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Brand Book - 3

(/) _T0 Q_ TJ Light is the element we work and play with every day. The play dimension is necessary to stimulate creativity, an essential ingredient in all our processes and which helps us to aspire to the best possible results. There is no future without curiosity, there is no growth without paying attention to a changing world. It is exciting to see people who stay with the company for many years and still enjoy doing their jobs. Despite the 90-year history we have an enthusiastic and curious attitude of those who increasingly want to experiment. ” We started in 1928. Since then we here...

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Brand Book - 4

Our essential vocabulary / with the words we cannot do without / Design Dialogue Innovation Intuition Light Team Worldwide D Design Every single one of our products has always epitomised the essence of who we are: essential and discrete shapes and excellent performance in recognizable designs that are within everyone’s reach. Beauty, functionality and simplicity. Dialogue Listening, welcoming stimulus, sharing knowledge and experience. Dialogue is a mind that is open to outside influences, continual exchanges of ideas with partners, multidisciplinary attention and a heart that is always...

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Brand Book - 5

We were founded for light. We know how to shape it, expand its boundaries and horizons, express it in unusual ways and make it interact with other elements and materials. Targetti HUB worldwide (Firenze, Shanghai, Paris) 42 Artworks of the Targetti Light Art Collection The Targetti Light Art Collection was created with this idea in mind, to use light as a means of expression; light interpreted by the sensitivity of the artists. Targetti Light Art Collection is a collection of contemporary works of art, more than 40 “light pictures”, commissioned from young artists who are now among the most...

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Brand Book - 6

/ The answer to every question / 8960 Product order codes in the Targetti Catalog (International) B 25 Indoor lighting A complete range of products for indoor lighting, constantly updated to provide architects, designers and lighting designers ideal solutions and tools that are capable of enhancing every architectural context. Light for retail environments, places of worship, museums, workplaces and the hospitality industry. Custom made lighting Creating an ad hoc light fixture for a specific project is a challenge, a fundamental stimulus that feeds our creative energies. Despite the wide...

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Brand Book - 7

Production Subsidiary Employee plan Nusco - Italy

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Brand Book - 8

Sacred and historical building Teatro dell'Opera, Florence • Cinecitta World, Rome • Cinema Astra, Sassari • Starhotels, Genoa • Starhotels, Torino • Starhotels, Parma • Golf Hotel Is Arenas, Oristano • Hotel Ergife, Rome • St. George Hotel, Rome • Lido Palace Hotel, Riva del Garda • Hotel X Children, Rimini • Mercato Centrale, Florence • Red Point Caffe, Milan • Ristorante Oltremodo, Genoa • The House of Music, Aalborg • Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen Hotel Le Meridien Lav, Split • Restaurant Vapiano, Paris • Applebar, Moscow • D.O.C. Restaurant, Hamburg • St. Regis Hotel, Abu Dhabi •...

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Brand Book - 12

3F Filippi and Targetti, two companies that have shaped the history of lighting in Italy, are now embarking on a new venture with an ambitious common goal: to be the sole partner for lighting professionals and designers looking for quality solutions for all their project requirements. By combining their respective expertise in technical and architectural lighting the two brands together provide a complete portfolio of products that proudly take Made in Italy technology to more than 50 countries worldwide. Today the 3F Filippi-Targetti Group can meet and satisfy any kind of design and...

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Brand Book - 13

r* OT-CNro^-LDcDr^ooa) OT-cNro^rL^cDr^oocDo^-cNro^LncDi^oocDro imniDLniniDLDinmm cocDcDcocDcDcDcDcDcor^r^i^r^r^i^r^r^r^rv O O) G) G) O) G) O) O) G) & O) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) G) 0>

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Brand Book - 15

THE YELLOW LINE A long yellow line. A route made of lights, at time irregular yet continuous to a precise destination. We are the yellow line, our lives, the life of the company and our products of yesterday and today, interpreted every time as a new beginning. Following the yellow line is to go on a journey to discover the soul of what makes our company unique, our most valuable resources, of those that embark on this journey every day with enthusiasm. The line weaves along the corridors, passes doors, enters rooms and unites and harmonises voices. Every voice brings inspiration. Every...

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Brand Book - 18

Custom answers Architectural lighting DIALOGUE LIGHT WITHOUT LIMITS Intuition Experimentation Team work Product shape Light shape Targetti products in the world

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Brand Book - 19

VOICES In Targetti we love light. Every one of us has their own idea of what light is and what it means to create light. We asked ourselves the question. There is no one answer, every voice is important because it is the result of passion, experience and the competence of those who are part of the choir. We try to find harmony and beauty in every single thing. There are many ways of looking at space and it is light that always shows us space in different ways.

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Brand Book - 20

It is the emotion you can feel when you walk into a building. Light leaves ample scope for creativity as well as subjective interpretation. Light is something that transmits emotion.

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Brand Book - 21

to keep our customers happy. Light is passion, a way to communicate. Light is what we work and play with every day

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Brand Book - 22

Every instant could be the right one Design versatility to put on your gloves and start is the real wealth of Targetti.

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Brand Book - 23

The spark is the beginning, a piece of genius. It is the trigger for all our creative processes. It comes from observing the world, listening to the best minds, exploring new technology and from the desire to venture on unexplored paths that can reveal unexpected horizons. We are careful to listen, receive stimuli and pick up signals. We do not stop at what we already know, we follow our instincts to take new directions and take up new challenges. Our mind is open to new visions and to grasping unexpected connections. It is this attitude which has always allowed us to provide the market...

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