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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 1

LUXURY VINYL TILES Combine fast and versatile installation with timeless designs

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 2

EDITO Easy to lay and take up again, iD Inspiration Loose-Lay perfectly adheres to the ground thanks to its patented herringbone pattern and sets new standards for easy-lay flooring. Designed for swift installation and ease of use, this collection is the best option for a reliable and fast renovation. Moreover, a long product lifespan is achieved by beautiful high quality materials which come in a palette of soft muted colours. With its broad range of 36 elegant and trendy woods, minerals and artistic designs, iD Inspiration Loose-Lay enables a wide variety of combinations for styling...

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 4

LIMED OAK This well balanced design is a perfect starting point for creating exciting ambiances, based on a timeless, yet contemporary design. BEIGE - GREY

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 5

ELEGANT OAK Rugged in its looks, Elegant Oak is an appealing wood design inspired by the distinctive knots, grain and texture of oak for a beautiful organic feel. BEIGE - NATURAL

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 6

DELICATE WOOD A simple and sleek design resulting in an elegant, sophisticated expression that immediately invokes peace of mind. DELICATE WOOD WHITE - GREGE - BLACK

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 7

MOUNTAIN OAK Venture into the woods with this modern rustic flooring and add an element of warmth to your interior. The design features knots and cracks, resulting in a beautifully aged effect.

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 8

SAWN OAK Nothing can create instant warmth quite like a brown wooden floor. Sawn Oak features rich, earthy tones that create the perfect backdrop for luxury or traditional living. GREY - BROWN

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 9

CHRISTMAS PINE Nature is evermore present in all minds. With its soft hues and small and tight knots, Christmas Pine lends an air of softness and purity to the interior. CHRISTMAS PINE WHITE - NATURAL

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 10

LIVING OAK Dark floors are always trendy and in style. Our Living Oak designs bring richness to the interior through three different nuances. Flooring layout

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 11

SCANDINAVIAN OAK Combined together, this inseparable trio sets the mood with a harmonious, natural base of grey tones. Scandinavian Oak also mixes beautifully with our mineral designs. METAL PLATE LIGHT BEIGE LIGHT GREY SCALE 150% Flooring layout

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 13

BETON Beton gives you a “cool” ambiance with mineral glazes that goes well with today’s contemporary architecture trend. The material’s ability to blend with other designs makes for a superbly seamless pairing. GREY - LIGHT GREY

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 14

CONCRETE Appearing in trendy retail spaces, upscale offices and dining establishments, Concrete is the flooring material of choice for no other material can be that classic and modern at the same time. Our offer ranges from light to dark tones. ANTHRACITE - WHITE

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 15

MARBLE Prized for its beauty, style, and elegance, Marble is at the top of the game. With its ability to provide an alluring and unique aesthetic this design brings out the personality of your floors. Flooring layout

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 16

SLATE Our Slate design comes in a deep charcoal tone that provides a dramatic statement to any interior.

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 17


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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 18

COTTON Cotton creates welcoming atmospheres and a wonderful feeling of comfort. When playing with different directional laying techniques you can add perspective that varies according to light intensity. LIGHT GREY LIGHT GREY - MEDIUM GREY

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 19

MODERN TERRAZZO Full of heritage and history, Modern Terrazzo brings back the old ways of handcrafted flooring, but with updated colours. The small colour inlays create exciting all-over patterns. MODERN TERRAZZOE GREY - BLACK

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 20

METAL PLATE Designed to mimic a real metal floor, Metal Plate adds a modern industrial look with a beautiful finish. It blends well with wooden furniture, offering unique and unconventional ambiances. Flooring layout

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 21

METAL PLATE Enhancing these concrete tiles with a delicate graphic pattern guarantees a gorgeous glow and puts the finishing touches that will set your style. METAL PLATE LIGHT BEIGE SCALE 150% Flooring layout

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 22

BEACH WOOD These Beach Wood designs will not go unnoticed. With its reclaimed and up-cycled look, this flooring creates the perfect beach house effect for vibrant spaces. BEACH WOOD BEIGE - GREY Flooring layout

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 23

At Tarkett, we believe that together, we can make a positive impact on people and the planet. We strive to make high quality, sustainable flooring to help you create healthier and people-friendly spaces. We listen to our customers' needs and collaborate with all our stakeholders to design products that deliver optimal performance, promote healthy living and respect natural resources. Doing Good. Together. We are designing for life People spend 90% of their time indoors, working, learning and relaxing. We help you to create healthier, safer, more people-friendly indoor spaces by designing...

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 24

CHOOSE THE MOST CONVENIENT LOOSE-LAY SOLUTION Product construction #THE EASIEST LAYING TECHNIQUE EXCELLENT V_ DIMENSIONAL STABILITY Inspired by industrial security flooring, iD Inspiration Loose-Lay's exclusive antiskid backing ensures an enhanced adherence to the subfloor. The patented herringbone pattern prevents the floor from sliding, allowing for an easy installation that requires no adhesive. For long standing worry-free installation, we recommend tackifier for areas larger than 16m2*. *Please refer to installation instructions for further details. Our iD Inspiration Loose-Lay...

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 25


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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 26


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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 27

EMBRACE OUR INNOVATIVE LAYOUTS FUNKY HERRINGBONE STRAIGHT HERRINGBONE Inspired by woods, minerals and design trends, our iD Inspiration Loose-Lay flooring allows for endless tone-on-tone or contrasted installation possibilities. BASKET WEAVE BLOCK DISSOLVED HERRINGBONE

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iD Inspiration Loose-Lay - 29

PRODUCT & ACCESSORIES DETAILS SKIRTING PVC DECORATIVE SKIRTING Compact skirting with decorative film and PUR surface treatment to perfectly match all designs , : 2.02 Im skirting in packs x 10 Please refer to page 57 for corresponding SAP codes DESIGN COLOUR Beige BEACH WOOD - Grey BETON - Light Grey White CHRISTMAS PINE - CONCRETE Anthracite COTTON Light Grey Medium Grey TRANSITION PROFILE Very high traffic aluminium transition profile, to be screwed in Silver 1451 Oil $ Stainless Steel 1451 012 10 units of 2.7 Im BENDABLE PROFILE Aluminium stop profile, to be screwed in Silver 1456 Oil 9...

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