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A Division of Solomon Colors, Inc. Architectural Concrete Products and Materials Guide

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Why Buy BRICKFORM? Fast, Friendly, Expert Service A Division of Solomon Colors, Inc. Find a Local Distributor 1-800-483-9628 8:00a to 6:00p CST Monday-Friday More Information Online Experts are available to answer questions about our products and how they work as a system. Our Customer Service Department can help you to find a distributor in your area. Our Technical Support Team can answer application and installation questions. Call today for more information. Account Managers Exceptional customer service is our goal. BRICKFORM strives to exceed...

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Brickform Featured Contractors I like to use Brickform on my decorative concrete for a few reasons. The color is readily available to me, distribution is done well. The consistency in the color hardeners, release agents and other products has been excellent for years. I have been stamping since 1993 and have used a lot of other products and the only one who remains consistent in quality is Brickform. They do a great job with marketing when it comes to brochures and color charts. I will choose to use Brickform for many years to come. Mike Ganos We started imprinting concrete around 2001-2002...

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Texturing Overview Texturing Overview Brickform Texturing Products Brickform, the leader in Decorative Concrete, is proud to offer the largest selection of texture patterns with the highest degree of quality and precision. Our large selection of unique patterns and designs give the Architect and the Homeowner the options they need to create something truly special. The precision design, durability, and easy use give Contractors the tools they need to make those visions into realities. Refer to the Brickform StampBook for a comprehensive catalog of stamps, textures, accessories, and stencils...

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a division ts! Sottmm Cohn, lac. DECORATIVE CONCRETE AUGMENTED REALITY Brickform SlampApp Search for Brickform StampApp on the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play! Solomon Colors and Brickform are excited to bring you the decorative concrete augmented reality app that will revolutionize the way homeowners and contractors design decorative hardscapes. Using advanced augmented reality technology, you can create your own custom stamped concrete, using the most popular textures, colors, and stamp patterns Solomon Colors and Brickform has to offer. See how your favorite patterns and color...

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Coloring Products Color Hardener Antique Release Coloring Products BRICKFORM Color Hardener Concrete Colorant and Hardener BRICKFORM Color Hardener is manufactured with the finest UV-resistant pigments and premium aggregates. BRICKFORM Color Hardener is designed to work with imprinting tools to produce clear, sharp impressions that enhance the finished appearance of any hardscape. When properly applied and troweled into newly placed, fresh concrete, it forms a colored concrete surface that is resistant to weathering, wear and normal abrasion. Color Hardener HD (Heavy Duty) also available. •...

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Liquid Release Colorless Bond-Breaker for Stamping BRICKFORM Liquid Release is a colorless bond-breaker, formulated and recommended for use with all BRICKFORM Texture Mats and with many other architectural concrete texturing systems. BRICKFORM Liquid Release forms a lubricating barrier that prolongs the life of the imprinting tools by decreasing the friction between the mats and the concrete. page 12 Coloring Products • Prevents mats sticking to concrete • Easy-to-apply liquid • Prolongs tool life • Interior/exterior use • Apply with sprayer • Solvent-based LR-1 1 Gallon Can Surface...

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Integral Color BRICKFORM Liquid Color is made from the finest UV-resistant pigments available. BRICKFORM Liquid Color is produced to a one-percent tolerance to established plant standards and also complies with ASTM C979, Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete. BRICKFORM Liquid Color is designed to suspend and disperse the iron oxide pigments evenly. BRICKFORM Liquid Color is available in standard and designer colors. Custom colors and color matching are also available. • • • • Dust-free UV-resistant color Mixes evenly Meets ASTM C979 Made-to-Order LC24 Standard Colors * Use Day1 as a...

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BRICKFORM Antique-It Antiquing Agent page 16 Coloring Products Antique and highlight without the dust. Brickform Antique-It is a fast and easy way to antique stamped and textured concrete. Use Antique-It to rejuvenate a tired old stamped concrete job that has lost its antiquing. When stamping with liquid release, use Antique-It for the appearance of a traditional powdered release agent. Antique-It is a water soluble antiquing agent designed to impart a secondary color for an antiquing or mottling effect. It is easy to apply and fast drying, applied using a pump-up sprayer or...

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Coloring Products FreestylePRO BRICKFORM FreestylePRO Highlighter Antiquing agent for Freestyle Solid Color Stain BRICKFORM FreestylePRO is a revolutionary concrete stain that penetrates and bonds with concrete surfaces in a way that no other coloring product can. This water-based, opaque stain is excellent for restoring or changing colors on previously colored surfaces and rejuvenating old, discolored concrete. BRICKFORM FreestylePRO allows you to create totally new color styles for your decorative concrete work in an environmentally sound, versatile and user-friendly way. BRICKFORM...

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BRICKFORM E-Stain is a water-based formulation containing reactive mineral compounds and proprietary admixtures. BRICKFORM E-Stain contains no hydrochloric acid, making it more environmentally friendly. BRICKFORM E-Stain is ideally suited for use in the Micro-Topping, SM Professional Grade, Stampable Overlay, and cast-in-place concrete. BRICKFORM E-Stain Reactive Stain for Concrete BRICKFORM E-Stains are penetrating, reactive stains that produce unique color effects in finished cementitious surfaces, simulating the natural shadings and aged appearance of stone or masonry. The color effect...

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