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As a family-owned company driven by innov ation, we produce and develop our products with a clear focus on environmen ally t friendly, efficient and convenient building service systems. Because we want to shape the future full of energy.

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A CLEAR FOCUS: We have the energy to change things. And as a company we have a clear focus.

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Floating Homes | Hamburg STIEBEL ELTRON heating technology, LWZ integral ventilation system By embracing the future, you can live tomorrow STIEBEL ELTRON is one of the market leaders in the fields of building services and renewable energies. We have run our family-owned company along clear lines since it was founded back in 1924. This means that it is second nature to us to think a little further ahead - in order to be able to provide tomorrow’s solutions today. THE FUTURE BELONGS TO GREEN TECH The way we live our lives and run our homes is changing, as is our relationship with energy. As...

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A CLEAR FOCUS for quality of life “ lot is at stake: a warm, cosy home, A hot water and our environment. And we are happy to channel our entire energy into providing this for you.” Dr Ulrich Stiebel

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HOT WATER Along with room heating, water heating requires a lot of energy. Reducing the amount of energy required is a question of technology. Our water heaters perform this task all over the world with maximum efficiency – for the best domestic water heating in the kitchen and bathroom. STIEBEL ELTRON offers “feel-good” technology: for hot water, heating, ventilation and cooling. ROOM HEATING Our heat-pump heaters, based on renewable energies, tap into the most natural energy sources in the world with maximum ef fi iency – for the warmth of the future. In c addition, our product range...

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A CLEAR FOCUS for quality of life “ echnology is becoming increasingly complex T these days. But does this mean its use needs to get more complicated? We work towards ensuring that our technology manages everything in the background. This way our customers can better relax at home.” Frank Stiebel

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A CLEAR FOCUS: A pioneering company driven by passion HOW EXPERIENCE IS TRANSFORMED INTO THE FUTURE 1987 DHE - the world's first fully electronic instantaneous water heater Today DHE Connect - further developed into the first instantaneous water heater with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 1999 LWZ - the world's first integral device for ventilation, hot water and room heating Today LWZ 8 CS Premium - further developed into an integral device with in-vertertechnology and passive house certification

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A CLEAR FOCUS on innovation “EFFICIENCY AND COMFORT ARE NOT CONTRADICTORY.” In conversation with Dr Kai Schiefelbein, Director of Technology What is the significance of “a clear focus” with regard to implementing the energy transition? At STIEBEL ELTRON our clear focus is what motivates us; we are people of conviction. We are driving forward the energy transition with real passion. This applies to me, too! When I started at STIEBEL ELTRON as a developer 20 years ago, I wanted to develop efficient and future-proof technology for people and their homes. What does “a clear focus” mean in...

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Do you see pilot projects in your own company as a good opportunity to venture something new? With our latest flagship project we are also proving how efficient green technology is. The Energy Campus at our headquarters in Holzminden is pioneering and has received the highest possible rating from the German Sustainable Building Council: the DGNB Platinum Certificate. At the same time, the training and communication centre also boasts impressive architectural qualities. This is how we fulfil our brand promise “full of energy” - and have created a space in which STIEBEL ELTRON can be...

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A CLEAR FOCUS on innovation STIEBEL ELTRON Energy Campus Our own laboratory for the energy transition “ he Energy Campus combines high-quality T architecture and communication – and as a Plus Energy building, it generates more energy than it consumes.” Dr Kai Schiefelbein

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A CLEAR FOCUS: Green energy is the energy source of the future OUR IMPETUS IS GREEN -AND HIGHLY EFFICIENT Earlier than others, we recognised that electricity is the energy source of the future. Green electricity from the sun, wind and water power is regenerative and environmentally friendly. That’s why we pursue a clear focus: we develop and produce electrically run heating and ventilation systems that are environmentally friendly and highly efficient. GREEN TECH INSTEAD OF OIL AND GAS Heat pumps will play a key role in the implementation of the energy transition. They are the only...

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A CLEAR FOCUS on green tech Cooling Ventilation We take the energy transition seriously and focus consistently on green electricity as the energy source of the future. A clear focus on green tech STIEBEL ELTRON – THEN AS NOW ALWAYS AHEAD OF ITS TIME › 2000 | HOFANLAGE BROMBEERWEG As an Expo 2000 project, STIEBEL ELTRON installed 20 different building service systems in a real housing estate. The experience gained from this provided important impetus for further product development. › 2005 | SCHAUFELDERSTRASSE MULTIFAMILY RESIDENCE A pioneering conversion of a vacant multifamily residence...

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With our pioneering building services solutions, we ensure that buildings become increasingly energyefficient. A clear focus on green tech Climate-protection housing estate | Greven System technology by STIEBEL ELTRON, brine | water heat pump WPF, PV module TEGREON, hot water tank SBB WP Sol, heating buffer SBP, central air handling unit LWZ 70, air distribution system LVE

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A CLEAR FOCUS on green tech CONVINCED BY GREEN ELECTRICITY Electricity in Germany is becoming greener all the time, so it is the perfect source of energy for our green-tech solutions - instantaneous water heaters, ventilation systems, heat pumps, air-conditioning systems and electric room heaters. We have a clear focus on efficient products that run on electricity - for hot water, heating, good indoor air quality and, in summer, pleasant coolness; in single and multifamily residences, but also in housing estates and high-rises. Single-family home, Upper Austria A photovoltaic system...

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