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design by Dirk Wynants for Sywawa Designed by Dirk Wynants, 2002-2005, all rights reserved internationally protected by intellectual property Worldwide exlusively co-licensed by Extremis and Symo PARASOL Shape Fabric technical info see page 104 Fabric Colour Frame Pole Colour Aluminium powder coated 4 mm white RAL 9010 (other RAL colours on request) No tilt 0 80 mm 8 stainless steel ribs 30 x 20 x 2 mm Dimensions Top cables Height closed Height open Free height open Free height closed Shade area Weight Packaging Protective cover BASES see page 106 Wind resistance Stainless steel 0 2,5 mm 348 cm 348 cm 220 cm 37 cm ±16 m2 58 kg 357 x 28 x 28 cm Polyester with acrylic/teflon coating ±200g/m2, highly UV-resistant, grey Tile luxury base 140 kg or 200 kg | Tile luxury base 200kg 6 BFT (49 km/h - 31 mph) Ground plate luxury / inground sleeve luxury Always install the base on a horizontal and flat surface. This parasol fits in any standard base for parasols up to 0560cm that allows parasol poles of 080mm. The base must have a minimum size of 80x80 cm and a minimum weight of 140 / 200 kgs. Guarantee only with original Sywawa parts.. © Symo n.v. 2006 - All rights reserved - Any reproduction of Sywawa products is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action. Symo Parasols has the right to change any technical data, dimensions, colours and characteristics without prior notice. Printed colours may vary from reality.

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