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The Oslo Opera House Nytt Operabygg ATTENTION • ATTENTION • ATTENTION • ATTENTION • ATTENTION • ALL PHOTOGRAPHS WITHIN OUR WEBSITE AND BROCHURES ARE OF WORKMANSHIP UNDERTAKEN BY OUR COMPANY Pictures used in this brochure are used to demonstrate how Stretch Ceilings can be utilised and may not necessarily show current products, materials or methods.

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Introduction to a World Leader in Stretch Ceiling Installation The unique Stretch Ceiling system offers a fantastic opportunity and the freedom for an added dimension in design potential. The versatile tracking system allows the ceiling to be installed as a simplistic flat ceiling or in varying forms such as pitched, curved, vaulted, domed and circular. This distinctive system offers a palette of colours, choice of texture and has the ability to create clean and cool or loud and colourful ceiling features and lighting effects. A World leader in Stretch Ceiling installations, Stretch Ceiling...

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Contents Contents 01 Oslo Opera House 02 Introduction 03 Contents 04 What is a Stretch Ceiling? 05 Lighting Gallery 06 Illuminated Panel System 07 Pools & Spas Domestic & Private Leisure 08 Pools & Spas Hotels & Local Authority 09 Acoustic Solutions 10 Office Environments 11 Walls & Shapes 12 Exhibitions 13 Bars & Restaurants 14 Retail & Leisure 15 Shopping Malls 16 Museums & Galleries 17 Invite inspiration into your home 18 Domestic Applications 19 Image Application & Branding 20 Lightpod 21 Sustainability 22 Environmental Policy 23 Colour Card 24 RIBA – CPD 25...

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What is a Stretch Ceiling System? A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings the system can be used for wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions and creative shapes. Stretch Ceilings allow the incorporation of all types of light fixtures, grilles and fixing points by the use of a proprietary background support. Fabric Our fabric material is a 0.2mm thick PVC based fully recyclable Stretch Membrane. The material...

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Illuminated Panel System The Stretch fabric material offers a fantastic opportunity to create clean and cool or loud and colourful lighting effects and features using our Translucent material for light diffusion, backlighting and front or rear projection. The material is only 0.2 mm thick, very lightweight (170gms/m.sq.) and offers approximately 75% light transmission. Any type of fittings can be accommodated within the material and any light fitting can be used behind the stretched fabric diffuser including fluorescent, cold cathode, LED’s, colour change, fibre optics, light cannons, spots...

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Pools & Spas Domestic & Private Leisure The Stretch Ceiling system is ideally suited to Pool environments as the material is unaffected by moisture, chlorine, sulphur and other corrosive atmospheres. The sheet material is pre-finished, waterproof and will provide a vapour barrier ensuring that no corrosive vapours pass through the ceiling into the void and steelwork above. The material does not require any decoration or maintenance and is guaranteed for 12 years. The Stretch Ceiling is 100% recyclable, hygienic and non-toxic. Stretch Ceilings adds to your creative resources and lets you...

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Pools & Spas Hotels & Local Authorities The Stretch Fabric Material is suitable to install in all types of Spa & Swimming Pool environments including Private Health Clubs and Local Authority Sectors. Stretch Ceilings offer increased light reflection, improved acoustics, decorative finishes and a maintenance free, water impermeable ceiling that will not require any ongoing decoration. The material will not crack or flake and is clean, hygienic, non toxic and 100% recyclable. The system is able to cover up to 50 sq/m in one piece, although with the use of the intermediate joining rail can...

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Acoustic Solutions The Stretch Ceiling can act as a special resonance absorber, also called a micro-perforated sound absorber. The Micro acoustic facility is available from 250,000 to 500,000 perforations +/- per square metre. This facility enables the user to apply an acoustic treatment to any area without compromising the cosmetic look of the project. From a physical point of view, this type of absorber acts in a way which is both fascinating and effective, the micro-perforations convert sound energy into heat energy. The viscous friction of air in the holes is reinforced by resonance in...

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Office Environments The Stretch Ceiling system is ideally suited to office and call centre environments. Appropriate acoustic and lighting conditions are a fundamental necessity for comfort and productivity in the workplace. Stretch Ceilings boasts extraordinary acoustic qualities as it is a membrane and not a solid surface, therefore it is possible to cut reverberation times considerably, this can be further improved by insulation being placed behind the material. There are many ways to light office environments. Uplighting, backlighting and ceiling mounted lights can all be incorporated...

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Walls & Shapes The Stretch panelling system can be used for walls, shapes, free floating panels and other framed structures. The light weight track profiles can be curved to create unusual three-dimensional shapes. As the material is a tensioned membrane system, your desired shape will dictate the number of panels needed to achieve your design. We recommend you contact our Sales Department for advice when considering three-dimensional shapes and wall features for construction method assistance ensuring the suitability of its intended working environment. For added features all the colours...

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Exhibitions Stretch panelling systems are ideal for exhibition stands and display systems evolving into wall and ceiling panel solutions. The lightweight robust material is ideally suited for exhibitions due to its quick and clean installation, large unsupported spans and variety of finishes. The material is approved to the new European Fire Classification. The use of vinyl graphics or printing on the material will allow for company logos, contact details and images to be displayed on the material. In addition, images and logos can be projected effectively onto the face or even onto the...

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