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Flexible thermal insulation AREAS OF APPLICATION > Good compression resistance > Flexible cavity insulation in roof, dry wal Expands to fit adjoining components > and floor constructions Cavity insulation for partition walls, external walls Prevention of thermal bridges > and service zones Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer > Classified as non-irritant to skin, easy handling > Water vapour open for a healthy room environment > Ecological and environmentally-friendly For more information please visit our website at >

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Hemp is a very versatile agricultural crop with a long tradition. In China rope and paper had been manufactured from hemp even before writing was invented. Still at the beginning of the 20th century, hemp was a vital cultivated plant in Europe, until it started being replaced by wood for paper manufacturing and cotton for textile production.As a result hemp was overlooked for a long time but today its natural advantages are becoming the focus of attention again. Hemp uses solar energy more effectively than many plants. Used as part of a rotation policy it is a good soil conditioner and...

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Produced and supervised according to ETA - 06 / 0040 Z-23.16-1598Fire class according to EN 13501-1 EBuilding materials class acc. DIN 4102 B2Declared thermal conductivity STEICO canaflex is certified with the European quality mark natureplus > ֮ . The natureplus λ > D [W/(m*K)] 0.040Declared thermal resistanceR > -seal of quality embodies health awareness, environmentally-friendly production, protection of limited naturals resources and their suitability of application. Products with this label are made predominantly from renewable /sustainable sources of raw materials. > D [(m > 2 *K)/W]...

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