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If you’re looking for a shower that’s the very epitome of control, performance and safety, select Selectronic – from Redring. The Selectronic Premier range of thermostatic showers gives you the best of both worlds. On the one hand, with its unique microprocessor control technology and array of advanced features, Selectronic represents the very latest in showering innovation. Truly a shower ahead of its time. On the other hand, Selectronic has been designed to make showering as comfortable and straightforward as possible. A whole range of ingenious features has been incorporated to help make...

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SELECTSAFETY, SELECTCONVENIENCE, SELECTRONIC. What’s more, Selectronic Premier doesn’t just look like a safe shower; it sounds like one too. That’s because Selectronic is one of the very few showers to offer audible feedback response to commands, thereby making the shower ideal for the blind or partially sighted. The Selectronic Premier Plus Remote package includes a safe and convenient START/STOP wireless remote control, which can be used within 10m of the shower. It comes complete with a neat wall mounted docking station, making it easily accessible to operate. Whether hand-held or wall...

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SELECTEC0WATER-SAVE, SELECTECO POWER-SAVE, SELECTRONIC. Not only is Selectronic Premier incredibly easy to use, it’s ever so easy on the pocket and the environment, too. That’s because Selectronic incorporates features such as the ingenious Eco Water-Save to automatically calculate and adjust the optimum flow rate, taking into account the incoming water temperature and restricting the flow to 6 litres per minute. Unique to Selectronic, Eco Water-Save ensures the shower conforms to the ‘Sustainable Home’ water consumption requirements per person for showering. In addition, the Eco Power-Save...

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With Selectronic Premier, choice and flexibility come built in. • Fully thermostatic operation – maintains temperature within +/- 1ºC. • Unique micro processor control technology is the very epitome of intelligent shower design. • The shower is pre-programmed to provide automatically hot water at a constant and safe temperature. • Ingenious temperature ‘Lock Mode’, with three optional settings – eliminating any increase by accident.* • Audible feedback response to push-button commands. • Large one touch, easy-to-press Start/Stop button operation. • Tactile button coding. • Clear print...

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Selectronic Premier Plus Gives you everything the Selectronic Premier does, but with accessories for care applications i.e. colour coded shower head and clamp for visibility, chrome effect 1m riser rail with adjustable handset holder and soap dish and 2m convoluted shower hose, practical shower accessories for the elderly and less-able who prefer to be seated whilst showering. Selectronic Premier Plus Remote Gives you everything the Selectronic Premier Plus does, but with the addition of a unique user-friendly, remote wireless ON/OFF control. all three versions, features six adjustable...

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My Selectronic shower makes me feel reassured, relaxed and in control. Selectronic gets my day off to the best possible start. Mummy says I’m safe to splash around as much as I want. 10

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SELECTREASSURANCE, SELECTPERFORMANCE, SELECTRONIC. Selectronic doesn’t just give you one of the best looking and most advanced showers available. It also gives you absolute peace of mind. But, don’t just take our word for it. Because Redring designers and engineers are not the only ones calling Selectronic Premier one of the safest and most technologically advanced instantaneous showers available today. Many independent quality organisations and endorsing bodies have also recognised the superb reliability, performance and safety of Selectronic Premier. For instance, Selectronic was the...

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SELECTSPECIFICATION, SELECTRELIABILITY, SELECTRONIC. Selectronic Premier is the perfect choice for the contract market and is widely specified for the Social Housing and Care sectors. Product performance, safety and reliability are matched by the ease of installation and flexibility of the fitting options. Redring recommends that all wiring and installation is undertaken or supervised by a suitably qualified person and suggest the following sequence for fitting purposes: • mark up and fix the shower to the wall • connect the pipe-work to the shower unit (entry position options from the top,...

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“Easy to use, easy on the eye, easy on the environment - and, last but no means least, ever so easy to install”. 13

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1 5 PLEASE NOTE! The shower is factory set at ‘Position 1’ with the ‘TempLock Slider Switch’. Choose from 3 different lockable temp settings plus normal operation position. (See Page 5 for details) 7 Choose a flat piece of wall to avoid the possibility of distorting the backplate and making the front cover a poor fit. 8 Hold the shower vertically against the wall and mark the top hole first. 9 Drill the hole to take the rawl plug provided. Put the top screw in first leaving it proud by 5mm approximately. The shower can now be hung on this screw. 10 Remove inlet cover. 6 PLEASE NOTE! The...

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All measurements shown are in millimetres. Drawing sizes are not to scale. Shower model shown is a Selectronic Premier Plus. 15 The Inlet fitting is designed to rotate through 180° to allow for either Top or Bottom/Rear entry fitting. Plumbing - Top Entry Option. 19 A means for disconnection in all poles must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules. Either wall mounted or ceiling switches. 20 Electrical - Bottom Entry Option. 21 Electrical - Top Entry Option. 22 Electrical - Rear Entry Option. 16 Plumbing - Rear Entry Option. 17 Turn ON the mains water supply...

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Selectronic Premier (with 1.25m hose) Selectronic Premier Plus (with 2m hose) 23 Ensure the electricity is switched ON to the unit at both the Mains Power Board and isolating switch. 27 29 Press and hold the Cooler button until confirmed with one audible short bleep. The digital display will illuminate with a capital “C”. 30 Allow the unit to fill. Wait for water to come out of handset. Press Stop/Start button turning the shower OFF (Confirm with 3 audible short bleeps). 28 Ensure that all the retaining screws are VERY tight and that no cable insulation is trapped under the screws. Replace...

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