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'25 Years of Quality British Brand Experience' OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE INFORMATION The sheet material can be opened and closed by use of removal and spatula tools. A standard straight edge tool and 2 no. removal tools are required. Generally, only parts of the sheet need to be removed for access. The removal tool fits between the track and the harpoon sheet edging which allows the sheet to be lifted from the track section. The operation requires the sheet material to be made warm and flexible. Full installations are carried out using propane gas heaters, but minor access can be achieved using a fan assisted electrical unit in some instances. The removal and replacement is a technique learnt over a period of time and is best undertaken by our trained operatives or on site maintenance staff who have undergone a maintenance course. With regard to the ongoing cleaning of the sheet material, this should only be undertaken with an anti static evaporating type liquid cleaner or polish, such as that supplied by the manufacturer. The liquid should be used sparingly on a clean, soft, lint free cloth. Repairs to small areas of damage can be made to the sheet material, Replacement sheets can be supplied, usually within 7-10 days. Clients Operatives using any propane gas equipment should be aware of any current regulations governing the operation of same and exercise due caution and diligence. Doman Road, Yorktown Industrial Estate, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3DF linn III in II 11 in mi mm Minimi in i mini ■■ mini mini

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