradle design philosophy requires designers and manufacturers to create products that are regenerative by design and produced in ways that respect the environment. C2C Certified products are designed from the outset to be reusable, or recyclable with zero waste. MATERIAL HEALTH 100% of the materials used in iD Revolution have been independently Continuous progress is required across all five C2C Certified categories: material health, material reutilisation, renewable energy, water...

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DRIVING COLLABORATION iD Revolution was developed in line with Cradle to Cradle principles, achieving Platinum level on the Cradle to Cradle Certified standard material health attribute. It is100% free of phthalates, PVC and solvents. We are collaborating with all our stakeholders to accelerate the transition to the circular economy and help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as: good health and wellbeing, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life on land and partnerships for the goals. Nordic Swan Ecolabel The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a voluntary...

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CLOSING THE LOOP Tarkett is offering an environmentally-friendly product that is made with recycled raw materials and can be 100% recycled. RECYCLING MATERIALS VIA RESTART Between 2010 and 2018, Tarkett collected 102.000 tonnes of flooring (including vinyl, linoleum and carpet). In 2018, we used 134.000 tonnes of recycled materials as raw materials. This represents 10% of our raw material spend. With iD Revolution, we aim to go one step further. iD Revolution can be recaptured at endof-life through Tarkett’s ReStart take-back programme, ready to be transformed into raw materials for new...

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STAIN-PROOF: RESISTS STAINS, EASY TO CLEAN iD Revolution makes no compromise on resistance and durability. Indeed, this modular flooring, which uses natural fillers, recycled and bio-based materials, offers the same quality as Tarkett’s other modular resilient flooring collections. Treated with our TopClean XP™ surface protection, it allows for easy maintenance and extra resistance to scuffs, scratches and stains. 1 TopClean XP™ PUR reinforcement for excellent resistance to abrasion, scuffs and scratches plus easy, lowcost maintenance 2 0.55mm pure PLA transparent wear layer for an...

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MAKE YOUR SPACES C2C-FRIENDLY WITH THE iD REVOLUTION COLLECTION English Oak A timeless and balanced oak, made to fit any interior. Pallet Pine A timeless pine design, available in two subtle shades. Rustic Oak A vibrant oak, with strong knots and cracks. Contemporary Oak A smooth and subtle oak, with very few natural wood marks. Composite A dynamic and rough concrete, designed to create a compelling allover look and feel.

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SPECIFICATION DATA TECHNICAL DATA Certification & classification iD Revolution belongs to the non-PVC modular resilient flooring category manufactured with phthalate-free technology* based on alternative plasticisers and with a calandered backing layer made of recycled, non-PVC resilient flooring. It is C2C CERTIFIED™ GOLD and contains over 80% recycled, mineral or bio-sourced materials, thus not contributing to resource scarcity. It is available in three formats and shapes: planks of 12.5 x 122 cm, 20 x 122 cm or 25 x 122 cm; and tiles of 25 x 50 cm, 50 x 50 cm or 50 x 100 cm. The wear...

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The designs and photos used in this brochure are for illustration purposes only. They are not contractual images and do not stand for product recommendation. Design: Agence Gecko / Photo: Evolution / Print: Altavia ■ WESTERN EUROPE: Austria: Tarkett Holding GmbH, Niederlassung Wien – Tel. +43 1 47 88 062 ■ Belgium: Tarkett Belux Sprl – Tel. +32 16 35 98 80 ■ Denmark: Tarkett A/S – Tel. +45 43 90 60 11 ■ Finland: Tarkett Oy – Tel. +358 9 4257 9000 ■ France: Tarkett SAS – Tel. +33 1 41 20 42 49 ■ Germany: Tarkett Holding GmbH, Bereich Objekt – Tel. +49 62 33 810 ■ Greece: Tarkett Monoprosopi...

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