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TALA Catalog 2018 - 2

Tala 56 Regent Studios 8 Andrews Road London, E8 4QN T: +44 (0) 20 3026 3246 E: hello@talaled.com www.talaled.com Instagram @tala Twitter @wordoftala Facebook @talaHQ Tala is a registered trademark. All product descriptions in this Tala brochure are intended as a general guide to our range. As such, our specifications are subject to alteration as we develop and do not form any part of a contract. Tala accepts no liability for issues arising from a reliance of guide data to the extent permitted by law. VAT Number: 182754681

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 3

DESIGN COLLECTION FEATURE COLLECTION CLASSIC COLLECTION FIXTURES 04 - The Tala Story 06 - Why Buy Tala 08 - Ten Trees 10 - Our Manufacturing 11 - Our Components 12 - Displays 14 - Projects & Partnerships 16 - Introduction 18 - Voronoi 20 - Voronoi I, II, III & Ceiling Plate 22 - Introduction 24 - Porcelain 26 - Enno, Noma, Oblo & Oval 28 - Porcelain I, II & III 30 - Gaia & Elva 32 - Unum & Squirrel Cage 34 - Totem I & III 36 - Introduction 38 - Globe, Crown, Lurra & Candle 40 - Pluto & Pygmy 42 - Introduction 44 - Oak & Walnut Pendants 46 - Oak & Walnut Touch Lamps 48 - Brass & Graphite...

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 4

THE TALA STORY Tala is a young British lighting brand with a mission to create exquisite products that have a positive impact. Guided by the founding promise of Conservation Through Beauty, we want to accelerate the low carbon economy with thoughtful product design and transparent practices. The company was founded by friends at the University of Edinburgh with a shared passion for design, technology and sustainability. While installing solar panels on a hotel project in Porto, they suggested LED lighting to further boost the project’s green credentials. The architect’s lament at their...

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 5

1 A Tala bulb lasts 15 times longer than a traditional bulb 2 Tala lights produce a warm, instant light that perfectly imitates the warmth of the original Edison bulb 3 Investment is returned in 6-9 months on energy savings and avoided replacement costs 4 Tala lightbulbs use only 10% of the energy required by their incandescent counterparts 5 Over its lifetime, using a Tala bulb instead of a traditional incandescent prevents 1 tonne of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere 6 For every 200 units sold, we plant 10 trees

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 6

TEN TREES Since the beginning of the company, the Ten Trees programme was established as a commitment to plant 10 trees for every 200 products sold. Although our products are fundamentally sustainable, we want to ensure that our business as a whole is carbon-neutral. The UK has less than a third of the native tree cover of many other European countries. We have partnered with The Heart of England Forest on building and protecting a vast new unbroken woodland in the middle of England. To date we have planted 9,000 trees and we are well on our way to reach our target of 35,000 trees by April...

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 7

OUR MANUFACTURING OUR COMPONENTS We combine pioneering technology with traditional manufacturing processes, adhering to the highest production standards. The way we make our bulbs is central to our commitment to sustainability and transparency in the supply chain. We source all components individually to maintain full control over every detail. Our quality management system conforms to the British Lighting Industry Association's LIAQA scheme, and all our products are CE, UL and RoHS certified. This means they are safe to use and do not contain any harmful substances, including mercury....

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 8

DISPLAYS Tala works closely with retail and event partners to create compelling and visually enticing points of display that embody our ethos of Conservation Through Beauty. From eye-catching window displays to modular shelving units, our Design team is capable of producing a variety of solutions to present our collections in the best light. Top: la Rinascente, Milan Left: Euroluce - Salone del Mobile, Milan

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 9

Whether you are an architect, interior designer or business owner, we work with members of the trade community on retrofit and new build projects. Our knowledgeable team will advise you on the best solutions based on your requirements, and will calculate your estimated energy and cost savings by switching to Tala. Tala offers select lighting industry partners a specialised design and manufacturing service of bespoke bulbs to fit their fixtures. There are four main elements we are able to customise: form, photometry, colour and electrical parameters. We take a collaborative approach to every...

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 10

DESIGN COLLECTION The Design Collection has sculptural forms and biomimicry at its core, taking inspiration from the patterns found extensively in nature. The lighting objects found in this collection are born out of studies into natural formations and how to recreate them using glass, metal and light. These designs employ intricate materiality and componentry to bring the design narrative to life.

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 11

VORONOI The organic forms in this collection stem from the voronoi pattern found in the forest canopy and throughout nature. We created a 3D model of the pattern and smoothed its edges to simulate natural erosion over time. Our designers then introduced the singular spiral of LED filament to mimic the Fibonacci sequence seen in pine cones and ferns. The result is a unique collection of statement mouth blown bulbs, carved by nature. Forestry Research Institute, Malaysia Source: Mike Norton

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TALA Catalog 2018 - 12

DESIGN COLLECTION DESIGN COLLECTION VORONOI CEILING PLATE 80 Lumens A rounded and compact bulb that refracts the singular filament contained within, giving a multitude of perspectives from different angles. Best paired with: Oak or Walnut Touch Lamp, Brass Pendant, Voronoi Ceiling Plate 120 Lumens With an elongated form and droplet shape, this captivating bulb showcases the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence by wrapping the singular filament around its central column. Best paired with: Brass Pendant, Voronoi Ceiling Plate 210 Lumens The largest sculptural bulb ever made, the Voronoi III is an...

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