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Summer Heat Protection Environmentally friendly building materials from renewable sources Healthy Living Heat out, Healthy Living in. How STEICO insulations can help you enjoy hot summer days inside, without the need for additional ventilation or air- conditioning. natural building products

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Summer Heat Protection Entwicklung der STEico-aktie (Schlusskurse in €) Healthy Living under Extreme Conditions 14 12 10 STEICO AG 18 As nice as the summer is: we all feel uncomfortable at 6 tropical internal temperatures. STEICO insulations ensure 4 2 that on hot days the internal climate of your home 20 08 remains comfortable – without expensive .1 2. air-conditioning. 31 08 30 30 .0 .0 6. 9. 20 20 08 08 20 3. .0 31 02 .0 1. 20 08 0 O ur Climate is changing, that is certain. The number of so called “tropical days” with temperatures over 30 °C, have quadrupled in the past 2 decades. It’s...

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Summer heat protection On a global scale more energy is used keeping buildings cool than there is used on heating them. The solution can be so simple. With natural wood fibre insulations from STEICO you can save on an expensive air-conditioning unit as well as saving on heating costs in the winter. Suitable all year round STEICO Insulations save Energy and Heating costs in winter. The same Insulations prevent overheating in summer. Noise is also absorbed effectively. | Thermal Diffusivity: the key to summer heat protection Attic rooms are particularly susceptible to increased temperatures...

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The Facts explained Example of a roof construction with an Amplitude Dampening of 10 and a Phaseshift of 12 hrs. | Amplitude dampening and Phase shifting External Temperature Trend 40°C 40°C 30°C 20°C 10°C 10°C 8:00 14:00 20:00 2:00 Internal Temperature Trend 8:00 40°C 30°C 20°C 10°C Roof Construction Comparisons Roof 1 with Mineral Fibre Insulation • U  =  0,17 W / m2*K • 1 /  TAV  =  6 • Phase shift = 7 hrs • Tiles • Tile Batten • Counter Batten • Felt • Mineral Fibre 200 mm • Vapour Barrier • Mineral Fibre 40 mm • Plasterboard 12 mm Roof 2 with Wood Fibre Insulation STEICOflex • U  = ...

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Summer heat protection It is particularly important to consider Amplitude Dampening and Phase Shift in roof areas. The ratio of external surface to room volume is very high, so Attic Rooms have a high area for potential temperature transfer. The areas directly under the roof coverings can get very hot in summer (up to 80 °C) and this leads to increased heat in the rooms below. As many roof constructions have a very low thermal storage mass, they are particularly suitable for the installation of natural insulations from STEICO. With the exception of the roof cladding and the internal...

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Summary The Facts don’t lie: STEICO works That temperature behaves this way and has a direct influence on the comfort and health of internal climates is apparent in the research of Professor Hauser, one of the founding fathers of German energy efficiency. Using the example of a one bedroom house we are able to reduce the “uncomfortable hours” by swapping the mineral wool for Wood Fibre insulation by almost 50 %. To put it simply, one sweats a lot less. With the use of Wood Fibre sheathing boards with a density of 150 kg/m3 the “uncomfortable hours” compared to mineral wool insulations can...

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Summer heat protection Heat Protection in Hindsight What is, hopefully, taken as state of the art in new builds, is often difficult to incorporate in renovations. But, this is also an area that STEICO offers an excellent solution. | Roof Renovation from outside | Roof Renovation from inside | Wall Renovation The ideal solution when the internal room finishes cannot be disturbed. With this solution the weather tightness of the structure is not affected and there is no need for scaffolding. A long lasting external wall renovation with many benefits – including summer heat protection as an...

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We spend approx. 80 % of our lives in enclosed rooms. But are we always aware what we are surrounding ourselves with? STEICO has set itself the target of developing building products which consider the needs of both man and nature. Our products are therefore produced using sustainable natural materials. They help reduce energy use and add considerably to a natural healthy internal climate. STEICO products carry the natureplus™ seal of approval, which is a sign of High Quality, Healthy and Functional Building products. natureplus™ ensures that products are produced from sustainable raw...

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