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You are free Free to live the way you want at home. Free to be inspired. To change your floor as easily as your decoration. Free to choose a cleaner and more wholesome environment. Free to watch your children grow and your home flourish. To change your office to a baby room, then a teen room, a spare room... And baby room all over again. Free to make the best choices: rent, share, buy, rent out... And always have the best floor options. Free to walk around barefoot, to dance in the bathroom, Or in the living room, with a drink in your hand, with your friends... Free to change your flooring...

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A word from the Décor Director With designs inspired by early Tarkett patterns, the new ICONIK collection is a tribute to the brand’s DNA. By analysing current trends, the design team learned that the authenticity is crucial in the development of the new decors. Customers choose by look and feel. The “Breath” and “Majestic Nature” trends in particular lead to a new kind of natural design where t e details are important and the plank size is bigger. “Fumed Oak” is a perfect example: we tried to preserve the natural atmosphere of this pure material as much as possible. The result is a floor...

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Doing good.Together. Your environment matters and your choices matter. Choosing floors that respect the environment truly does make a difference: products designed with sustainability in mind, with the materials and production methods, to the impact they have during their life, such as indoor air quality. Designing for life You probably spend a lot of your time indoors, whether working or relaxing, caring or sharing. You probably also feel that safer, healthier indoor spaces designed using sustainable materials are important for your well-being. We feel the same. That’s why we apply Cradle...

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ICONIK Tips Tarkett’s ICONIK Vinyl Rolls come in many different forms and shapes, to accomodate your every need, be it a high traffic room, one that needs to be clean and stay clean, with these guidelines you’ll be sure to pick the right roll for your job. Highly comfortable Playfull design Stains resistant Cushioned feel Thermal comfort Acoustic comfort Acoustic comfort Superior wear, stain resistance Textile backing Acoustic comfort Best price Textile backing Abrasion resistance Resistant  (furniture ) Cushioned feel Super thick Most durable Moisture resistant Light traffic Textile...

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BREATHE A reflection of minimalism. In stark contrast, it takes form, color, space and reduces them to such simplicity than attain their essential nature. An airy and bright space, a symbol of elegance. The language of poetry, lost in gravity, freedom and weightlessness. A palette of natural shades, both light and soft. Deep cold and warm grey softened by aqua colors and nude tone.

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Citizen Oak High contrasted oak pattern with different length and width of the lamellas and a delicate colourplay. Such well balanced oak pattern are normally found on high-class furnitures, we made a floor out of it. So beautiful that we made it in seven colours. LIGHT GREY MEDIUM GREY DARK GREY LIGHT GREY MEDIUM GREY DARK GREY LIGHT BEIGE MEDIUM BEIGE LIGHT BROWN Pattern repeat: 100x100cm Plank size: Mixed WARM BROWN ICONIK 240 Pattern repeat: 200x133cm Plank size: 16,66x133cm Meton A design which is a combination of a metal plate and casted concrete with nice, plain structures. LIGHT...

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Ancares Herringbone Ancares Oak Plank Well sorted Herringbone in the classic laying pattern with subtle but obvious colour variations and white washed grains. Well sorted Herringbone in the classic laying pattern with subtle but obvious colour variations and white washed grains. Pattern repeat: 100x100cm Plank size: 8,8x35,5cm Pattern repeat: 100x150cm Plank size: 100 x 16,66 cm Mill Oak An Oak which we made from out most precious raw material. Directy from the heart of the tree with cracks, subtle knots and the typical colour gradient from left to right and a white washed effect. LIGHT...

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MAJESTIC NATURE Reconnect with nature. Return to the sources with simplicity and sensitivity. The perfect balance between the inside and outside and a desire to be « back to basics ». A symphony that exudes natural a sensitive aura. It’s time for yourself, a time of wellness. Basic beige and earth tones with the heat energy of yellow ochre. Intense graded greens reflect a pure and organic nature. FUMED OAK LIGHT BROWN

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Saraya Very classic black limestone with rich colour and nice play between black and brown in the original material. The edges of the tiles are worn and broken at some areas. MEDIUM GREY DARK BROWN DARK GREY ICONIK 320 LIGHT GREY Pattern repeat: 100 x 100cm Tile size: 33,33 x 33,33cm FUMED OAK LIGHT BROWN Fumed Oak A design which reminds on a deep space photography. This Tournai stone looks great especially in the dark colours, Pattern repeat: 100 x 100 cm Tile size: 33,33 x 33,33cm Very rustic Oak in a well balanced pattern with a exceptional patina. GREY BEIGE SOFT BEIGE DARK BEIGE WARM...

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Noce Classico Classic Terrazzo in tile format and up-to-date colorations. The full beauty of walnut with well balanced cathedrals and unusal directional grains. Pure luxury also in light colours. GREY BROWN Pattern repeat: 100 x 100cm Tile size: 33,33 x 33,33 cm Pattern repeat: 200x133cm Plank size: 25x133cm Provenza Contemporary concrete in two colour families, 3 designs are more tone-ontone, the other 3 are coming with more contrast. TONED BLACK TONED GREY TONED LIGHT GREY LIGHT BEIGE MEDIUM GREY DARK GREY Pattern repeat: 100 x 100 cm Tile size: 25 x 50 cm PROVENZA LIGHT BEIGE

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BOHEMIAN EXPLORER The discovery of cultural diversity, thus combining tradition with innovation. A multi-sensorial experience, a weave between the past and the present. Collections of found objects hande made, materials that evoke unforgettable memories and emotions. A palette of ethnic shades both mysterious and intense. Deep spicy ruby with sensual umber, and magma red and sublimate by deep blue. CARCASSONNE MIX COLD BEIGE BOHEMIAN EXPLORER COLLECTIO

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