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Tannoy Prestige - 2

Tfiannoy Prestiae /oudspeaAers have certain/y a/wa/ys been out of the ordinarw^; monder/u/// ■ individual and tota/by undiAe anny other <sfeeaAersy. Distinctive, distinguished and proud^, they transcend merefashion andhave captured the imagination ofmusic connoisseurs a/lover the wor/d.

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Tannoy Prestige - 3

loudspeakers have certainly always been out of the ordinary,- wonderfully individual and totally unlike any other speakers. Distinctive, distinguished and proud, they transcend mere fashion and have captured the imagination of music connoisseurs all over the world. The designs comfortably complement any decor from ancient castle through to cool, casual and contemporary. The only rules we absolutely adhere to when designing and crafting Prestige loudspeakers is to utilise the most up to date, no compromise, acoustic technologies and time-proven cabinet making skills ensuring the very best...

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Tannoy Prestige - 6

The 15" Dual Concentric drive unit incorpor٢tes an Alnico magnet system with an intgral computer designed and manufactured reverse throat high frequency PepperPot WaveGuide for exceptional transient response and increased sensitivity. A 'hard edge' cone surround and unique chassis earthing system deliver tight, fast and controlled bass with fluid and transparent midrange and high frequency performance of great purity. The magnificent 530 litre cabinet with its complex horn loading system delivers greatly increased efficiency with a wave front area approaching that from real instruments....

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Tannoy Prestige - 7

The 15" version of the Tannoy Dual Concentric drive unit in the Canterbury SE is equipped with an Alcomax 3 magnet system and the Tannoy PepperPot WaveGuideٙ to further enhance the point source symmetrical dispersion properties of the driver. Acoustically this speaker delivers a superbly dynamic overall presentation with fast, accurate bass, fluid and open midrange and clean, spacious high frequencies - an exceptionally involving performance. With such impressive performance available the useful addition of a Variable Distributed Port System allows low frequency output to be tuned to suit...

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Tannoy Prestige - 9

Or/C/77//7Sf>r Embodying all that is essential in a classic Tannoy loudspeaker, the Yorkminster SE is a blend of proven acoustic design, exceptional traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge audio technology. This truly remarkable loudspeaker reproduces music with a performance that ranges effortlessly from captivating delicacy to breathtaking scale and impact. The Alnico magnet system endows the 12" version of the renowned Tannoy Dual ConcentricÙ driver in the Yorkminster SE with an exceptional transient response and greatly increased sensitivity over standard motor system materials. The...

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Tannoy Prestige - 10

In combining the best of bespoke cabinet making with the latest production and acoustic design skills, Tannoy prsents a loudspeaker that blends time-honoured values with cutting edge audio performance. Traditional aesthetic meets modern technology to create a loudspeaker that is as easy to live with as it is exhilarating to listen to. A 10" Dual Concentric, with Alnico magnet system and the Tannoy PepperPot WaveGuide, is mounted in a comprehensively braced and solidly constructed mahogany cabinet. This combination delivers superb dynamics with fluid mid-range, focused imaging, spacious...

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Tannoy Prestige - 12

7, 7<3/77 SE S>///~///7 SE Although it is the most compact floor-standing loudspeaker in the Tannoy Prestige range, the Sandringham SE compromises nothing compared to its siblings in terms of the standard of craftsmanship and acoustic engineering. The hand made cabinet, constructed from hand-selected walnut, is finished to an exceptionally high standard. An 8" Tannoy Dual ConcentricǙ driver and premium quality crossover combine with this rigid enclosure to ensure optimum performance. A compact floor-standing speaker that uses a 10" Tannoy Dual Concentric in a cabinet design optimised to...

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Tannoy Prestige - 14

The Autograph mini is a hugely scaled-down but authentic version of a loudspeaker that was famous throughout the audio world fifty years ago. Reduced to a fraction of the size of the immense and revered original Tannoy Autograph this exquisite replica is the ultimate modern retro audio product. Its diminutive size and accurately detailed finish produce a modern day classic that will embellish the most contemporary surroundings. Remaining true to the cabinet build and finish quality of that yesteryear model, the Autograph Mini naturally incorporates a Dual Concentric driver - the unique...

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Tannoy Prestige - 16

While embodying the long established company philosophy of no compromise acoustic performance, the Glenair brings a fresh and modern styling approach to the Tannoy Prestige range. Utilising the proven acoustic benefits of a trapezoidal cabinet design, Glenair bears all the hallmarks of bespoke loudspeaker craftsmanship but with a more contemporary feel. Plywood manufactured from birch grown in slow-growing cold regions of the world and selected for its denser quality is used for the main structure of the speaker cabinet. The combination of heavily damped material, comprehensive internal...

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Tannoy Prestige - 17

Super/weeter Always an innovator where quality sound reproduction is concerned, Tannoy has continued this tradition by being at the forefront of the development of WideBandٙ technology. All Prestige models except Autograph Mini are compatible with Tannoy's SuperTweeter designs, providing the opportunity to extend high-frequency response to above 50 kHz, thereby providing all of the bandwidth required for today's wide bandwidth digital recording formats. In fact the SuperTweeterٙ only starts working at a point that is close to what is generally considered the limit of the audible frequency...

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Tannoy Prestige - 18

ST100 ST100 The ST100 is constructed with the same Performance Platform as the ST200, but this time with a solid black ash enclosure. This model is provided with a different range of crossover and frequency control settings designed to offer wider flexibility to acoustically match all types of speakers, regardless of manufacturer. In addition the ST100 is optimised for use with older Tannoy Dual Concentric models, many going back over 45 years to the original 15" Monitor Red derivatives. 2 Voltage of FILTERS, Amplitude (Phase) Uin+0.707Vrms S2, N=1-0,U1 - S1, N=1-0,U1 ST50 ■----_ 1 +1800...

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