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Precision - 1

Precision... The heart and soul of music

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Precision - 2

Precision The Precision range from Tannoy gets closer to the music. These compelling, contemporary loudspeakers combine Tannoy’s 85 years of loudspeaker design experience with modern high tolerance manufacturing to deliver outstanding accuracy and musical articulation. Capable of revealing the finest detail yet reproducing the largest dynamic crescendos, Precision is the heart and soul of music. This luxury loudspeaker range combines audiophile delicacy with breathtaking dynamics to deliver outstanding realism with music and movies. Meticulously engineered throughout, the entire Precision...

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Precision - 3

“Orchestras have become used to the emphasis on the separation of layers, of the ultimate precision and clarity” Esa-Pekka Salonen - conductor

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Precision - 4

“A lot of those little things that I really like doing are just moments of cool articulation, just little moments of precision and phrasing” Steve Vai - rock guitarist and songwriter

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Precision - 5

Engineered with style Drawing on Tannoy’s rich heritage in fine loudspeaker craftsmanship, Precision cabinets mate traditional acoustic engineering with contemporary style and design. The unique cabinet shape, textured wood veneer or high gloss finishes and discrete brushed aluminium trims create a loudspeaker of sophistication and beauty. The heavyweight cabinets use flat front and rear baffles coupled with curved side panels to reduce internal reflections and brace the cabinet structure. This geometry minimises cabinet colouration, improving the clarity and communication of the music....

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Precision - 6

The range The Precision range comprises two prestigious floor-standing models, a stand-mount speaker and a dedicated centre channel design for multichannel music and movie systems. The flagship Precision 6.4 is refined and articulate yet capable of delivering rock music or orchestral crescendos with exceptional dynamic power. The new 150 mm (6”) Precision Dual Concentric is paired with a matching 150 mm (6”) bass driver and the substantial cabinet is loaded with auxiliary bass radiators for deeper, tighter LF reproduction. The smaller Precision 6.2 floor-standing model is a luxuriously...

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Precision - 8

“Jazz attracted me because in it I found a formal perfection and instrumental precision that I admire in classical music.” Django Reinhart - jazz guitarist and composer

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Precision - 9

The technology Tannoy Dual Concentric drivers have long been respected for their musical coherence and sheer visceral impact. The 150 mm (6”) Precision Dual Concentric represents the latest iteration of the technology and Tannoy’s most articulate and powerful 6” Dual Concentric driver to date. By placing the WideBand titanium tweeter at the heart of the rigid multi-fibre bass cone, the Dual Concentric driver offers true point-source musical integrity and exceptional instrumental and vocal accuracy. The Precision Dual Concentric features Tannoy’s latest 25 mm (1”) titanium dome HF driver...

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Precision - 10

The mid/low frequency cone is an ultra-rigid multi-fibre pulp material with a rubber roll surround, giving the most natural communication through the key mid-band frequencies. Both the Precision Dual Concentric driver and Precision bass driver are fitted with double magnet bass motor systems. This enhances focus of the magnetic field in the voice coil gap, giving the drivers high sensitivity and outstanding dynamic range. Rigid die-cast driver chassis, multi-point fixings and mounting using Tannoy’s Differential Materials Technology (DMT) further enhance Precision’s spacious and dynamic...

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Precision - 11

Audiophile Crossover Precious Metal Wiring Unique Grounding Terminal Low-loss laminated core inductors Silver plated, high purity oxygen Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal The plinth on Precision floor-standing free copper wiring is used electrically earths the driver chassis, models incorporates Tannoy’s easy capacitors are used exclusively throughout the Precision range. dramatically reducing radio frequency to adjust floor spikes. Each metal throughout the Precision crossover. This high-end cable construction interference circulating in the hi-fi bodied turret is mounted through This...

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Precision - 12

Precision... the heart and soul of music Dual Concentric Point source articulation and exceptional phase coherence • WideBand HF unit with titanium dome and Tulip WaveGuide • High-power twin ferrite magnet motor system • Tannoy DMT mounting improves cabinet coupling • Crossover Straight path crossover with high-end components • Tannoy DMT mounted and damped components reduce microphony • Fully hard wired, with no PCB tracks to degrade signal transparency • High purity silver plated internal wiring • Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABR) Twin high-compliance / low-loss ABR cabinet loading for...

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Precision - 13

Cabinet • Sealed cabinet design with ABR bass loading (6.4) tuned to 23 Hz • Curved side panels minimise cabinet colouration • Choice of 3 real wood finishes on floor-standing models • Internal bracing damps natural panel resonances Bass driver • High power bass driver for deep LF extension • Twin ferrite magnet motor system providing increased sensitivity • Multi-fibre cone material acoustically matched to Precision DC driver • Supplements the Dual Concentric at low frequencies only for enhanced bass extension, without detracting from the Point Source principle Terminal panel • Gold-plated...

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Precision - 14

Recommended amplifier power (Watts RMS) Continuous power handling 75 (Watts RMS) Peak power handling (Watts) Nominal Impedance (Ohms) Dispersion (degrees conical) 25 mm (1”) Titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide 25 mm (1”) Titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide 25 mm (1”) Titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide 25 mm (1”) Titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide 150 mm (6”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 44 mm (1.75”) edge-wound voice coil 150 mm (6”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 44 mm (1.75”) edge-wound voice coil 150 mm (6”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 44...

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