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Self-Standing Panels Tetrix Line Tetrix is a line of dividing panels with colored methacrylate which does not obsure spaces.

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The Covid-19 emergency has led to rethinking of spaces in order to offer the maximum protection in any circumastances. Partition panels allow you to divide and protect your daily interaction, even temporarily.

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Tetrix with methacrylate

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Sky-Ground Tetrix Line Tetrix with the sky-ground structure is perfect to divide open space while not completely closing off the room. Perfect to divide waiting areas of studies, offices, showrooms. Available in different colors and with its modularity you can decide the width of the wall.

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Sky-Ground Tetrix Line Personalize it with your logo! Tetrix is easy to assemble and it does not require intrusive interventions.

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your office no longer has walls but trees

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Tetrix Ecoline Tetrix Ecoline is the first partition wall that purifies the air from pollutants, bacteria, viruses and bad smells in a natural way. It is a concrete solution that help to live and work better, active 24 hours a day without consuming energy. Each surface is transformed into a large tree that will bring well-being to your space.

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Composable also with comfortable shelves ou can compose your Tetrix Ecoline with storage shelves, plants or photos. Ecoline has the certification by the CSA-Research Institute Accredited by Accredia N° 0181 and the certification of environmental ionization.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 16

Tetrix Ecoline Its a modular system Base Module cm 106x300/350 Decorative panels occupy a light of cm 268 Additional Module cm 103x300/350 Decorative panels occupy a light of 268 cm Standard finishes panels Linen Cancun Base Module cm91x300/350 Decorative panels occupy a light of cm 206 Additional Module cm 88x300/350 Decorative panels occupy a light of 206 cm

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 17

Choose from the 14 proposed, for a minimum of 6 modules. Grigio granito Azzurro Positano Lino Esterio Verde Relax Sabbia Cera several available colors to make the Tetrix Ecoline as you wish.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 18

InUno Decor InUno Decor is another line of dividing walls which is easy to assemble and also offer a wide modularity. It is a decorative partition for interiors that furnishes the spaces of home, office, home office. It is completed with lateral shelves that allow to decorate with objects, books or flowers.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 19

Its panels are customizable with different graphics on request.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 21

Tetrix Ecoline ST30 ST30 is the solution for operating desks and reception. Easy to clean as made of glass and it has also melamine panels.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 23

InUno Line for Office InUno is the line of modular walls in transparent polycarbonate and aluminum to easily remodel the spaces.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 25

InUno Line for Office The InUno line allows you to build the wall according to your needs. Additional modules can be added to the basic ones in order to create entire walls, including corner walls.

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Acoustic Panels Tosca Quiete This line has panels which are composed with acoustically effective fibers that guarantee a high level of sound absorption in the various frequency ranges. Reduced reverberation times, better acoustic environment better. The result is greater intelligibility of speech. Antibacterial material certified to DIN EN ISO 351

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 27

InUno Solution Functionality, safety, modularity and speed of assembly are the main traits that enhance the choice of InUno solution modular partition walls.

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Acoustic walls Aida and Tosca Mobile partition walls reconfigurable at will. The panels can be positioned individually or with multiple solutions.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 29

Protector InUno Line Spaces will have to be rethought to allow people to experience them in maximum safety. Therefore, even the furnishings will have to undergo an evolution in terms of individual protection. Interior partition panels can be made to measure. You can customize the structure, size, type of fixing and materials and colors.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 30

InUno screen protector Glass Device for protection in the workplace, made of aluminum and tempered glass 5 mm. Sanitizable with alcoholic products, elegant and durable. Easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of tools. 100% recyclable glass and aluminum.

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Dividing Walls Brochure - 31

Realizations On Project Dividing to multiply the space is simple using the line of InUno CT walls. Functional solutions ideal also for high ceilings that allow to leave open spaces to filter light.

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InUno project design made in Italy

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Studio T S.r.l. Via dei Mestieri, 9/11 - Z.I. Monaldina 48026 Godo di Russi (RA) Tel. 0544 419000 - info@studiot.it

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