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Polycarbonate sheets • Lightweight • High thermal insulation • Excellent impact resistance • Good light transmission • Good fire performance • Guaranteed and certified quality • UV protection applied by co-extrusion Polycarbonate multiwall systems • Lightweight • High The unique properties of our products make them ideal for a whole host of different applications, such as: architecture, industrial construction, urban design, agriculture, lighting, automotive, interior design and furniture and DIY. Stabilit Suisse is a leader in promoting innovative solutions that anticipate customer demands...

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Stabilit Suisse SA is the Swiss company leader in the design and manufacture of polycarbonate sheets and systems. With an organization comprising a team of around 100 people and boasting an R&D laboratory, a Quality System and production lines among the most modern that allow to offer innovative products that anticipate market trends. Stabilit Suisse SA, offers 30-plus years of experience in working with polycarbonate and enjoys an international reputation built on the back of worldwide product sales (on 5 continents, in more than 42 countries, from South America to Japan), successfully...

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POLYCARBONATE MULTIWALL SHEETS Macrolux® Multiwall sheets are a product of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Their multiwall structure allows them to meet the most exacting application performance demands. Available in thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 60 mm with a wide choice of different structures, Macrolux® Multiwall sheets are at the cutting edge when it comes to efficiency, energy savings and optical and mechanical properties. • Macrolux Multiwall LL • Macrolux Multiwall XL ® • Macrolux Multiwall Solar Control ® ® Structures Macrolux® Multiwall

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POLYCARBONATE SHEETS POLYCARBONATE CORRUGATED SHEETS Macrolux® Rooflite® sheets come in two options trapezoidal or sinusoidal - and are designed to cater to various different types of applications in the building, agricultural and industrial field. Available in different shapes and thicknesses, they match perfectly with a wide range of sheet metal profiles from leading manufacturers and/or with sandwich panels. The corrugated sheets are particularly suitable for agricultural use for roofing greenhouses where light transmission is a crucial requirement. POLYCARBONATE COMPACT SHEETS Macrolux®...

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MODULAR SYSTEMS FOR WALLS BDL is the ideal solution for the creation of skylights or transparent roofs, both flat and curved. The union between the panels is obtained in a simple and effective manner through the use of specific polycarbonate snap-on profiles. CORRUGATED MULTIWALL PANELS Modulit® is a polycarbonate system extruded in modular panels used for the production of translucent vertical and / or inclined walls. The system is made by means of panel coupling, provided by “male / female” joints for a perfect fit. MODULAR SYSTEMS FOR ROOFS AND WALLS Ondatec panels are recommended for...

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POLYCARBONATE SYSTEMS CORRUGATED MULTIWALL PANELS The Easyroof® and Easypanel panels are multiwall polycarbonate panels designed for use in the construction industry. They are mainly used for flat roofs in combination with sandwich panels or corrugated metal profiles. CONNECTED MULTIWALL PANELS SYSTEMS Grecatec® panels are recommended for applications in combination with sandwich panels of the major manufacturers, to create daylighting. They are especially suitable in replacement or refurbishment of ridge/gutter roofing applications for the production of large surfaces. MULTIWALL PANELS FOR...

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STABILIT SUISSE SA Via Lische 11/13 - P.O. Box 702 6855 Stabio - Switzerland T. +41 (0)91 641 72 72 STABILIT ITALIA Uffici commerciali via Lische 11 6855 Stabio - Svizzera T. +39 349 69 42 669 STABILIT ESPANA Ctra. de Ripollet B-141, km. 3,9 08130 Sta. Perpetua de Mogoda Barcelona - Espana T. +34 937 290 090 STABILIT FRANCE Zone Industrielle Sous Pra 39360 Chassal - France T. + 33 (0)3 84 42 40 08 STABILIT BENELUX Verbreepark 31 2731 BR Benthuizen - Holland T. +31 (0)79 343 88 88...

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