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Innovative Innovative Customizable Customizable Solutions Solutions e innovative customizabl solutions Solomon ColorSelect Pro Liquid Dispensing System Ready Mix Applications e e innovative customizabl innovative customizabl solutionss solution

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Concrete Coloring Made Even Easier And More Profitable For You. When the increased use of color in concrete products created a demand for better technology and quality control in the concrete industry, Solomon Colors responded by developing the exclusive ColorSelect ® PC Liquid Dispensing System. Now we are taking that innovation to the next level with our ColorSelect ® Pro System – it’s more user friendly, more operationally efficient, and even more flexible! As always with Solomon Colors liquid pigments, you need only stock four or five primary liquid iron oxide colors. You can create...

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The ABC’s of Production: Accuracy, Better Efficiency, and Control Screens have been redesigned to be even more user-friendly, and our on-screen help is more in-depth, including a convenient on-line operator’s manual and trouble-shooting guide. In addition to these programming enhancements, the new ColorSelect Pro® has an automatic recycle feature, ensuring consistent pigment coloration. The new equipment can even have a Bucket Dispensing System option added to weigh and dispense pigment into buckets instead of mixers or trucks, allowing customers to supply color to remote locations. This...

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Weigh Chamber Totes With Pumps Bucket Fill Option

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Ready Mix Applications le innovative customizab solutions SOLOMON COLORS le innovative customizab solutions Why Choosing Solomon Colors Is Right For You: Exclusive ColorSelect® Pro Liquid Dispensing System • State-of-the-art technology— Designed specifically for ready mix producers. • Convenient and accurate batch control— Computer-controlled dispensing minimizes human error. • Inventory ease and consolidation— Stock only four primary colors. Eliminate unusable or lost inventory, and reduce shipping costs. • Flexibility— Enter jobs from central dispatch at remote locations. • Time...

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vative mizable tions Equipment le innovative customizab solutions World’s Leading Iron Oxide Colors for the Concrete Industry 6 Exclusive Dispensing Systems 130 6 Our facility in Rialto, California serves our West Coast customers. At Solomon Colors, we design, manufacture, install and service our liquid dispensing systems, and we make the world’s leading concrete coloring products. 4050 Color Plant Road, Springfield, IL 62702, PH: 800-624-0261 Email: Strategically headquartered in the Midwest for over 70 years, Solomon Colors supplies the domestic and international...

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