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Innovating to contribute to peopleʼs health and wellbeing DESSO Desert AirMaster® 9525, 9970 Photo front page: DESSO AirMaster® Earth 9535, 1051. Photo back: DESSO AirMaster® Sphere 9107, 6422

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On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. At Tarkett, we strive to contribute to people’s health and wellbeing by improving indoor air quality.

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Breathing clean air is vital to human health Breathing clean air is a fundamental human right. Yet air pollution is a growing risk to people’s health, causing 6.5m deaths annually, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).1 When we think about air quality, we tend to imagine city smog, heavy industry or streets polluted with car exhaust fumes. But indoor air quality is just as important, if not more so, because we spend 90% of our time indoors. PM 2,5 Tiny, invisible particles called particulate matter (PM), also known as particle pollution or fine dust, play a determining factor in...

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DESSO AirMaster AirMaster® 3923 ® Tones 9023, 9950, 7083 6

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Understanding particulate matter The particulate matter we breathe in our homes and workplaces can be grouped into two categories: PM10 Particles with an aerodynamic diameter of up to 10 μm4 – these can cause health problems because they are typically small enough to pass through PM2.5 Fine particles with an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 2.5 μm – these can produce harmful effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular system. How does particulate matter enter the body? 1 Particulate matter enters our respiratory (lung) system through the nose and throat. 2 Larger particulate matter is...

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A breath of fresh air in the workplace Businesses have a responsibility to create a healthy, creative working environment for their employees. And with 45% of Europe’s office workers feeling disengaged with their work,6 there is no time to lose. The workplace as we know it, is ripe for reinvention. What’s more, the human experience must be the driving force behind every element of space,7 starting with the air we breathe. Improving indoor air quality can have an immediate, positive and tangible impact on workplace health and wellbeing and performance. In fact, studies show it can raise...

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Improving indoor air quality can raise office worker productivity by 0.5 to 5% DESSO AirMaster® Sphere 6117, 9096 9

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DESSO AirMaster® Atmos 9096, 6422 10

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Indoor air quality by the numbers 90% The proportion of that most people spend indoors. <10 µm The diameter of particles that pose a problem to human health.9 The effectiveness of DESSO AirMaster at capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions.10 22% Indoor air quality dominates workplace health concerns, second only to noise levels.11 2 to 5 Concentrations of some pollutant indicators can be 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors.12 1of 7 Workplace environment is one of the seven ‘systems’ designated by the World Economic Forum as vital to improving health and...

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DESSO AirMaster® contributes to a healthier workplace Carpets are a popular choice for the workplace as they help to absorb sound, improve air quality and create a welcoming environment. Indeed, there is often less particulate matter (or fine dust) in carpeted rooms.14 DESSO AirMaster’s patented technology helps to improve indoor air quality for employees. Fine dust (< 10 μm) is caught and retained in the fine yarns of its DESSO AirFilters™, while coarser fine dust (> 10 μm) is captured in the thicker yarns of the DESSO DustCollectors™. The carpet’s unique structure prevents dust from...

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Proven effectiveness in clearing the air DESSO AirMaster is the first product in the world to be awarded the GUI Gold Plus label, the highest possible accreditation awarded by Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Innenraumanalytik (GUI), Germany’s leading independent air quality testing organisation. Scientists at GUI’s laboratory measured DESSO AirMaster’s ability to reduce fine dust concentration, conducting 15 tests in three test rooms, each furnished with different flooring solutions (smooth floor, standard loop pile carpet and DESSO AirMaster). The result? DESSO AirMaster is 8 times more...

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DESSO AirMaster® Earth 9535, 1051 14

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DESSO AirMaster® laboratory test The GUI Gold label has been awarded based on the average of 15 repeated tests in which the excellent fine dust capturing performance of DESSO AirMaster was measured, to safeguard that the results are scientifically sound and not just based on a one-time performance. During some tests, DESSO AirMaster proved to be up to 20 times more effective in capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions. DESSO AirMaster is 8 times more effective in capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions. With DESSO AirMaster the concentration...

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Further proving the benefits of AirMaster® Studies continue to show that textile floor coverings help to improve indoor air quality. Here are some highlights: – Particulate matter18 is the most significant pollutant in terms of the impact on human health. Fraunhofer WKI19 – Textile floor coverings absorb more particulates from the air than a smooth surface. TNO20 – The concentration of fine dust (PM10) is significantly reduced with AirMaster, compared to smooth floors. TNO21 – The concentration of fine dust in a school classroom was dramatically reduced over a two-week period using a...

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DESSO Ecobase® backing 18

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DESSO AirMaster® is Cradle to Cradle® Silver level-certified For Tarkett, developing carpets that help to contribute to improving people’s health and wellbeing and protect the environment is central to both our innovation strategy and our longstanding Cradle to Cradle® commitment. Today, the entire DESSO AirMaster range is Cradle to Cradle® Silver level-certified, with EcoBase™ backing as standard. Defined dyestuff PA 6 - PA 6.6 yarn ColBack® Gold primary backing Precoat + stabiliser Polyolefin based layer with stabiliser Glass scrim Fleece = DESSO EcoBase secondary backing We live our...

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