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Dry ColorSelect Dispensing System ® SOLOMON COLORS Create thousands of standard and custom colors…from three dry pigments. The Dry Batching System measures Solomon Colors dry pigment in specified amounts to meet the requirements of plant operations for color. The user selects the color to be used and the batch size. The system computes the amount of each of the three component pigments – yellow, red and black – needed to produce the specified color in the correct dosage. Then, under user control from a Windows CE based 12-inch color touch screen, the system automatically feeds each component color in sequence into a bucket on a calibrated scale, providing accuracy of dosage to the hundredths of a pound. The Dry Batching System dispenses three component pigments from frame mounted angled-bottom totes. Product flow is maintained in the totes using an air actuated vibrator system. It 519 includes a rack-mounted system for product refill via super sacks shipped from Solomon Colors. The component pigments are produced at Solomon Colors to industry leading specifications to ensure satisfaction with color matching, batch to batch. 4050 Color Plant Road, Springfield, IL 62702, PH: 800-624-0261 Email: sgs@solomoncolors.com 1251 West Durst Drive, Rialto, CA 92376, PH: 866-747-2656 www.solomoncolors.com Dry ColorSelect® Dispensing System

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Dry ColorSelect Dispensing System ® SOLOMON COLORS Job Stack allows jobs to be preloaded to reduce entry error and speed time to fulfillment during the production cycle. Colors are selected from dropdown list to speed the setup of jobs and to prevent input errors. Custom colors can be added in separate dropdown lists. Up to twenty dropdown lists are available, each dropdown can be named. Colors are sorted alphabetically in each list. Scale trolley and limit switch ensure a bucket is properly positioned before the system activates the pigment vibrators. Alarm system will notify for up to...

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