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Environmentally friendly building products from renewable resources Product range overview

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I STEICO engineered by nature - environmentally I friendly construction products for every project As a sustainable building material, wood is known for its excellent qualities, both thermal and ecological. Decades of experience and innovative engineering processes have been combined to take advantage of the natural insulation properties of wood as a raw material. The STEICO construction system combines the advantages of natural wood with those of technically refined high-tech materials. STEICO products are especially economical and environmen-tally-friendly as they are produced from...

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More than insulation – protection for generations The advantages of buildings with wood-fibre or cellulose insulation are that they ensure the highest levels of energy efficiency and comfortable warmth. Due to climate change, we are experiencing significantly hotter summers, and need increasing amounts of energy to keep buildings cool. In light of this, it is sensible to measure the efficiency of insulation not only in terms of its capability to prevent energy loss during winter, but also in terms of its capability to prevent heat input during summer. STEICO insulating materials offer a...

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Sheathing boards and wall panels STEICO zell sarking and sheathing boards • Roof and wall insulation with a tongue and groove profile • Joint free insulation • Also available as STEICOuniversal dry • Made from natural wood fibres universal black Bitumen impregnated sheathing board Cellulose air injected insulation • for curtain walls with joints • Joint free insulation • Special black surface • Made from recycled paper • Water vapour open insulation board for the renovation of walls and roof • Also available as STEICOspecial dry Sarking and sheathing boards for roofs >5° • For roofs > 5° •...

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Flexible insulation from wood Rigid insulation from wood flexible thermal insulation from wood rigid insulation • Flexible cavity insulation in roof, dry wall and floor constructions with the lowest thermal conductivity • Rigid insulation for applications on walls and roof • Also available as TEICOtherm dry S flexible thermal insulation from wood Insulation for service voids • For cavity insulation in roofs, walls and floors • Ideal for the installation of service voids in timber constructions Internal insulation board • Water vapour open internal insulation board • For masonry wall...

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Rigid insulation from wood Combined insulated sheathing and render board Flexible insulation from wood Additional formats and thicknesses available on request - minimum order of 60 m3 required 4In accordance with EN 13986, Tab 11 Application recommendations and certifications are available in our datasheets 5In accordance with EN 10456, Tab 3

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a *  kP De cl air ared flo w level res o ista f nc e[ General Applications High load bearing rectangular section for masonry and timber construction and special industrial applications Structural beams like girder and lintels, sole and top plate applications, solid floor elements Application Load bearing building component for roofs, floors and walls Available fully insulated Load bearing building component especially for

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We spend approx. 80 % of our lives in enclosed rooms. But are we always aware what we are surrounding ourselves with? STEICO has set itself the target of developing building products which consider the needs of both man and nature. Our products are therefore produced using sustainable natural materials. They help reduce energy use and add considerably to a natural healthy internal climate. STEICO insulation and construction materials, carry a number of distinguished ‘seals of approval’ which is a sign of high quality, healthy and functional building products. The raw materials used in...

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