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Solatube®  Brighten Up®  Series

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Solatube Brighten Up Series ® A big idea for small spaces As lighting designers, we were especially particular about the quality of light within our own office, and we found that the layout of 45 Solatube Daylighting Systems provided an even, natural light that larger conventional skylights could not provide. —Paul Gregory Focus Lig

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Brighten Up Series Benefits The trailblazing Solatube Brighten Up Series features advanced optical technologies that deliver an abundance of daylight to practically any interior space. Its unique engineering also makes it possible to skirt obstacles, so light can be placed exactly where it’s needed without major structural modifications. The result is a cost-effective and energy-efficient commercial daylighting solution that brings natural light to places where skylights and windows simply can’t reach. Technology That Delivers More Than Just Light The Brighten Up Series uses breakthrough...

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Efficient Transfer The world’s most reflective tubing transfers maximum daylight from rooftop to ceiling with minimal light loss and perfect color rendition. Small Offices Corridors Spectralight Infinity Tubing Proprietary material with INFRAREDuction Technology delivers 99.7%* specular reflectivity for maximum daylight transfer Restrooms Storage Rooms * pecular reflectance greater than 99% S with wavelength specific reflectance up to 99.7% for the visible spectrum INFRAREDuction Technology Proprietary material used in Solatube reflectors and tubing that filters out heat-infused infrared...

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Brighten Up Series Models Since buildings come in different sizes, so do our daylighting systems. The Brighten Up Series models can be used individually to illuminate small areas or in multiple configurations to attain predictable lighting results for larger spaces. They are ideal for hard or suspended ceilings with heights up to 10 ft (3 m) The Solatube 160 DS (10 in./250 mm diameter) is ideal for small spaces like small offices, corridors, and restrooms. Use multiple units to daylight larger rooms or opt for the larger Solatube 290 DS. The Solatube 290 DS (14 in./350 mm diameter) provides...

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Dome with Raybender 3000 Technology Daylight Dimmer Uses a patented butterfly baffle and convenient wall-mounted switch to allow for simple and easy adjustments to room daylight levels. LightTracker Reflector Roof Flashing Spectralight Infinity Top Tube Assembly Kit components easily attach to the inside of the Brighten Up Series tubing to provide electric lighting for nighttime use. Spectralight Infinity Extension Tubing Ventilation Add-On Kit Spectralight Infinity Bottom Tube Assembly Combines daylighting and ventilation in one attractive fixture, leaving spaces humidity-free. 5...

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Decorative Fixtures and Diffusers Solatube Daylighting Systems don’t just deliver daylight to interiors. They do it with style. Our Solatube Diffusers and Decorative Fixtures with tempered glass enhance the look of any interior with options that range from classic to contemporary. For even more customization, our specially designed Effect Lenses let you select the specific light color and intensity. Simply stunning, JustFrost showcases sunlight in a clean, contemporary design. The low-profile TierDrop features a beautiful, cascading design for a classic look. The unique, dazzling lens of...

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Brighten Up Series Applications Residential Bathroom San Diego, CA Red Hawk Elementary School Erie, CO CECEP China Residential Hallway Carlsbad, CA

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Product Options & Accessories Pitched Flashing Universal Tile Flashing Ventilation Add-On Kit (160 DS Only) Roof Ventilation Cap (160 DS Only) Daylight Dimmer Daylight Dimmer Switch Flashing Insulator Flashing Turret Extensions Dome Edge Protection Band Shock Inner Dome Spectralight Infinity 0-90 Degree Angle Adapter Spectralight Infinity ExtensionTubes Curb Cap Insulation (290 DS Only) To learn more about our products and services, visit our corporate website at You may find our Technical Resources page especially helpful if you are looking for specifications, CAD...

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