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TANSIOY TANMOVTI S E X S T 5 F: +44 (0) 1236 428230 F: (519) 745 2364 E: enquiries@tannoy.com E: inquiries@tannoyna.com Tannoy United Kingdom Tannoy North America T: + 44 (0) 1236 420199 T: (519) 745 1158 Tannoy adopts a policy of continuous improvement and product specification is subject to change. tannoy@com

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With the introduction of Sensys Tannoy has combined the core lment of sound quality with the other equally essential ingredients, cutting edge technology, clean aesthetic design and affordability, to produce a class leading range of exceptional loudspeakers. Avoiding visual tricks that often cause designs to quickly date, the refreshingly uncluttered appearance of Sensys is as reassuringly unpretentious it is timeless. This enduring aesthetic appeal, together with the host of technological features incorporated to benefit the acoustic performance, ensures that the Sensys range offers stereo...

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S E K SYS s e\^s y The addition of a second 175mm (7") bass unit enables this elegant floor standing s e^^^s y s loudspeaker to deliver rich and extended bass with control and finesse. Superbly agile and involving in a hi-fi stereo application the Sensys 2 is also capable of delivering the scale and impact essential to create a class leading home cinema system. i < l_> With a 175mm (7") cast chassis mid bass driver and Widebandי high frequency unit this is a bi- THE CUSTOM CONNECTION PANEL, WITH ITS FOUR GOLD PLATED TERMINALS AND LINK BARS, IS DESIGNED TO ALLOW THE SPEAKERS TO BE WIRED IN...

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As an important component of a successfully involving home cinema system, the rear effects ALL MODELS ARE FULLY MAGNETICALLY SHIELDED TO PREVENT COLOUR FRINGING EFFECTS WHEN SPEAKERS ARE PLACED CLOSE TO A TV OR MONITOR. must integrate well with the rest of the equipment to create a believable movie experience. The Sensys rear speakers do so with real ease, creating an integrated soundstage with even the most demanding of modern film soundtracks. 5»> <CC WIDEBAN technology 6 7

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S E TAWCV SYS TANNOY DUAL CONCENTRIC TECHNOLOGY In the exacting professional world of mixing and mastering, studio engineers demand superior results. The Tannoy Dual Concentricٙ co-incident point source technology is renowned worldwide throughout the audio and film industry for its accuracy in the reproduction of sound. For the DC models in the Sensys range, intensive research and development has produced an updated and highly refined version of this famous, and exclusive, Tannoy drive unit. The time coherent, point source and constant directivity nature of the dispersion characteristics...

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S E K SYS s e\^s y s(^^? s ^^^s y s ^^^^^ The 175mm (7") Dual combines with a supplementary bass driver of the same size to deliver a breathtaking blend of power and finesse. This loudspeaker has real presence. The pod mounted SuperTweeter has the effect of producing an uncannily airy soundstage that has great precision and focus in its placement of instrumentation, voice and effects. This is a compact floor standing loudspeaker with coolly contemporar y aesthetics and a very, very big hear t. 0٣. LU > ai a LU i_> VL Z> o Although sharing the same immensely robust cabinet construction as...

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soundtracks dictate that rear effects prsentation is a vital l驩ment of the complte audio exprience. To maximise sonic scale and impact, together with ensuring seamless integration of the total soundstage, the DC1 stand mount speaker has been designed with OmniMount詙 fixing positions to allow it to double as the rear channel speaker in a Sensys A/V system. VVSS#JCONCENTRIC I mcloey

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S E N S Y S DUAL CONCENTRIC DRIVER MODEL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SENSYS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PERFORMANCE SENSYS DC1 SENSYS DC2 SENSYS DCC Recommended amplifier power- Watts RMS 20 - 150 20 - 175 20 - 150 DISCRETE DRIVER MODEL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS \ Continuous power handling - Watts RMS 110 125 110 SENSYS 1 SENSYS 2 SENSYS C SENSYS R Peak power handling - Watts 325 88dB 375 325 PERFORMANCE Sensitivity (2.83Volts @ 1 mtr) 89dB 88dB Recommended amplifier power- Watts RMS 20 - 10C 20 - 150 20 - 125 20 - 100 Nominal impedance - Ohms 8 8 8 Continuous power handling - Watts RMS 75 110 90...

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