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Display, decorate, communicate Organizing and furnishing spaces is one of our panels system’s trait. Its modular alluminium profile has an outstanding flexibility of composition. Perfect to please any needs according to the style and functionality.

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Brochure Furnishing Panels - 3

Solution for displaying products This line becomes a real wall display to exhibit products to customers with the chance to include poster and brochure holder elements. Strengthen the communication of your Brand or Promotion.

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Brochure Furnishing Panels - 4

Information panels The line allows to create wall panels with the purpose to display information material, catalogs, notices and more. Also perfect for internal corporate communication.

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Brochure Furnishing Panels - 6

Many are the accessories which enrich the system. Poster holder of different formats

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Brochure Furnishing Panels - 8

Play with the creativity and create a composition which please several needs. All this thanks to the system’s flexibility.

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Different application areas

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