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Arena - 2

Blending form and function, Arena is a beautifully crafted home theatre system offering much more than gorgeous styling. Arena offers absolute flexibility when it comes to integrating with your living space. Room positioning options for the key components and a wide choice of 32 colour combinations provide an appearance level that will impress as much as the performance. Superb quality engineering and solid construction are the hallmarks of Arena components and accessories. Lightweight and flimsy plastic materials have been rejected in favour of robust cast aluminium for the satellites and...

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Arena - 3

Comprising four satellite loudspeakers, a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker and an active subwoofer, the system is fully accessorised with grilles, speaker cable, subwoofer spikes and even spike protection boots for use on polished surfaces. What colour would you like? Lavishly finished, the Arena system is available in a choice of magnificent high gloss colours - bronze, silver, white or black. These colours are matched across all components of the system and the accessories – including the subwoofer.

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Arena - 5

Featuring a technological breakthrough from Tannoy, the satellite and centre channel speakers bring together the company’s renowned WideBand™ high frequency expertise into a miniature five inch version of the world famous point source Dual Concentric™ drive unit. Extending the bandwidth effectively provides a more focused sound stage through enhanced spatial imaging. Vocals and instruments are clearly more separate and distinct. Percussive sounds have more reality and impact. Catering for the specific audio requirements of the front sound stage within a home theatre system, the dedicated...

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Arena - 7

Deep and powerful dynamics enhance the home theatre experience Arena’s powerful 300 Watt active subwoofer delivers tremendously controlled low frequency acoustics and integrates impeccably with the satellites to present an outstanding home theatre performance. Equipped with a very powerful 250mm (10”) driver, the substantial motor system with its massive roll surround and long travel cone suspension, provides a high linear excursion resulting in very deep bass performance. The subwoofer input can either utilise or bypass the system’s internal crossover circuitry. In order to eliminate...

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Arena - 8

Recommended amplifier power Nominal impedance Crossover frequency Crossover type Dual Concentric™ Driver Bass Driver (Centre only) Enclosure Type 1st order high pass LF: 100mm (4") mixed fibre pulp cone Dynamic overload protection HF: 19mm WideBand™ titanium dome with neodymium magnet system 100mm (4") mixed fibre pulp cone Dimensions including grille (HxWxD) 187.0mm x 133.5mm x 175.5mm Dimensions including grille (HxWxD) 133mm x 245mm x 149mm Limit for usable output 16Hz Input 1 x line level phono Input Filter 2nd order low pass, 50Hz - 150Hz, -6dB. Auto Mute After approximately 12 mins,...

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Arena - 9

Accessories Available as optional accessories, Arena’s versatile mounting platforms maximise performance while enabling a variety of room integration solutions. Table stands for the satellite and centre channel speakers are fitted with a swivel mechanism allowing precise adjustment. Using an Allen key to loosen the ball joint clamping plate the table stand, with its integral mounting plate, can be converted into an attractive and functional wall bracket. An elegant floor stand option, also constructed from cast aluminium, completes the fully integrated design package. Speaker cable can be...

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Arena - 10

Praise Winner Home Cinema Choice : 2005 ’Speaker System of the Year’ “I was beguiled by Tannoy's new Dual Concentric driver, which helps the system deliver very wide angle coverage, providing a well-balanced sound almost anywhere in the area surrounded by the satellites.” “There's no doubt that these are stunning speakers. A great deal of thought has gone into their aesthetics and build.” Home Cinema : May 2005 the breadth, depth and sheer impact of the sound the little Arenas can deliver is nothing short of a revelation Media Totaal (Holland) : 2005 ’Loudspeaker of the Year’ Digital Home :...

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