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Constant Innovation : Full Line Catalogue Latest Products At Tannoy nothing stands still. Our engineering team and product specialists are always engaged in the pursuit of new and innovative loudspeaker products, each designed to meet specific market demands - and improve on what we already offer. This Full Line Catalogue is just a snapshot in time of our current range of professional loudspeaker products, but you can keep it bang up-to-date with the addition of new product literature and data sheets, keeping them safe in this pocket. That way the catalogue grows with your requirements. You can download the latest product data sheets and other detailed documentation for new products from the website at See the page opposite for more information. Performance Install Performance Install Commercial Install Commercial Install

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We create class-leading professional loudspeaker products of uncompromising value and performance; harnessing a rich heritage and tradition of inspired innovation, bringing tangible benefits to our customers.

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Tannoy Professional is dedicated to harnessing the wealth of engineering expertise, market knowledge and long-standing values of the Tannoy brand, bringing it to focus on the commercial install and performance audio sectors. In striving to define the benchmark in the many market segments where the company is active, we seek to provide ‘best-in-class’ loudspeaker systems that our customers can stake their reputation on.

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Commercial Install Performance Install

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Professional credentials with a distinguished history Founded originally as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in London, England in 1926, Tannoy presides over a long and distinguished history in the world of audio equipment – as one of the longest continually operating loudspeaker manufacturers still active today. The famous brand name originates from a solid-state rectifier invented by company founder, Guy R. Fountain, made from a Tantalum-Lead Alloy (hence Tannoy), an early indicator of the invention and technical innovation that would become the hallmark of the company throughout the...

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Tonnoy 2013 - 7

Designed & Manufactured in the United Kingdom The past 35 years have seen the company base its manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Coatbridge, Scotland where it conceives, designs and manufactures market-leading loudspeaker systems for both professional/commercial install and residential/hi-fi markets. Renowned for its tradition of loudspeaker innovation, most famously for its development and on-going evolution of the Dual Concentric™ point-source transducer and its many derivatives, Tannoy remains at the forefront of the premium performance loudspeaker market, and notably, does so...

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The evolution of technology Dual Concentric driver technology Tannoy is perhaps most renowned for developing the first true point-source transducer – the Dual Concentric driver. First developed in 1948, the technology has been subject to constant evolution and refinement over successive decades, taking advantage of new materials, manufacturing methods and acoustic research. The latest iteration of this technology is found in Tannoy’s leading products across a wide range of commercial install and sound reinforcement applications, including premium in-ceiling, in-wall and surface mount...

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Tonnoy 2013 - 9

Magnet assembly 25 mm (1”) Duralumin dome inductively coupled Dust cap Phase plug Low frequency voice coil receiving full bandwidth Moulded polypropylene low frequency cone ICT™ driver technology The point-source configuration of the Tannoy ICT driver’s mid-bass and tweeter sections ensures a wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage. By utilising a wireless electromagnetic tweeter that does not require a crossover and cannot be burned out from heavy or abusive use, this drive unit addresses the two most common component failures experienced in background music and sound...

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Tonnoy 2013 - 10

VQ Series: High performance point-source technology Cutting edge point-source driver VQ Series is our large format performance audio loudspeaker system designed for high SPL, large scale installed applications such as sports arenas and large Houses of Worship. In realising these products, we developed unique driver technology, designed to radiate a coherent single point-source for superior dispersion control when coupled to our proprietary horn system. This advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing a single coherent wave-front emanating from the throat. The...

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Tonnoy 2013 - 11

QFlex: Best-in-class digital beam steering technology The key to the class-leading performance of our award-winning QFlex beam-steering loudspeakers lies in a perfect combination of the unique driver assembly design, cutting-edge onboard DSP and revolutionary software steering algorithms. To achieve the desired level of acoustic control, it’s crucial that the low frequency driver elements are densely spaced like the high frequency drivers for effective operation over their pass-band. The 3” and 4” low frequency drivers in QFlex have been optimized with a combination of FEA (Finite Element...

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Tonnoy 2013 - 13

Commercial Install The Tannoy brand can be found in a myriad of loudspeaker applications and markets but perhaps nowhere is the strength of the brand more respected and firmly established than in the commercial install sector. Whether its conventional ABS enclosure surface mount devices or discrete in-ceiling or in-wall systems, Tannoy offers a broad spectrum of products catering for all manner of performance demands and cost considerations. All share a common design philosophy: delivering best-in-class sonic performance in an aesthetically honed, easy-to-install device - and providing...

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Tonnoy 2013 - 14

Premium grade in-ceiling loudspeakers Gan Bei Restaurant, Riga - LATVIA Uncompromising in-ceiling performance CMS Series is Tannoy’s premium range of full-bandwidth, high power and high sensitivity ceiling-mounted loudspeaker devices specifically designed for applications requiring the combination of uncompromising sonic quality for music and speech reinforcement, exceptional intelligibility and long term reliability. Ranging from ultra-compact 4” loudspeakers up to large format 12” full-range and subwoofer devices, CMS Series offers the systems designer a comprehensive tool set for...

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