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Redring Sunstore Solar Systems The Range Solar Thermal collectors produce hot water directly from the sun. Even in the UK the Redring Sunstore Solar Collector is proven to provide up to 60% of an average family’s annual domestic hot water requirements for free. The Sunstore is designed in the UK specifically for UK weather conditions. The benefit to the householder in terms of reduced fuel bills is clear - especially with the continuing rise in gas prices. The benefit to the environment is also enormous; reductions in greenhouse gasses help to reduce the devastating impact of climate change. “Proven to provide up to 60% of an average family’s annual hot water requirements for free” The Redring Sunstore Solar thermal collectors utilize state of the art thermal vacuum technology to convert solar energy into hot water. The selective coating enables the use of the whole energy spectrum to generate heat and although it produces much greater energy in bright sunshine, hot water collection temperatures are still achieved in overcast conditions. In order to lock the energy in, the Redring Sunstore collectors use vacuum insulation technology to prevent the heat escaping from the tubes much like a vacuum flask. We have experience of installation in a variety of applications, from a traditional pitched roof, vertical wall mounted or even on top of a high-rise building. The Redring Sunstore Solar thermal collectors can be sized to provide larger quantities of hot water depending upon your requirements. Redring Sunstore can also provide a cost effective solution for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) in Social Housing applications. “Redring Sunstore reduces C02 emissions and helps ensure compliance with building regulations” The April 2006 revision to Part L of the building regulations requires that all buildings do not exceed a target carbon emission rate. This can be achieved by improving insulation, air-tightness or the construction method of any given building. However, in most situations simply installing a Redring Sunstore Solar thermal collector will provide sufficient carbon saving to achieve Part L compliance without any building design change. 6 Sales Hotline: 08709 000420 Roof mounting kitOuter Glass0.05Pa VacuumAbsorberInner GlassHeat SinkWater flow Wall mounting kit Cross section of a Sunstore vacuum tube Sunstore kit

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Redring Sunstore Solar Systems State of the art technology made in the UK The Sunstore Solar system will: - Up to 60% of your typical domestic hot water requirements - Radically reduce your domestic hot water heating bills - Integrate with all types of heating systems including combi boilers - Require no scheduled maintenance - Reduce CO2 emissions by at least 500kg/year - Provides free hot water for at least 25 years The Sunstore Solar system is designed for easy installation, usually taking just a day to fit and planning permission is not usually required. Installers should refer their...

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Where there is no existing cylinder or the existing cylinder will not be used, always match the cylinder size to the solar system as per the tables on page 11. When using an east / west facing location on a sloping roof, with an angle of less than 35 degrees, you should use the product selection for south facing locations. Angles greater than 35 degrees should use the east / west product selections. 3. Decide if you can use the existing cylinder in the property or would prefer to purchase a solar-prepared system cylinder. If the current cylinder is in good condition and is currently...

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Redring Sunstore Solar Systems Redring Sunstore Solar Systems (see size calculator) Codes Sunstore 180 2 panel solar system (pitched roof) 47786501 Sunstore 180B 2 panel solar system (pitched roof, butterfl y) 47786502 Sunstore 180W 2 panel solar system 47786511 Sunstore 180WB 2 panel solar system 47786512 Sunstore 210 3 panel solar system (pitched roof) 47786503 Sunstore 210W 3 panel solar system (fl at roof/wall) 47786504 Sunstore 250 4 panel solar system (pitched roof) 47786505 Sunstore 250B 4 panel solar system (pitched roof, butterfl y) 47786506 Sunstore 250W 4 panel solar system (fl...

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