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OUTDOOR TABLES BY STELLA Technically approved For more than 10 years, the Stella Outdoor tables have spread over soccer lovers’ terraces and gardens. Let’s share good games throughout all seasons with our Outdoor tables. Select your favorite one over a large selection. Built with materials made to resist all weather conditions, Stella Outdoor tables keep all their qualities under the sun, the rain and the snow. Regarding the gameplay, there is no difference between indoor and outdoor: same aluminum players, same Gerflex field , same rod resistance. We have carefully selected resistant...

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Sun, Rain, Wind, snow Your table soccer is weatherproof The best material to resist rust and corrosion. All rods, screws and goals are made of stainless steel so they can resist water, snow and humidity. ALUMINIUM C’est le fruit de plus de 10 années de recherche We use the same aluminum players that you can find on our Indoor tables. et de collaboration entre notre bureau d’études et nos principaux fournisseurs qui nous permet They offer the perfect gameplay due to sur their high aujourd’hui ce produit unique et sans égal le mechanical resistance. marché. HPL La gamme Outdoor répond à tous...

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CHAMPION OUTDOOR Our iconic table made for outdoor play

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OUTDOOR TABLES CHAMPION OUTDOOR THE reference Reinforced caoutchouc puffer Vintage style goal 16 bearings marked “Stella Champion” The authentical outdoor cafe table

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OUTDOOR TABLES CHAMPION OUTDOOR HPL grey cabinet The authentical outdoor cafe table

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STAR OUTDOOR Champion Outdoor’s little brother

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OUTDOOR TABLES STAR OUTDOOR 100% outdoor A pure line with all the attributes of a cafe table

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OUTDOOR TABLES STAR OUTDOOR 16 bearings marked “Stella Champion” Central ball return A pure line with all the attributes of a cafe table

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HOME OUTDOOR Family made outdoor table

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OUTDOOR TABLES Small but strong with the same sustainable materials as the bigger tables

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OUTDOOR TABLES Enjoying 1 vs 1 game on a trendy table

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PLAY FACE TO FACE Meet the fun Stella continues to innovate in the area of table soccer with 1vs.1 tables. These tables adapt to all the spaces with their limited surface of 1 square meter. In couple, with friends or family, play face to face! Enjoy a game focused on the attack. With its fun and iconic design, the Toi & Moi is also an exquisite decorative furniture. Mix the pleasures The vintage look of the Toi & Moi brings fun on your terraces, on the seacoast or in your garden. Freedom, dream, pleasure, relaxation are some of the values of the Toi & Moi. The Toi & Moi is a way of living:...

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OUTDOOR TABLES MILLESIME OUTDOOR Offered cover Moabi finitions Vintage feet with leg levelers A pure design mixing Moabi and HPL

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OUTDOOR TABLES MILLESIME OUTDOOR Offered cover 100% white and chrome design players Leg Levelers to improve stability The pure design model mixing Moabi and HPL

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ION TOR La nostalgie des années café La pièce maitresse d’un intérieur Le design authentique Ste

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ACCESSORIES OUTDOOR Play beyond the limits

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OUTDOOR TABLES OUTDOOR COVER A fully flat field CASTORS Fixed on the feet of the table Fastening strap with a central reinforcement to evacuate the water Our accessories for the Outdoor tables Cover protection coming with your Millesime Outdoor Leg leveller included with the Champion, Star an Millesime Move easily your table

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OUTDOOR TABLES Removable plate lying on the rods Transform your table soccer into a table Offer you the possibility to transform your table soccer in a spare table for your reception

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OUTDOOR TABLES OUTDOOR CHILDREN-STEP Same colors as your table Adapt the game to all ages Perfect to share good time with your children

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ALL THE OUTDOOR TABLE HOME Discover the colors of our outdoor tables OUTDOOR TABLES Coin operator option Outdoor colors : A Outdoor cafe table soccer for all types of coins. Secured option GREEN BLUE ANTHRACITE «BELLE-ÎLE» «CAP-FERRET» GREY PURE WHITE A secured table with a glass on top and a secured ball distributio

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CREATE YOUR OWN TABLE Stella enables you to reconcile authentic football tables with a high quality of play and a tailormade furniture created in accordance to your taste. From the game field to the cabinet, including players and handles, each element of your future football table is customizable in terms of materials and color. You can also add serigraphs or a giant sitcker according to yout inspiration. ball Your dreamt foot table is a few clicks away. Entirely customize your football table with our online configurator

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FRENCH MANUFACTURING Auguste Sarrault, the first president of the Automatics French Federation, funded Stella in 1928. He gave the newly founded company his sweet daughter’s name. Then, he invented the first ever known football table. Stella Champion’s legend is born. Since the very first football tables, two singularities arose. On the one hand, you can block the balls with players’ heads. On the other hand, you can have the balls jump on the field baseboards. Stella has built its popularity on these two specificities it is proud of. The first Stella football table was composed of its famous...

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159, Rue de Rotterdam ZAC Ravennes les Francs 59200 Tourcoing +33 3 20 68 09 38 From 9am to 6pm Monday to friday

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