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The Projects - 3

We started in 1928. Since then we here at Targetti have never stopped designing and creating indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures. For almost a century our products, which are synonymous with innovation, research and attention to detail have been lighting the most prestigious architectural and Light / is the element we work and play with every day / "Light is the element we work and play with every day. The play dimension is necessary to stimulate creativity, an essential ingredient in all our processes and which helps us to aspire to the best possible results. There is no future...

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The Projects - 4

Our essential vocabulary / with the words we cannot do without / Design Dialogue Innovation Intuition Light Team Worldwide D Design Every single one of our products has always epitomised the essence of who we are: essential and discrete shapes and excellent performance in recognizable designs that are within everyone’s reach. Beauty, functionality and simplicity. Dialogue Listening, welcoming stimulus, sharing knowledge and experience. Dialogue is a mind that is open to outside influences, continual exchanges of ideas with partners, multidisciplinary attention and a heart that is always...

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The Projects - 5

We were founded for light. We know how to shape it, expand its boundaries and horizons, express it in unusual ways and make it interact with other elements and materials. ATargetti Light Art BTargetti Hub Collection Targetti HUB worldwide (Firenze, Shanghai, Paris, Changzhou) 42 The Targetti Light Art Collection was created with this idea in mind, to use light as a means of expression; light interpreted by the sensitivity of the artists. Targetti Light Art Collection is a collection of contemporary works of art, more than 40 “light pictures”, commissioned from young artists who are now...

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The Projects - 6

Indoor lighting A complete range of products for indoor lighting, constantly updated to provide architects, designers and lighting designers ideal solutions and tools that are capable of enhancing every architectural context. Light for retail environments, places of worship, museums, workplaces and the hospitality industry. Outdoor lighting The variety of solutions on offer makes Targetti the ideal partner for every urban lighting project: from the redevelopment of large public spaces to highlighting monuments, historical buildings and places of worship as well as modern office complexes....

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The Projects - 7

Production plan Targetti Sankey S.p.A. Firenze – Italy Subsidiaries and Sales Offices Targetti USA, Inc. Costa Mesa, California – USA Production plans Costa Mesa, California – USA Targetti Latin America Cali – Colombia Targetti France S.a.S Paris – France Targetti Spain SAU Barcellona – Spain Targetti UK Limited London – UK Targetti Sankey S.p.A. Dubai – EAU Targetti Lighting Co., Ltd Beijing – China Shanghai – China Firenze – Italy Nusco – Italy Changzhou – China

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The Projects - 8

Working Spaces UNICEF Office of Researchfinnocenti • Florence, Banca Popolare di Milano • Florence, Istituto Europeo del Design • Florence, Pontificia Universita • Rome, Universita LUMSA • Rome, Camera dei Deputati administrative offices • Rome, Fiera di Bologna, RAMDIFE offices • Rome, Daiichi Sankyo • Rome, Avon Offices • Milan, Daikin Offices • Milan, Maranello library • Maranello, Tetrapak Carton Ambient • Modena, Bottonificio Lenzi • Bologna, Centrale Operativa Protezione Civile • Turin, Prisma Executive • Mantova, Ristorante aziendale Koa • Milan, Castello di Susa • Susa, Universite...

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The Projects - 9

1996 1928 Sankey Targetti started out with a small shop selling lamps and electrical items. 1937 Targetti started producing light fixtures ( chandeliers, appliques and table lamps ) and soon became a small industry. 1959 Inauguration of the industrial complex on the outskirts of Florence, still the Targetti Headquarters today. 1972 BITRACK: the first electrified track in Europe entirely made in extruded plastic; packed together with its spotlights for “self service” installation, it introduced directional light into homes. 1975 The family of technical fixtures ALTALITE is created, together...

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The Projects - 10

Università LUMSA Common Areas Education Office Lobby Université Catholique Lyon Working Spaces McLaren Production Centre BCG — Boston Consulting Group Chaoyang Park Plaza Daiichi Sankyo Palazzo Pepoli Showroom Zappieri Custom products KEPLERO Zoom, PYROS JEDI Projector, JEDI Recessed, KEPLERO ZOOM, BeBop Recessed, CCT LED Architectural, CCT LED Architectural Adjustable LOGICO, RAY, DART Medium Hall, LEDÒ, CLOUD Mini, CCT LED Architectural Mini, CCT LED Architectural Mini Adjustable, DART Medium CCTLED Downlight Mini Adjustable, DURASTRIP LOGICO, POLKA, CCTLED Architectural Micro, Pantheon...

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The Projects - 11

McLaren Production Centre Architect Foster + Partners Woking, United Kingdom Working Spaces

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The Projects - 13

Architect Garbit & Blondeau Photographer Jerome Ricolleau

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The Projects - 15

Roma, Italia Architect Giuseppe Manara & Partners Engineer Maurizio Russo, Mario Di Paola Photographer Ivan Rossi Electrical Engineer SIEC Srl Targetti 24 25 Working Spaces

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The Projects - 17

Construction Management Ing. Begani, Ing. Breveglieri Facility Manager Gian Paolo Gardellini Photographer Ivan Rossi Bologna, Italia

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The Projects - 18

Architect Störmer Murphy & Partners Photographer Carsten Brügmann Lighting Design Peter Andres Hamburg, Deutschland

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The Projects - 20

Architect Shubin & Donaldson Photos ©Benny Chan/Fotoworks Lighting Design Oculus Light Studio Designer Carol Prendergast Awards 2017 Lumen West – Award of Excellence – Interior Design BCG — Boston Consulting Group

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The Projects - 21

Architect Estudio Dovat Arquitectos Photographer Ferrés - Cánepa Lighting Design Estudio Hofstadter Montevideo, Uruguay

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The Projects - 22

Chaoyang Park Plaza Architectural Designer Ma Yansong, MAD Architects Beijing, China Working Spaces

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