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stroller Clinker. Ceramics. Competence. Main Catalogue clinker & ceramics 2019/2020 VALUES THAT WORK. STATEMENTS THAT FIT.

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Values that work. Clinker and ceramic facades and floors are an alternative concept. Extruded ceramics with durable, environmentally sustainable and easy to apply qualities stand in contrast to the general zeitgeist of cheap and cheerful, particularly in outdoor areas. These fired natural products, created from a composition of over 50 quality clays and sintered in a high temperature process, are ,Made in Dillenburg‘. The fascinating natural colour spectra and impressive archaic surfaces give them a superior edge. For an authenticity that evokes high-quality. For a sincerity that delivers...

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Statements that fit. We are makers of clinkers and ceramics. Ströher has been a globally leading German manufacturer of extruded and extruded facade and floor ceramics since 1884, based at the foot of the Westerwald mountains, which are renowned for their clay deposits. The clay fragments are still cut here from a damp, mouldable skein in order to achieve pores and capillary channels for a membrane effect. This also achieves perfect interlocking and adhesive properties. For maximum intrinsic frost resistance. We combine traditional manufacturing knowledge with the latest in clinker...

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PAGE 14 SELECTED ‚Retro Modern‘ Mix exposed concrete for a highly versatile and user-friendly surface. ZOÉ Perfect application. And a nice feel underfoot. Organic easy cleaning. GRAVEL BLEND Fine grained matrix. Coarse grained ease of cleaning. EPOS Keeps promises. Extruded natural stone ceramic. AERA T Striking trend colours. Self-assured surface appearance. AERA Natural stone made of ceramic material. That’s how easy it can be. ROCCIA X Interpretation of a best seller. Wild flower feeling instead of boring grass. ROCCIA Relief-stressed, rock-like structure – Ströher evergreens and...

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PAGE 12 TERRA Vibrant colours. Original and resilient. DURO Earthy originality. Can stand a lot. GARDEN AND TERRACE SLABS GRAVEL BLEND Distinctively contemporary. Archaic appearance for easy-care outdoor living. TERIOTEC® X PROFILE/TERIOTEC® X/TERIOTEC® Design freedom redefined. The large outdoor-format for safe permanent fixed laying. COMMERCIAL CERAMICS SECUTON® The step safety concept that grabs abrasion resistant STALOTEC® Extra strong with extra traction due to overthickness and extrusion.

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CLINKER BRICK SLIPS BRICK 60 Multifaceted clinker details – strong proportions. BRICKWERK Expressive coal firing and ring furnace look, innovatively accented. WASSERBRAND Softly nuanced water-struck contouring on the full body. KONTUR Perfectly natural. Fusion finish. Clinker body. STILTREU Agreeably imperfect. Architectural, exciting and subtle. RIEGEL 50 Announced: Long format for particularly straight-edged design HANDSTRICH Embodiment of old values. environmentally sound, high-technology extrusion. STEINLINGE Up to date. Visible brickwork with antique look. Modern handling. GLANZSTÜCKE...

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CLINKER BRICK SLIPS ZEITLOS The high tech patina brick-slip in sintered clinker quality and premium strength. KERAPROTECT® The distinctive classic. Rough and sandy protected. KERAVETTE® Against wind and weather. And too high energy costs. KERABIG® Natural stone look in an economically large size. Step-on safety and anti-slip properties, ASR A1.5/1,2 General requirements and Tests. Sales team Sales team Germany Sales team Worldwide Frost resistance Outdoor tested frost proof: Functional ceramics with membrane effect. Application information for outside flooring and outside stairs How to...

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From outdoors to indoors. With trim pieces convenience. KERAPLATTE . FOR PERMANENT INSTALLATION. ® IDEAL TENSILE ADHESION PROPERTIES The marked structure of the reverse side that comes from the production process, in which wet clay is extruded to produce coarse ceramics, allows for optimal contact with the substrate and therefore the best possible tensile adhesion. (REM image at 500 x magnification – direct plan view). Frost resistance 25 years guarantee* GUARANTEED FROST RESISTANCE Ströher is the only German manufacturer that provides a 25-year guarantee against frost damage, with the...

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FROM ANGLE TILE TO STAIR TREAD TILE: COORDINATED COARSE CERAMICS WITH AN INNOVATIVE SPIRIT AND MARKET LEADER CONVENIENCE. FUNCTIONALLY ENHANCED CERAMIC WITH MEMBRANE EFFECT. Thanks to the manufacturing method using extrusion, Ströher ceramics have a ‘weatherproof‘ pore structure involving capillary channels that allow the material to ‘breathe‘ as well as a homogeneous particulate structure that promotes drainage. Even the smallest amount of condensation can escape naturally. We call this the membrane effect. A variety of trim pieces, frost resistance and fully decorated edges. Perfect...

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CONTEMPORARY DÉCOR CERAMIC TILING. Opposites that attract: urban style and vintage romanticism. Selected combines the minimalist elegance of exposed concrete with fine geometrical or floral elements. The result is a new type of outdoor urban style: understated, yet comfortably warm. Discreet, yet deliberately expressive. Selected allows for individual freedom of choice using three warm colour shades and the formats 30 x 60 calibrated and 30 x 30 cm. As well as decorative elements with various, random designs and layouts. Naturally, Selected has all the attributes of Ströher paving in terms...

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SELECTED CONTEMPORARY. ,RETRO MODERN4. FUNCTIONAL. The decor contains various graphic patterns, which do not fit together and can thus be arranged individually. The package selection is random.

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