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DOMESTIC HOT WATER SELECT INSTANTANEOUS WATER HEATERS That feel-good factor in the bathroom now guaranteed ››Reliable technology that provides constant hot water at precisely the right temperature 

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STIEBEL ELTRON is full of energy As a family company driven by innovation, throughout product development and manufacture we maintain a clear focus on environmentally responsible, efficient and convenient building services for your home. Because we’re full of energy and ready to shape the future! The future belongs to environmentally responsible and efficient building services. Since 1924 we have been developing highly efficient products and maintain a clear focus on electricity as our primary energy source. Electricity which, nowadays, is increasingly obtained from renewables. We rely on...

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Select instantaneous water heaters 02 | 03 Select instantaneous water heaters 02 | 03 "AH Life is change - at home, as well as at work. And I don't mind, because it keeps me on my toes. But when I'm in the shower, I don't want any surprises. A constant 37.5 °C from beginning to end is what I need to help me relax after an eventful day."

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Convenience and efficiency – the level of control makes the difference The technical designations “full electronic or electronic control” and “electronic control” determine the degree of DHW convenience and the stability of the outlet temperature. ››Full electronic control – optimum water temperature accuracy for premium convenience and first rate efficiency ››Electronic control with outlet sensor (closed-loop) – high DHW temperature accuracy up to the maximum output ››Electronic control (open-loop) – for everyday convenience and low energy consumption Good reasons to choose a STIEBEL...

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Select instantaneous water heaters Instantaneous water heaters supply domestic hot water precisely when needed and at exactly the right temperature. They are perfect for greater DHW demand at higher temperatures. A single appliance can be used for multiple draw-off points in parallel. Classic application areas are bathrooms and kitchens. Model Energy efficiency class Control concept Electronic control Electronic control with outlet sensor with outlet sensor Electronic control Full electronic (closed-loop (closed-loop (open-loop control control circuit) control circuit) control circuit)...

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The PER 18/21/24 instantaneous water heater supplies water heated to precisely the right temperature at all times. Full electronic control also compensates for all external factors, maintaining the required outlet temperature at a constant level. Excellent features offer outstanding levels of comfort. Efficiency displayed at all times The digital multifunction display shows the temperature selected. In addition, further convenience and safety functions can be called up. Via the two memory keys, individually defined temperatures can be selected quickly and directly. Made in Germany Benefits...

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Select instantaneous water heaters SHOWERING FUN - YOU’RE IN CONTROL The PEO instantaneous water heater is equipped with a large backlit display so the required temperature is always easy to read. Furthermore, the electronic control offers outstanding showering comfort and high efficiency. Reach the right temperature in small increments At temperatures above 43 °C, the two-colour backlit LCD changes from blue to red, to indicate a risk of scalding. Made in Germany Benefits for your home > Electronic control with outlet sensor for the highest Level of convenience > Accurate temperature...

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CONVENIENT ADJUSTMENT TO THE REQUIRED SETTINGS The PEY instantaneous water heater possesses all of the standard functions you would expect of an appliance with electronic control. The rotary selector lets you set the temperature you want quickly and variably via the analogue temperature scale. For unadulterated showering pleasure With electronic control, the water temperature is continuously controlled. This makes temperature fluctuations and long water heat-up times a thing of the past. Furthermore, it ensures accurate temperature delivery up to the maximum output, turning showering into a...

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Select instantaneous water heaters SIMPLY WELL APPOINTED The PEG has been equipped with a user friendly, two-stage temperature pre-selection function. Electronic control ensures that accurate temperature delivery is maintained - for everyday convenience and enjoyment. Made in Germany Benefits for your home > Electronic control for everyday convenience > Consistent temperature delivery up to the maximum output > High energy efficiency - up to 20 % savings possible > Two-stage temperature setting with application icons -approx. 42 °C | 55 °C > Integral diagnostic system > Scale-resistant bare...

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The PHB is an inexpensive DHW solution with proven STIEBEL ELTRON quality. The DHW temperature is controlled hydraulically subject to flow rate. Four output stages are available. The required temperature is achieved by adding cold water at the draw-off point. Everywhere and at all times The PHB is suitable for all types of water - soft or hard - thanks to its bare wire heating system. Benefits for your home > Hydraulic control > Four output stages - two manually adjustable, two hydraulically controlled > Scale-resistant bare wire heating system Energy efficiency classAAAA Phases 3/PE 3/PE...

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Select instantaneous water heaters We speak one language the world over: German engineering STIEBEL ELTRON is a global company with German roots. We aim to impress with innovations and quality – worldwide. We are represented with six production facilities, 26 subsidiaries and agencies in over 120 countries. We consider ourselves a partner in the market and focus on requirements. Accordingly, we conceive ideas and develop products that suit each particular market and the ways in which people actually live. With our high level of vertical manufacturing, spirit of invention and unwillingness...

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