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Technical Key Features The Range Instant 3 & 7 Hand Wash Unit Economical and instant, these hand wash units are compact and simple to operate with a single on/off and temperature control lever. They are also fitted with our unique Vortex spray outlet which eliminates the need for costly maintenance due to the build-up of scale in hard water areas. • Compact ergonomic design • Single control lever for on/off and temperature selection • Vortex spray outlet is non scaling and maintenance free • ‘Heat on’ neon indicator • Swivel 200mm stainless steel spray arm • Easy clean polar white finish • Overheat protection • Fully temperature stabilised • No standing heat losses • 3 year guarantee (UK) • BEAB, WRAS and CE approved Accessories • Extended length spray arm, 380mm • Short length spray arm, 100mm Dimensions Installation • Direct connections to water mains • Standard 15mm pipework • Top, bottom or rear cable entry • Standard BSP 1/2” connections • Full fixing pack supplied Product Short Catalogue Heat kW Loading Recommended Recommended Reference Code Number Setting (kW) @ 230-240V Cable Size Fuse Rating Instant 3 I3V 43769715 3 2.7 - 3 1.5mm2 13 amps Instant 7 I7V 43769915 7.2 6.6 - 7.2 4 / 6mm2 30 amps Extended length spray arm 85768322 - - - - Short length spray arm 85768330 - - - - • Operating water pressure 0.7 - 7bar (10 - 100psi) • Water pressure operated power switch Product Selector 3 kW 7.2 kW Power Output Guarantee Approvals www.redring.co.uk Sales Hotline: 08709 000420 39 Unique, maintenance free, non-scaling vortex spray head

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Autosensor Touch-free Hand Wash Unit The Autosensor is a unique hand wash unit operated by a no-touch sensor. Ideal for environments where cross-contamination must be avoided, such as hospitals and food preparation areas. The unit is fitted with a unique non-scaling vortex spray outlet and an automatic shut-off to eliminate waste water. • Touch free hygienic operation preventing cross contamination • Infra-red sensor activates water output for extra economy • Power on LED indicator • Timed shut-off set at approximately 20 seconds • Vortex spray head is non scaling and maintenance free •...

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Technical Key Features The Range Guarantee Approvals Autoflush Water Management The Autoflush is a compact, unobtrusive automatic urinal flush controller which maintains hygiene whilst eliminating water wastage as required by Water Bylaw 83. Autoflush requires no electrical mains connection and is supplied with a dedicated long-life lithium battery. • A powerful PIR sensor detects when someone approaches the urinals and switches a solenoid valve to open, allowing water to flush to the cistern • Typical water savings of over 70% per annum. Capital costs maybe recouped in less than two years...

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Technical Key Features The Range Guarantee Approvals Automatic Hand Dryers Hygiene is an area where warm air dryers score significantly over paper or linen towels. Germ-free warm air is an extremely hygienic drying medium - with no risk of cross-infection between users. Hand dryers are approved by the Health and Safety Executive as well as the Ministry of Defence for use in commercial and office environments. Also accepted by the National Health Service resulting in increasingly widespread use in British hospitals. AD1 Light to medium installations • Hand drying only • Ideal for food...

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Technical Key Features The Range Guarantee Approvals Automatic Hand & Face Dryers The reliable range of Redring automatic dryers provides efficient and hygienic hand and face drying. With fully automatic operation the AD20 is ideal for installation where noise needs to be kept at a minimum whilst the AD30 provides increased airflow for faster hand and face drying. For installation at the busiest washrooms the AD50 is highly durable making it ideal for installations in airports, factories and motorway service stations. AD20 Medium use installations • Hand and face drying • Quiet operation –...

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